Promotional Flags

Promotional flags command attention by placing your brand, slogan, or ad copy on a medium that has long represented authority and power.  Custom flags by Catdi are a wonderful way to show your marketplace that you are a leader in your industry. Flags are easy to display and last for years if properly cared for.  They are a mainstay at trade shows, outdoor promotional events, carnivals, fairs, expos, and even stand-alone businesses. Flags have the psychological effect of making people “look up” to your brand, and their elevated position makes them stand out to the eye.  

Catdi Printing designs both indoor and outdoor flags.  Believe it or not, many people believe that promotional flags are only for outdoor applications.  In reality, there are just as many indoor applications for flags as there are outdoor applications.  Any enclosed facility with a high roof is an ideal environment to fly a promotional flag. Every year, Catdi Printing produces thousands of flags for indoor trade shows hosted by vendors in a broad range of industries. Retail stores, also, use advertising flags to draw attention to products on sale.  Larger “big box” stores hang flags to label various merchandising areas such as sporting goods, electronics, furnishings, clothing, and accessories. Even smaller establishments, such as coffee houses, may use flags to promote something unique and specific like a locally produced cold brew or a new brand recently introduced to the marketplace.

Outdoor promotional flags are seen all over American cities and towns.  They are a hallmark of almost every car dealership in town. Dealerships, in particular, spend a great deal of money on flags because they typically arrange them in a perimeter around their lots.  This draws attention to the vehicles more than it does the actual dealership and is a key factor in increasing sales. Realtors are another group of professionals who use a variety of flag types to market both their services and the properties they show.  We have also made flags for insurance agencies, car washes, auto repair shops, and even laundromats.

Catdi makes a variety of promotional flag types to accommodate every niche market and every occasion.  We manufacture feather flags, teardrop flags, bowhead flags, and blade flags. Different industries have their preferences for each type of flag.  Dealerships tend to favor feather flags because they flutter actively in the wind, drawing attention with constant, rapid movement. Real estate agents like open house flags because they are lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to design.  These flags can be customized with the realtor’s picture and contact information. Trade shows tend to favor bowhead flags because their large size and unique shape is excellent for showcasing a brand for quick identification. Retailers tend to favor teardrop flags that direct customers to various departments or items on sale.

Customization and rapid turnaround are two hallmarks that have earned us an outstanding reputation with event planners.  Catdi’s team can take a logo, a series of simple pictures, or even graphics from a website and transform it into an advertising flag that proudly displays your brand for all to see.  However, as we have already seen, there are far more applications for promotional flags than just trade shows and events. Any business can benefit by advertising with flags. Call Catdi now, and order flags designed specifically for your business and marketplace environment.

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Indoor and Outdoor Promotional Flags