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Let’s admit, it is often challenging to pick the most appropriate direct mail postcard size for your advertising campaign. We say this because you need to consider plenty of factors when deciding on which size is best for your direct mail campaign.

For instance, you need to take into account your marketing goals, budget limits, the right size that fits your marketing message, sizes that you can deliver faster, pieces you want to highlight in the mailbox and the best response rates.

Therefore, picking the postcard size thoughtfully to improve the appearance of your piece and convey your message creatively that guarantees success is crucial
The following guide will assist you in selecting the ideal size for your campaign regardless of the direct mail piece you choose, allowing you to maximize your design, message, deliverability, and exposure.

Sizes of Direct Mail Postcards

4.25” x 6” Small Postcards

As the small postcard size has a minimum amount of real estate, it is compact. So, if you’re looking for straight-to-the-point, hassle-free designs, 4.25″x 6″ are optimal. In fact, the USPS – USA postal service recognizes this postcard size as the traditional postcard.

According to recently published guidelines of USPS, if the size is between 3.5” x 5” and 4.2” x 6”, it is a postcard. Any size larger compared to this size is a “letter .”That means if the size of your postcard is between these ranges, you can use first-class mail rates with significantly lower postage charges than any marketing mail.

If you see it from the postage-price perspective, using the latter is the right way to manage postcards larger than this size. For instance, the letter-size (mixed AADC) Marketing Mail fee is $.33 per piece, and AADC (the mixed Automated Area Distribution Center) First-Class rate is $.326 per piece.
Using First-Class lets you update your mailing list because your letter travels through the system more quickly and gets forwarded to recipients even if they have left the existing locations. The letter returns in case the recipient still needs to provide the new address.

The postcard’s dimension is comparable to your mailbox’s 4.25″ x 9.5″ envelopes. Thus, small postcards can be your most cost-effective choice.

6’’ x 9’” Standard Postcard

It is hard to match the versatility of a 6″ x 9″ standard-sized postcard for your advertising campaign. This is why many famous campaigns use standard-sized postcards as the creative option. It allows you to display text horizontally and vertically on the front and back sides.
The standard size of the postcard is larger than the envelope, which increases the chances of your postcard standing out.

6’’ x 11’’ Jumbo Postcard

The Jumbo postcard size is one of the most extensive options available in the market. Interestingly, the postcard size offers marketers and businesses the same options and features as the standard size offers. It has more significant proportions. To match the scale, it is better to go with a vertical layout of a poster.
However, be mindful of the corresponding price hikes imposed by growing printing agencies. From a postage perspective, staying within the letter-size rate is better.

The rate category changes to a “flat” if you get over 6.125” x 11.5”. The marketing Mail rate rose from $.33 to $.798. Therefore, your postcard charge gets much higher if you print a 9” x 12” huge postcard.

9” x 12” Extra Large Postcard

Extra Large postcards are subject to flat-rate pricing, but this size has additional advantages. Undoubtedly, this size commands the highest visibility due to its fantastic proportions. If your budget allows, this is the best approach to maximize the outcomes of any direct mail campaign.
Standard USPS Rate for Postcards

In 2018, the cost of a single First Class postcard from the USPS increased by one cent to 40 cents. However, that is the price for a single piece with a stamp. Your campaign will require at least 500 pieces to mail at competitive commercial rates.

If you have 500 or more postcards, your bulk campaign may be eligible for either machinable or automated rates. But it depends on how you want to prepare or print your mail.

⦁ Machinable
A machinable piece indicates that your address is correct and you adhere to the required specifications for weight and size. Postcards are now available for a single presort charge of 28 cents per piece.

⦁ Automation
Automation means that you have contributed to the USPS by assisting in the processing of mail bearing an intelligent Mail barcode or delivery point. You’ll also need to adhere to specific design requirements. The aspect ratio of your postcard must fall between 1.3 and 2.5. To calculate it, divide the length by the height of your postcard.

Want to save money on postage?

When pricing, USPS uses 3-level presorting, including AADC, 5-Digit, and Mixed AADC. The current piece rate for mail using a 5-digit zip code (5-Digit tray preparation) is 25.7 cents, up to 2 cents less expensive per postcard than the other alternatives.

Some Direct Mail Postcard Ideas to Use
⦁ Use UV coating on your postcard’s front side and adhere to the thickness requirements to enhance the color designs and photos.

⦁ Establish distinct areas on the address side for the postcard placement address, IMb, and postage indicia.

Summing Up
Selecting the ideal size for your direct mail postcards is one way to improve your campaign. To get the highest return on investment, split your files if you can’t decide on a size. You can implement a successful marketing campaign with experienced printing services such as Catdi Printing.

Catdi Printing is a trusted partner with the USPS and we ensure that your piece is mailed at the cheapest possible postage. In addition our staff of designers/marketers can provide a visually beautiful, cost-effective, and valuable direct mail advertising materials. We provide a variety of choices, including mail letters, EDDM, and conventional direct mail postcards. Our marketing professionals will ensure that your company stands out and brings in many more customers.

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