Looking to Go Green? Eco-Friendly Options Now Available Through Catdi Printing

Green Printing Servcices

Eco Friendly & Green Commercial Printing Services by Catdi Printing starting Jan 1, 2010

Houston printing and direct mail marketing firm Catdi printing. has recently expanded its eco-friendly printing options into a full division of green commercial printing services. This expansion has been the result of two critical factors. The first of these factors was increasing awareness of environmental concerns in large segments of the Houston marketplace. Many energy companies in Houston have come under increasing social pressure to improve their environmental image. New companies as well have moved into Houston from other cities that were already pursuing green initiatives, bringing their environmentally friendly focus into the Gulf Coast marketplace. Over the last 18 months, orders for recycled paper and printing with soy ink have risen exponentially. We also have maintained this committed to all our nationwide printing facilities.

President and founder of Catdi, Inc., Carlos Alonso DeSantos, is also an ardent supporter of environmental initiatives, has proactively responded to this new community interest in green printing. Rather than simply taking green printing orders on a case by case basis, Alonso has segmented his duplicated his entire service offerings with eco-friendly equivalents. As of now, all products and services offered by Catdi Printing can be obtained on recycled paper and soy ink. In addition we use by default a water base coating called Aqueous Coating. To be cost competitive for smaller clients on a budget, the paper can be a blend of as little as 10% recycled pulp, or it can range all the way to 100% recycled paper content.

Carlos Alonso DeSantos took a risk when he calculated that the marginally higher price of soy ink and 100% paper would be something that public relations consultants and Earth conscious clients would be willing to pay. He was right. Since so many organizations are now using green printing services as a form of branding, marketing, and public relations, they actually come to the table already aware that the price point they pay carries with it a return on investment. Because the quality of both recycled paper and soy ink now rivals that of new paper and petroleum-based ink, the differentiation is determined by product benefits, not product image.

The most obvious benefit that green commercial printing offers is reduced clearing of forests. As the quality of recycled paper rises, the need to cut down existing trees diminishes. Recycling also greatly reduces the amount of paper going into landfills. However, Alonso is quick to point out that people often forget to recycle and throw print media into the trash without thinking. If and when this does happen, however, the soy base of the ink and the water coating used to give print media a “glossy” look is completely biodegradable and non-toxic. While discarding something that could be recycled does on one level constitute a waste, it nevertheless is waste that does not damage to the ecosystem.

Everything from print collateral, business cards, folders, sales sheets, brochures, and business cards can be ordered from Catdi Printing  green commercial printing services division. Even the electricity Catdi use (Green Mountain Energy) is eco-friendly. As a company already established in the Houston marketplace as a turnkey, rapid delivery source of custom print media solutions, Catdi Printing’s new green commercial printing services is poised to take a leadership role very soon in Houston’s print media advertising community that is beginning to realize both the ethics and the benefits of going green.

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