Why Small Businesses & Retails Love Every Door Direct Mail

Why Small Businesses & Retails Love Every Door Direct Mail

Top 4 Advantages Of Using Every Door Direct Mail for Retailers

If you are in search of a low cost marketing method that is not only perfect for large and small businesses but helps to attract new customers and grow sales, use Every Door Direct Mail.  To ensure easy reach, the postcards are designed to fit in mail boxes available. Furthermore, it saves time and money allowing you to reach new and existing customers.What you need to know is that studies have shown than 56% of customers have tried out a business after receiving direct mail. 70% of customers have reconnected with businesses thanks to EDDM. What does this tell you? EDDM is one of the perfect methods for creating a presence in your local area.

Want to know the advantages of EDDM for local retailers? Well, here they are.

  1. Reach specific customers in your local community

Studies have shown that majority of customers shopping in local retailing stores originate from a 5 mile radius. By using EDDM, you have a higher chance of connecting with customers within the 5 mile radius.

  1. Lowers marketing costs

When compared with marketing channels for example TV or radio, EDDM lowers your marketing budget. For starters, postage rates are low. Furthermore, there are affordable printing deals in the market allowing you to save.

iii. Saves you time

Mailing an EDDM eliminates the need for sorting which means your mail will be delivered faster to customers.

  1. Tons of formatting options

There are flexible formatting options available to retailers and other local businesses. As a result, you have the chance of crafting multiple promotion material like coupons, menus, sales announcement and event calendars among others.