Printing And Binding Services

If there’s one material that big or small businesses can’t operate without, it’s paper. You use it to create reports, print documents, produce printed training materials, and most importantly, publish business cards and brochures for your business marketing. With the constant usage of paper and printing, investing in the right printing and binding services can help you save money and time from doing it yourself. Furthermore, reputable printing and binding service providers have the necessary materials and skills to achieve your desired results.


Digital Printing Services:

Business cards
Your business card represents your enterprise. Besides containing personal contact details like name, email, phone number, and website, your business card also sets the tone of your business image. Handing out thin business cards with poor-quality printing and design might taint your business’ reputation. Your business card is also the first thing you hand out to your potential clients, so ensure that your business cards help you make a great first impression.

Flyers and Leaflets
Flyers and leaflets can come in handy, especially for small businesses that are only starting. They’ll contain all the products, services, sales, or promos your business is currently offering. Thus, instead of merely printing on plain paper with a list of products, the printing and binding service company can help you produce flyers and leaflets that will surely catch your customers’ attention and interest for all the best reasons.

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Printing And Binding Services 2

Printed brochures are also an effective way to spread the message about your business’ products and services. Since many companies are also producing brochures as part of their marketing strategy, you’ll need to find ways to make your business brochure unique, among others. Printing and binding service companies can offer you the flexibility and freedom to choose from their materials and design and help you come up with a high-quality, unique business brochure.

Business calendars
Business calendars are also an effective way to market your business and its products/services and ensure that your brand is at the top of your clients’ minds all year long. Some small businesses often give away their business calendars to thank their loyal customers at the end of the year. You can also use your business calendars to remind your clients about your yearly or monthly promos and sales. The digital printing service can give you the freedom to choose the photos you wish to incorporate in your business calendars.

Envelopes will contain your business letters. But instead of ordinary letters, you can have the printing and binding service produce large quantities of personalized business envelopes containing your brand name or logo. These will look more professional and sophisticated.
So, whether you need large numbers of printed business cards, calendars, brochures, envelopes, or flyers, the printing and binding service have it covered.

Scanning And Duplication Services
While you can scan and duplicate documents from your office printers, there may be times when it can’t produce high-resolution scanned results. It can happen, especially to documents with blurry or unreadable text. Thus, it’s best to avail yourself of scanning and duplication services from reputable printing and binding companies to ensure your scanned or duplicated documents and images are of high resolutions and quality.

Large Format Printing Services
Meanwhile, if you require large banners, posters, and decals for your marketing purposes, you need large format printing services. Most printing and binding service providers have a large-format printer and a 12-color ink system used explicitly to produce posters and banners in large sizes. Thus, you don’t have to worry about displaying pixelated or blurry banners and posters. In addition, their floor and window decals are designed to be adhesive, scratch-resistant, and slip-resistant.

Document Binding And Bookbinding

Spiral Binding
This type of binding is done by punching holes on the edge of your paper. Combs, wires, or coils will then be slit into the holes to hold the pieces of paper together. Spiral binding is usually an affordable binding option and is often used by businesses to bind their notebooks or training manuals. It can also be a good option if you want your printed documents to lay flat when opened.

Saddle Stitch
Saddle Stitch binding is often considered the least costliest binding option. This technique uses staples to secure the pages. The pages are arranged neatly on top of the other before being stapled on the centerfold. Although this binding option is cost-efficient, it’s not applicable to thick business projects. This type of stitching is mostly used for booklets and low page books.

Perfect Binding
Like Saddle Stitch, this binding technique also arranges pages on top of the other. But instead of staples, it uses glue to secure them together. Then, the pages are wrapped with a thicker cover and secured with another glue. The perfect binding method is often used for:

  • Business catalogs
  • Business projects with thick pages
  • Paperback books
  • Directories

This method creates a neater and more professional look. Thus, some businesses would prefer these for their catalogs to showcase their credibility and professionalism through their marketing materials.
The only downside with this technique is it doesn’t lay flat when opened. Preferably the thickness of your material should be between ⅛ inch to 2 ¼ inches.

Layflat Binding
This technique is quite similar to perfect binding. The difference is that layflat binding allows your printed material to lay flat when opened. The pages are also glued similarly to perfect binding. However, the same pages aren’t glued to the cover, making it possible to lay the printed material flat on the table.

Thermal Binding
Students commonly use thermal binding for their thesis books, yet small businesses also use this method when securing their printed business materials (e.g., catalogs, projects, directories). In this method, strips of adhesive plastic are used on the edges of the paper. Then, a thermal binding machine applies heat and secures the pages together. You can also easily remove or add a page, when necessary, by simply reheating and resealing the cover.

Velo Binding
In this method, the binder will punch small holes on the printed material’s edges. Then, a plastic strip is used through the holes before covering it again with another plastic to secure the pages. This binding technique is perfect for one-time-use business outputs like financial reports, transcripts, and legal briefs due to its clean and professional look. However, there are less durable compared to other binding methods.
Ultimately, the binding technique depends on what type of business project you’re printing.

Repair And Restoration Services
Suppose you have some business books or printed materials that have been damaged or have loose pages. In that case, most printing and binding service providers also offer repair and restoration services to help revitalize your business materials. They can re-bind loose pages, supply new covers, or add foiled lettering to leather book covers.

How To Choose A Printing And Binding Service Company?

Now that you know the essence of printing and binding services, you may be wondering how you can choose one for your small business.

Keep in mind that while most printing and binding services offer the same services, not all of them have the same quality of outputs. Thus, before placing your order for business cards, flyers, or other printed materials, ask them about the inks and paper that they used. Better yet, ask about seeing and touching their previous outputs for their other clients. Find out if their printed business cards, banners, or bounded printed materials correspond to your specific preferences. Otherwise, you can check for other printing and binding services and see different samples for comparison.

Besides seeing their samples and previously printed outputs, you can also ask about the company’s years of experience. A printing and binding company that has been around for several years is often reputable and has more knowledge and skills with its services than start-up printing and binding companies.

When Are Printing and Binding Services Needed

There are many reasons you may need printing and binding services for your business. For example, if you own a small training company, you’ll need training booklets and modules for your students or trainees. If you’re a marketing or advertising company, you’ll need many company brochures, business cards, and flyers to distribute to your current and potential clients.
Your bond papers and desktop printers won’t suffice when you need to produce large numbers of these printed materials. Thus, the printing and binding service is your best solution in creating incredible and high-quality print jobs.

Which Printing And Binding Services Are Essential For Your Small Business?

Some businesses may not realize the essence of hiring a printing and binding service until they find out that the heavy-duty printer they bought or rented couldn’t produce the professional output they initially expected. With a printing and binding service provider on your company’s side, you’ll have access to their premium materials and professionally-printed products.

Takeaway Message

Overall, hiring a printing and binding service for your small business is essential. They can help you produce premium and high-quality printed materials that exude professionalism, neatness, and credibility. Trying to print and bind yourself may sound cheaper, but this move will only put you at risk for costly mistakes and poor-quality outputs. Meanwhile, with professional printing and binding services, such as the ones mentioned in this post, not only can you save time and money, but you can rest assured your customers and team members will love your business materials.