Mobile Marketing

It was said a couple years ago that having a website was a necessity to compete. However, with advent of smart phones such as BlackBerry and iPhones these applications offered a new tool for businesses to stay in touch with customers. In today’s business environment, your business needs all the tools at its disposal to create an unique environment for your clients. At Catdi, we not only develop personalized business apps for smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry – potentially reaching more than 300 million smart-phone users nationwide – but we work with a wide range of mobile devices. Our team of advertising and web programming app specialists who will work with you and develop strategies to make you stand out from the crowd. With the help of Catdi, Inc your company will have an unique app that makes you “top of mind” to your existing and potential customer base.

Why should your company have a smartphone application? Here are several important reasons to think about:

  • To remain competitive 24/7
  • To increase revenue from your existing customer base 24/7
  • To take market share form your competition 24/7
  • To reach into the open marketplace and acquire new customers that aren’t “brand loyal” 24/7