Large Format FAQ Page

Substrate Information

Acrylic is the most significant when comparing optical clarity, high-grade performance, low ultraviolet sensitivity, and general weather resistance rank. Acrylic has transparency and brightness that are similar to glass. But it is lighter and more resilient than glass. Acrylic is simple to shape and has good transparency, strong impact resistance, and superior weatherability.

⦁ Dimensions: 1/4″
⦁ Bleed, and ensure you have.5 “. Only add crops on one side of your artwork.

Utilize premium Aluminum Dye Sub boards or panels to convert a superb composition into more sales. These aluminum metal prints on white gloss panels on 0.045″ thick paper with dye-sublimation improve photo vibrancy and make a striking effect.
The Sub Panels come in a range of sizes. You can purchase them separately as an optional standoff item.

⦁ Bleed, and ensure you have.5 “. Only add crops on one side of your artwork.

A formidable 20mil aluminum foil, Graphic for aluminum is made to adapt organically to the roughness of uneven or smooth surfaces. The region where the high-friction/slip-resistant surface is applied increases the firmnessand steadiness of pedestrian traffic. It is made to withstand extreme temperatures in both hot and cold weather.
The material is suitable for outdoor use and is directly printed using UV-cured inks so that it would endure for a very long time outside. The graphics may need to be replaced sooner for safety reasons if there is extreme traffic, harsh weather, or wear on the slip resistance. Applications inside and places with less foot traffic increase the floor’s lifespan. The anti-slip performance of this material is superior to both.

⦁ Bleed, and ensure you have.5 “. Only add crops on one side of your artwork.

Heavy-duty aluminum is imprinted on thick, rust-proof 0.08 “aluminum for the best outdoor sturdiness. It is available in various sizes with contour cutting, round corners, or straight corners. You can adapt to any mounting needs with the optional 3/8 “For further adaptability or use standoff hardware or drill holes available in various positioning configurations. It is most frequently used outdoors but also practical indoors. Typical applications include directional signage, warnings for factories and warehouses,traffic signs, parking signs,and more.

⦁ Come in .080 in thickness.
⦁ Bleed, and ensure you have.5 “. Only add crops on one side of your artwork.

Sandwich boards made of 2.012″ aluminum sheets and a polyethylene core have UV ink printing and have1/8″ thickness(3mm). The boards are portable and offered in White and Brushed Silver as pre-painted hues.
For quick and straightforward connection to posts, fences, walls, and different surfaces, drill hole choices are available. You can use Sandwich boards made of aluminum both inside and outside. The typical purpose you can use the sandwich-size boards includes navigational signs, real estate signage, and handicap/customer notices.

⦁ 3mm (1/8″)in thickness
⦁ Bleed, and make sure you have.5 “Do not add crops on either side of your artwork.

A 9mil material that is semi-rigidand has a glossy finish is used for backlit posters. With vibrant backlit graphics and superb light diffusion, they enable users to create unique and innovative messagesthat illuminate and stand out.
This product, which works well for light box applications, is used for various exhibition panels, point-of-purchase displays, movie theatre posters, bus stops, and transportation signage, among other things. Outdoor usage of backlit posters is permitted as long as they are encased in a lightbox with UV-protective sheets, such as acrylic or styrene.

Our top Vinyl Indoor Banners (10mil) are offered with Aluminum Retractable Banner Stands. Excellent for POP displays, you want to presentyour goods and servicesconveniently and rapidly.This retractable banner standsneatly folds into a tiny pouch and is simple to assemble. The banner measures 33″ by 80.”
The banner stand product requires us to include the 33″ x 80″ size bleed, which should be 34″ x 81″. Grommets are not needed for this product. To ensure you are in the safe zone, we advise using the template you can findin ourGrand4mat templates section.

⦁ Create your artwork of 34″ x 81″so that you can reduce it to 33″ x 80″.
⦁ Bleed: 0.5″ on both edges. Do not crop.

Deluxe Compared to our typical, banner stands and retractable stands are a better fashionable option. It stands out because of its more extensive, heavier base with chrome embellishments. Indoor vinyl 10 mils thick is another option you can use. Each banner stand has a handy carrying case and is foldable and portable.

⦁ Create your artwork of 34″ x 81″so that you can reduce it to 33″ x 80″
⦁ Bleed on both sides. Do not crop.

The “X-Style” Collapsible Economy Banner Stands are foldable, adaptable, and simple to set up. They come in a sleek nylon bag. They are available with 10 mils high-quality vinyl inside banners and 13 oz scrim vinyl outdoor banners. They are also available in 9 oz premium polyester fabric banners. The banner measures 24″ by 60.” For this banner stand product, we need a bleed that is24″ x 60″.

Designed for trade exhibits and POP displays, the Vinyl Indoor Banners (10mil) are photo perfect. However, the 13ozScrim Vinyl outdoors banners are excellent for POP displays and are more robust and waterproof.

The 9oz high-quality Polyester banners are made using high-end dye-sublimation technology to provide the colors that last the longest of any printing method for fabric. The banners feature grommets in each corner, and stands can be put together in a matter of seconds.

Telescopic Backdrop Banner Stands can show brand messaging and become trade fair banners,event backdrops, and more!
These sturdy backdrop stands are portable and straightforward to set up, making them perfect for usage both inside and outside. They can be used for various things, including billboards for advertising design, trade show signage; building wraps backdrops for film festivals, and more. Telescopic poles that can be adjusted from 3.5-8 feet vertically and 5 to10 ft horizontally are included with this product.

For circumstances where you require the highest-quality banner, Blockout Vinyl we offer is ideal. Its smooth surface makes it possible to see the print detail up close. Because Block out Vinyl is opaque, it won’t be transparent or allow the sun to shine through.
It is thicker and more resilient thanthe 13oz OutdoorBanner we have, and because it has a low curl, it will roll out smoothly even when stored in a tube. Usually, this material is utilized for trade exhibitions, banners, outdoor feater flags, signage, and other events. Blockout Vinyl is ideal for banner opacity when hanging banners or signage.
This product will be eligible for group shipping, much like our indoor banner products.

⦁ No bled, or crops are required.
⦁ Create your artwork in the precise size that you have requested. Make sure there is a 2″ safety space between you and the cut edge.

The purpose of bumper stickers is to advertise or convey a message. They are no longer simply for car bumpers. Users can use these stickers indoors and outside and artistically put them on any smooth, clean surface.
Our bumper stickers have a permanent adhesive backing. We print on the front side of white vinyl.They are attached to an unscored release liner. They shouldn’t be removed or scratched after application and are highly durable. If you try removing the stickers, they can come off unevenly and provide an undesirable outcome. We do not advise attaching this product to anything you would want to take off later.

⦁ For bumper stickers that will remain longer outside, you may get them with gloss UV lamination.

⦁ Bleed, and make sure you have.5 “. Do not add crops on either side of your artwork.

Event Tents are the ideal large-scale marketing tool to stand out at celebrations, gatherings, trade exhibitions, and other events. They are printed on 11 oz. water-repellent cloth using UV Ink Technology. They consist of 4 fabric panels with a maximum of 4 distinct designs. Each panel is attached to the aluminum pop-up canopy tent by stitching it together.

We print our thin canvas banners with brilliant CMYK coolers on premium 17-mil canvas. This product, which can accommodate gallery wrap, is ideal for mounting and framing and can readily be wrapped into a small square tube for safe shipping. Pole pockets, grommets, and sewed hems are all options you can choose from. There is the option of using black or white thread for hemming.
Bleed: make sure you make an artwork of the same size as your order with no bleed and no cropping. To prevent any parts from being chopped off or hemmed over, it is advised that you maintain any significant text or artwork 2 inches inside the artwork’s edge.

We make 9oz high-grade banners with high-end dye sublimation machinery to ensure the color will last the longest possible time out of any printing method for fabric. These banners are perfect for soft signage, retail, and home decor applications. They may be folded for shipping and are both lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. Grommets, pole pockets, and sewed hems are all options. There is the option of using black or white thread for hemming.

Suggested Uses
: POP and wall decoration

Bleed: Make sure your artwork has 0.5″ on each side for a total of 1″.

High-quality designs are individually dye-sublimated printed on 9 oz. Premium Polyester fabric for Fabric Tube Displays. They are joined by sewing to form a visually arresting double-sided display.
All you need is to press down the locking mechanism to connect and fasten the stand’s pole together. Once you properly secure the poles, it automatically pops out the locking mechanism.
To provide stability, screw the pole ends into the stand’s base. To finish the display, drape the material over the frame. The portable carrying bag for the stand’s components is included with Fabric Tube Displays, making travel and assembly a breeze.

The best sublimation printing technology is used to print flags on thin 3 oz. polyester for the most color-durable printing method for cloth. They are a fantastic approach to attaining high visibility because they are readily visible at a distance.
Additionally, flags come with your choice of outdoor or indoor installation supplies and are simple to store and assemble. Choose the Cross base/ X-Stand for indoor installation or the Ground-Stake/Spike foundation for outdoor installation.

Our floor graphics include a removable harmless acrylic adhesive. They are printed on flexible vinyl that is 4mil thick. 10mil is the final thickness after adding 6mil of transparent over laminate. The base vinyl, appropriate for temporary indoor applications, will stick to most surfaces effectively and is also simple to remove from them.

Make sure you must clean the tile, laminate, or other flat floor types meticulously before applying. Also, you need to be sure the paint has good adherence before you apply it on the floor. The base vinyl is not advised for any outdoor application, including carpet, concrete, and asphalt.
A polished, transparent vinyl film with a mild texture (the 6mil over laminate) serves as both a protective overlay and a slip-resistant surface.

The over laminate (UL 410-classified) for floor graphics application can withstand the majority of standard floor cleaning agents and techniques. After installation, you can remove the floor graphics within five to six months under typical exposure conditions.

Bleed: Make sure your artwork has 0.5″ on each side for a total of 1″.

Our 3/16 “UV inks are used to print Gator Board Signs. They are equally lightweight and just as sturdy and resilient as foam core. Both inside and outdoor use are OK for Gator Board Signs. Exhibits, POP displays, temporary retail signs, trade show signage, presentations menus or restaurant signage, and many more are typical uses.
Ensure you have 0.5 bleeds around your artwork. Do not include any crops.

Heavy, durable, glossy 30 mil magnets need multiple applications. It is ideal for signage on automobile doors. As some cars have aluminum doors and magnets that don’t stick, testing a sample of our car door magnet on the vehicles you want the door magnets with is highly advised.
Use these magnets for temporary signage for building sites or other locations at work that change quickly. These signs are printed using the same UV ink technique as our coroplast yard, and outdoor banner signs for durable outside use are not intended for borders or small text.

Bleed: Don’t add crops; make sure your artwork has.5″ on both sides.

These are high-tack adhesives you can use both outdoors and indoors. You can artistically put it on any smooth, clean surface. The front of our High Tack adhesive vinyl is printed and has a permanent sticky backing.

It is fixed on an unscored release liner. There is no need to remove it after application. It is highly durable. If removal is tried, they can come off unevenly and provide an undesirable outcome. We do not advise you to attach this product to anything you would later want to take off.

Bleed: Make sure your artwork has.5″ of space on all sides; Avoid adding crops.

We print our popular mounted canvas in brilliant CMYK on premium 17mil canvas. This canvas print is wrapped on approximately 3/4 inches-thick frames for all sizes. Only one will be shipped per box to prevent shipping damage.

Bleed: There must be two inches of bleed on either side.

59″ x 120″ (8mil photo gloss) plus 8mil thickness.
This substance is intended to be used as a pigment, dye, or Quick Dry (Photo Quality Glossy material). Not waterproof or scuff-resistant, yet somewhat delicate.
59″ x 120″ (12pt C2S Board) plus 12pt thickness
With a black adhesive intermediate layer and two 6pt encrusted sheets fused together for this material’s purpose, the result is an entirely opaque 12pt product.

Bleed: Make sure your artwork has 0.5″ on each side for a total of 1″.

The white vinyl front is flexible and has a 6 mil thickness and a transparent removable acrylic adhesive back. For further protection against UV rays, moisture, and abrasion, Catdi Printing offers a 2 mil laminate as an alternative. The window film is perforated and made to provide see-through window graphics. 30% of the surface is open, and the holes are.060 inches in diameter (1.5 mm).
Use on flat car windows or storefront windows is advised. This product must be applied to a clean outside glass surface to provide an adequate product bond. Never clean glass with solvent or ammonia-based products. As a product user, you need to comply with the applicable vehicle code restriction.

Bleed: Make sure your artwork has 0.5″ on each side for a total of 1″.

Simple street-side advertising!
The 24″ x 18″ Coroplast Signs held in place by these simple-to-construct metal sidewalk A-Frames hang from the top of the frame using the provided clips. Rider signs measuring 24″ x 6″ and made of 4mm white Coroplast can help your message stand out more.

These signs are available separately in the Signs category, and the included metal clamp makes it easy to connect them to the top of the A-Frame.

Our Signicade® Deluxe has a revolutionary Quick-ChangeTM feature that makes it simple to slip signs in and out, and Stay TabsTM ensures they stay firmly in place. Each stand includes two 4mm Coroplast Signs that measure 24″W x 36″H.

The robust plastic construction of the Signicade® Deluxe Sidewalk Signs makes them ideal for displaying your signage outside. Sand can be added to the stand to further increase stability—ideal for election signs, real estate, parking, and storefronts.

Our Deluxe Sidewalk Sign’s medium-sized version is called Signicade® MDX. It is combined with a 4mm Coroplast that measures 18″W x 24″H. Your signage can slip in and out with ease, thanks to the Quick-ChangeTM function. The Stay TabsTM ensures that they stay there. The robust plastic construction of the Signicade® MDX Sidewalk Signs makes them ideal for displaying your signage outside. Add sand to the stand to increase stability even further. You can also buy White Signicade® MDXs. Perfect for election, real estate, parking, and yard signs.

Two 24″W x 18″H signs can fit in a Quik Sign® frame with a 4mm Coroplast. For simple installation, they have the Quick-ChangeTM feature. Because the frame is built with sturdy plastic, it can be used outside. Quik Sign® frames are an excellent option for real estate signage since they can be used with 24″W Rider Signs

4mm thickness
Our 4mm Coroplast signs are generally useful for yard or parking signs (Election, Real Estate, and Reserved For). If using an H-stake with the sign, the material will need to be orientated suitably depending on its application to keep the flutes vertical. The H-stake works well in soft ground conditions (such as dirt, soil, grass, etc.). Due to the corrugated flute structure of this product, a linear effect while printing is possible. UV light cures ink (dried).
Bleed: make sure you do not clip your artwork beyond 5″ on all sides.

10mm thickness
Our 4mm Coroplast signs are generally useful for yard or parking signs (Election, Real Estate, and Reserved For). The 10mm sign is 6mm thicker compared to our regular 4mm Coroplast Sign, providing a level of resilience that makes it perfect for use in locations that are subject to inclement weather. Oils, solvents, and water don’t affect Coroplast at average temperatures, which also helps to improve the sign’s durability. Note that the product’s surface will have a very light linear effect or faint lines due to the corrugated flute construction.

Bleed: Make sure your artwork has 0.5″ on each side. Add no new crops.

This product offers heavy-duty big steel H-stakes as an alternative. They are made of robust 5/16″ steel, black in color, 8-1/2″ broad, and 36″ tall. Make sure you get your CoroplastCoroplast with vertical flutes if you plan to use H-Stakes. Soft grounds that have grass, dirt, or soil H-stakes work well.

3/16″ thickness
Use: It’s best for single use because the delicate material can survive longer with proper care, although it does tend to wilt or bend. You can use the material for a variety of purposes, depending on the situation. It is typically used for presentations on easels, etc., not watertight.
Bleed: make sure you do not clip your artwork beyond 5″ on all sides.

PVC Material we offer is a bright white, firm plastic. It is smooth, lightweight, and very resistant to weather. They offer a low-glare, matte appearance and are excellent for outdoor and indoor use. Because of the excellent print quality, it can be utilized for applications that require both close-up and distant viewing. 3mm (1/8) thick

Bleed: make sure you have .5” to either side of your artwork. Refrain from adding crops.

You can get table Throws and runners in our Table Covers category. Both are produced using the best dye sublimation technology available, which produces the colors that last the longest on the fabric of any printing method. Any trade show booth, table display, or special event will look aesthetically appealing and professional with the addition of these colorful, premium 9oz polyester Table Covers. You can customize them entirely over the whole surface. They are machine washable, made of 100% polyester, and resistant to wrinkles.

Bleed: Make sure your artwork has 0.5″ on each side for a total of 1″. To prevent any elements from being hemmed over or cut off, keep your artwork 1 inch from the edge. Never include crop marks.

Minimal work with maximum impact!
You can perfectly market brands with 10mil high-grade Indoor Vinyl-made Banners on Tabletop Retractable Banner Displays. Ideal for on-the-go clients, this product, which is readily available in several tabletop-friendly sizes, is excellent for pop-up displays at all types of trade exhibitions, indoor events, and college orientations. Get a retractable banner stand for a tabletop with an indoor 8.25″ x 12″ 10mil premium vinyl banner.

The vinyl used to create this wall graphic has a low-tack adhesive. It doesn’t leave behind a residue of adhesive when removed, unlike a typical sticker. Wall graphics are ideal for use on glass, desktops, and other smooth, non-textured surfaces. You can reapply and remove the substance repeatedly. The wall graphics get a paper backdrop and one printed surface. You will be able to design unique cut-out shapes for this product.

Bleed: Your artwork has to be the same size as you order without cropping and bleeding

Window Clings are made of glossy material that may be used inside or outside and are printed in nearly photographic quality. It has exceptionally smooth surfaces and is ideal for POP signs on glass and pristine material. It is best to apply Window Clings to a surface with the same temperature as the room.

The product won’t stick to the surface if it is too hot or cold. Unless ordering more significant quantities, the product is supplied rolled for the majority of sizes.

Our White Window Cling is 7mil thick. Remove its paper backing before using it. Only the reverse of the print will have material adhere to it.

Our Clear Window Clings include an 8-mil thick paper backing that must be removed before use. Only the front of the print will retain the material. For enhanced opacity and vivid color, white ink is an overprinting option.

Bleed: You must have 25 inches on all artwork sides. Do not add cropping. The artwork for your Clear Window Cling should be inverted before submission if it is meant to be seen from the outer side of a window.