Catdi Printing Now Offering 18pt Business Cards

Who likes thick business cards?? Everyone seems to these days….Ever been to meet a client, and saw your business card on his table lying in a crumpled and creased state? We can imagine the embarrassment it could cause you. Even if your business cards require frequent handling, you will realize that they tend to crease and lose their aesthetic appeal. For all those who need their business cards to look their very best even with frequent handling, here is a heavy duty option that will never give in to wear and tear.

Catdi now offers 18pt Stock business cards, which is the thickest that a business card can get. These business cards are printed on 18pt C1S Card stock, and unlike their thinner counterparts, they resist bends and creases beautifully. These super thick business cards are full color and have an immense impact the moment you hand them over to someone. The mere look and feel of the business card tells how massively thick it is and top quality it is.

At catdi, we understand that you use your business cards to promote your company, brand, and yourself. They are the most basic, yet most potent powerful tools available. For any business owner, having a top quality business card is not an option, but a necessity. We also know that a business card can leave a bad impression on your clients, and cost you dearly. For this reason, we always endeavor to adopt the latest print technologies and raw materials that enable us to offer the best quality business cards that you can find in the market.

Keeping up with this tradition, we introduced the 18pt Stock, which takes the quality of a business card to a whole new level. These cards have increased thickness that you will simply love. Although we have always had some of the thickest card stocks available for business cards, but this one really takes it to a new level.

When we say that we are doing 18pt stock business cards, we mean that your business card would be around 30 percent thicker than the second best 14 pt business cards. It also means that your business card could be almost 80 percent thicker than some of the poorer quality business cards in the market. Once you have had the 18pt business card, you will find others much thinner and prone to creasing and crumpling.

With a 92 brightness 18pt C1S Business Cards are extremely durable, and can be printed and written on. The thickness of these business cards ensures that they outlast the best of the business cards available out there. Your one-time investment on these business cards would last you longer than any other cards that you would have previously used.

Some of the key features of Catdi 18pt stock business cards are:

  • Printed on 18pt C1S Card stock
  • You can order them in increments of 250, 500, 1000 2500 and 5000
  • Treated Aqueous Dull Matte on Back or UV 1 Side / Semi-Gloss 1 Side / Dull Matte Back Options Only
  • We don’t allow order splitting
  • Your order will be shipped in 3-5 business days *
  • People love our business cards – take look at our Youtube Channel

18pt business cards are perfect for business owners and professionals who want an executive look and crisp appearance despite frequent handling. They make a great choice for medical and beauty appointment cards, and killer business cards.

These cards are durable, bright, and premium quality. The most amazing thing is that Catdi offers18pt Stock at a price that no one in the industry can beat. So, get yourself these amazingly sturdy business cards, and you won’t ever look at anything thinner.

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