SEO Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a logical approach in regards to using the Internet to capture new clients. Today’s era, search engines are the new “yellow pages” where people look for products and services. With this being the case doesn’t make sense that your business be available for those searching on the web.

Today, having a website for your business or blog is not enough. It is essential that your website is among the first ones to pop up on the first page of the search engine results. At Catdi, we comprehend how essential it is to create traffic to your website thus create an influx of prospective customers. 

That whenever a customer searches through Google or Yahoo, your website needs to appear among the links in the first page as a result of relevance to the user’s search.  Why first page? Most web users rarely go beyond that especially when they get what they are looking for. 

How we at Catdi create SEO

For Search Engine Optimization to be achieved, relevant keywords, geographic targets, images/captions and other-options have to be used. We at Catdi, work closely with your company, have interactive discussions and ask questions to identify the relevant information.

We then move to customize a strategy on how to build internet accounts, map listings with the content you gave us. We use strategies whose sole purpose is to increase the chances of a user to convert and arrive on your website. However, while achieving optimization, we ensure there are no issues such as plagiarism and that the content is unique and original to ensure serious business growth.

What are Our SEO Services?

We offer a variety of necessary SEO services you can choose from all of which useful for a successful campaign. Having signed with us, the major services we offer include:

Free initial consultation: For starters with little information on an SEO campaign, we offer consultation and work together in order to come up with SEO and RIO goals. 

Analytics: As discussed before, we take a collection of data as a serious step to developing, improving and implementing campaigns. We use advanced tracking and validation techniques for capturing and analyzing comprehensive and relevant information for the creation of SEO content. 

Back-end development: Aside from starting from scratch, customers with already made websites could prefer we implement SEO-related changes. To do this, our expert developers at back-end programming, ensure that you still achieve the desired SEO for your website.  

Front-end development: This deals with the interface of your website. Our front-end developers are experienced in the creation and implementation of interactive interfaces with features such as inquiry forms, online customer care pop-ups, and other engaging functionalities.

Professional Content marketing: Whether you require freshly written content or editing, we have experienced content writers who create original, unique and persuasive information that is relevant to your business.  

Strategy development: SEO has a lot to do with the use and implementation of information. Therefore, information gathering will be an essential part both in the beginning and in the process of SEO development. To develop the appropriate strategy, we ask you a lot of questions regarding your products/services, goals and objectives, competitors and other information that will enable us to move towards creating a strategy that optimizes your search engine.

Local SEO:  Very important as most businesses are depend on the customers closet to them. This involves making your website visible for search queries targeting local customers. It deals with the use of precise business listings and citations of your company’s location on a number of online directories. These included Yelp and Google local. This is also useful for a business that is entering new markets in regards to having a competitive advantage in highly competitive industries or when introducing new products. 

Expert Research to come up with Keywords: Quality keywords play an important role in the creation of SEO. Therefore, aside from implanting keyword research in content creation, we use our experience and knowledge over the years on most searched words and popular statements in relation to certain businesses. This helps in making keyword research faster.

Unfortunately, most business fail to understand the importance of quality SEO services and the role that it plays within their website. Too many people believe if they have a website that people will “magically” be directed to their website when people type in certain keywords. This frankly just won’t happen. Businesses especially smaller businesses need to have well crafted key word placement among many things to garner hits and increased traffic to their website. Catdi understand this process and can provide results that will make you more visible to the general search public.

People need to understand that quality SEO services take time to build but is an effective long term strategy. Here are just a few key components when it comes developing a SEO marketing plan.

Why choose us for SEO?

Efficient Management

At Catdi we are collaborative from the start and through the SEO generation. We like to engage our clients in every activity we undertake regarding their business because we value you and your business. Moreover, SEO campaigns involve activities that are complex and at times take months therefore, we assign every project to a professional account manager. This manager will oversee the campaign and remain in constant communication with you.


From the start and throughout the project, we ensure that we are fully interactive with our clients. We involve them step by step, listening and adhering to their needs. We ensure you receive complete monthly reports with details of the SEO campaign progress and any challenges faced. We are open to any questions, new ideas and deal with complaints immediately.  

We put you, our customer first

Today, the customer is the boss in any business and we understand that thus we put our customers’ needs ahead of everything. Every project we undertake with each client is a customized strategy in regards to their business needs.  

We understand how important your business is and that its success is dependent on being visible at the forefront competing with other businesses in the industry. From years of being in business, we have adopted well-tested SEO techniques that have time and again granted our clients nothing short of a successful SEO campaign. Every client has a different budget but that does not mean that we deliver any sub-standard services. Regardless of the size of your company or budget, we ensure you will have an abundant return on your investment with us. 

Basic Aspects of SEO Marketing

1) Determine Competitiveness of Industry

2) Developing Quality Content

3) Develop Internal Link Structure

4) Target and List Potential Backlinks Partners

5) Develop External Link Structure

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