We Get Asked All the Time; Why Should We Choose WordPress for Our Website

For many business owners, WordPress is the best solution to their e-business needs. WordPress is extremely popular, so there are countless plug-ins, themes, extensions, and even online documentation about WordPress. It’s easy to get your website up and running, even if it does require a bit of work and there’s a learning curve. But once it’s up and running, you’ve done it, and now you just need to promote your website!

Not so fast. In reality, because WordPress is one of the most popular web hosts in the world, that means hackers and other bad actors are routinely finding exploits or vulnerabilities in its code. It’s a numbers game—the more popular WordPress, the more hackers it attracts, and then the more successful hackers are in finding problems. The solution is for WordPress to quickly react and issue updates. But do you know how to do that?

Catdi Can Update Your Blog

Catdi has years of experience with WordPress Websites and its many security intricacies. We are constantly monitoring it for news and updates. While this is a complicated issue, this is simply what we do. We can update your blog and keep it updated without the need for you to get distracted from what you do, which should be getting new eyeballs to your website and turning them into customers. Don’t get bogged down in the technical details of website updates.

Catdi Can Update Your Plugins

Even with an updated WordPress, the individual plugins, because they are made by a number of different programmers and not one core group of engineers, have their own vulnerabilities and constant updates. The number of plugins you’re utilizing on your blog is probably higher than you think! Many blogs have 10, 20, or more plugins. Constantly monitoring all these plugins for updates and security issues would require a ton of work. But we’re experts in this field, and our passion is securing your website, including its plugins.

Catdi Can Design Your New Website

Perhaps your website is many years old, and it’s time for an update. Or perhaps you tried to make a website yourself, learning all the hard details and patching together what you could, but you’re just not satisfied. Rather than plug holes on a sinking ship, entrust experts like Catdi to build you a new, beautiful, easy-to-use website from scratch! In doing so, your website will not only get an aesthetic and functional facelift, but we’ll ensure you have zero security concerns. We can do all of this while keeping your existing website content!

Catdi Can Make Your Website a Marketing Tool

Many people realize websites are important, but did you know your website can itself draw customers in? There are many tips and tricks out there, but employing them successfully requires a wealth of knowledge and a lot of trial and error. At Catdi, that’s what we do. We’ll employ the best methodologies to test and deploy features that make your website a magnet for customers.

Catdi Can Provide Resources on Making Your Website Safe and Secure

Catdi wants you to be empowered. That’s why we want you to have a beautiful, functional, safe, and profitable website. We can help you in all of these areas. But we also want you to have the set of keys as well, which is why we give you access to all the resources you need to be in control of your website’s safety and security.

It’s time to take control of your website again. Entrust Catdi with renewing your website and making it a customer magnet, so you can focus on what you do.