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Our Graphic Design Work!
High Quality Design Services

Graphic Design Services

If you’re looking for design, web design, printing, and marketing services – whether for individual purposes or for your business – Catdi Printing is here to help. With a wide range of services, including design formatting, template offers, web design, and professional marketing printing, we’re here to help your brand grow bolder, stronger, and more memorable. The difference between a brand that’s seen as impressive and trustworthy and one that’s regarded less positively begins in the branding. Catdi Printing knows how important branding is, and we can help your brand grow and prosper through our high-quality design services

Graphic Design Services

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Benefits of Professional Design

When you’re just starting out in business or when you’re getting your first business cards produced, you may be tempted to save money by having a go at doing the design yourself. We understand the temptation: saving a few bucks can feel logical when your budget is small. However, DIY design rarely works and can lead your company to develop a poor reputation in the eyes of your core customer base.

Meanwhile, the benefits of professional, business-standard design are numerous. With our years in the industry, Catdi can confidently assert that:

  • An elegantly designed brand can communicate a thousand words to consumers
  • Strong, professional, and user-friendly web design can keep consumers on your website for longer
  • Smart and professional packaging can alter consumers’ enjoyment of the product they unpack
  • Concise and user-friendly graphic design communicates trustworthiness
  • Excellent, colorful, and characterful design makes your brand more memorable
  • Often, consumers only notice ‘bad’ design. ‘Good’ design is made to be invisible, yet convincing

In light of all of this, it’s absolutely essential that you use professional designers for all of your marketing and branding materials. At Catdi, we encourage our partners to design to a high standard so that they can reap the benefits of their professional look in the future.



Our Graphic Design Work


All Your Design Needs

At Catdi Printing, we’re prepared to help you with a wide variety of design requirements – some of which you may find difficult to perform on your own, and some of which require special facilities and expertise. For printed designs, for instance, access to our printing equipment means there’s no friction between your branding concept and its printed result. Taking care of all of your design needs in-house – from the conceptual stage through to the final printed version – offers you collaborative consistency with our talented team of designers.

So, whether you’re looking to design some delightful wedding invitations, a set of stellar branded T-shirts, or a large-scale mailing marketing campaign, Catdi has the skills, expertise, and materials you need to get your brand seen and appreciated – in print and online.

For-Print Services

The medium of print advertising is especially important for local businesses attempting to drum up local trade. Printed direct mail materials may include any of the following services, all of which Catdi is able to facilitate in-house, saving you the stress of finding separate designers and printers for your physical marketing materials. 

  • Flyers, brochures, and hand-outs
  • Postcards and letters
  • T-shirts and tote bags
  • Bumper stickers, badges, and emblems
  • Catalogs and product listing pages
  • Branded business cards and business stationery

In all of these cases and more, you’re able to download one of our easy-to-format templates, or you can contact our expert team for advice on which marketing method will be most effective for your company’s design ambitions. Print remains an important method for reaching local hearts and minds – and at Catdi, we’re dedicated to making your print materials shine.

Digital-Only Design

Meanwhile, every modern business operates with a website, social media pages, and marketing material sent through email. All of this digital content should be designed with the same high-quality ethos as your for-print materials. By working with Catdi to design your digital marketing portfolio, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Years of experience designing for businesses
  • Skills in website design and our graphic design expertise 
  • Insight-fueled design processes that put your target consumer first
  • Our understanding of what works best for brand identity and communications

Remember that when a consumer visits your website, they often make a judgment call within a matter of milliseconds. They’re judging you on your professionalism, trustworthiness, and use of modern graphics – and you will, therefore, benefit immensely from expertly designed digital media included on your business’s website.

Working with Your Brand

At Catdi Printing, we know that your business has an existing brand with existing color choices and an existing mission or ethos. That means that our team is sensitive to what your specific business will require in order to boost your performance through high-quality designed materials.

Working with your existing brand, we’ll follow your lead on projects that attempt to bring new life and a new professionalism to your branding and marketing elements – whether that’s online or in print. With a holistic set of skills and services at your disposal, and a friendly team to help you understand our capabilities and fees, you’ll be able to use Catdi’s specialist skills to advance your ambitious business growth. Whether you’re looking to make your brand more recognized in your area, or you want to let consumers know about a special offer that you’re running, we can help you design and produce the materials you need to establish a direct line between your business and your customers. 

Templates and Cooperation

While we would always recommend that you use professional designers to ensure that all of your marketing materials are high-quality and impressive, there are instances where you will want to use your own pre-existing designs in the material you produce. In these cases, we have a wide array of easy-to-access templates in jpg and Adobe formats, which you can use to get your designs just right before sending them over to us to print.

A template will help you save time and money when you’re attempting to produce printed marketing materials. You’ll know exactly where the margins are for bleed and slug, and that means that you won’t run into problems with your design when you hand it over to our printing team.

Design Specializations

Catdi specializes in a number of important and cutting-edge designed and printed marketing materials for businesses in the Houston area and beyond. One of the most exciting concept-to-delivery services that we offer is EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail. Direct Mail is the perfect way to address people in your locality, and EDDM enables you to target zip codes and streets across your local area. Of course, this enables you to hone in on your target demographics while also casting a wide net with affordable bulk marketing campaigns.

So, whether you’re running a promotional deal or a political campaign, Catdi can help you get your core messages into mailboxes across your area. Having partnered with the United States Postal Service in order to deliver industry-leading Direct Mail campaigns, Catdi can help you design, print, and deliver hundreds of brochures and leaflets within a short time frame.

Boosting Your Sales

When you spend cash on designing, one of your key questions will always be: will I see a return on this investment? What custom will my EDDM encourage, and what will ensure that my redesigned website encourages more click-throughs and sales on-site? These are reasonable questions.

At Catdi, we strongly believe that great design stays with consumers and that presenting a professional brand and website helps communicate values that encourage repeat custom and draw new consumers to your business. We take the stress out of the process, taking on the design and the implementation of your marketing strategy so that you can concentrate on serving your customers better. 

Rebrand and Redesign

Working with Catdi, you’re able to access a wide variety of skills and expertise within the realm of design and marketing operations. For any company interested in reaping the benefits of better design and more impressive branding, Catdi can help guide and collaborate with you in order to devise a game-changing design ethos for your business.

Remember that even something as simple as an elegant and memorable logo can help drive footfall to your local business – and that marketing with high-quality materials can encourage consumers to look out for your store when they head into the city center. With so much resting on your brand, it may be time to talk with one of our expert representatives to discuss the next big brand journey for your business.

Contact Catdi Printing Now

If you’re considering a new Direct Mail campaign, thinking about a brand redesign, or looking to boost your online sales through better digital content, you’ll find the specialists at Catdi on hand to help you realize your new designs. With our web-based and for-print expertise, we can help you produce the content you need, saving you time at the same time as producing material that’ll boost your sales in the long term.

So, contact Catdi today in order to discuss your ambitions with our team and to understand all that our design and print services have to offer small businesses and local enterprises. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]