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Branded Notepads

Branded notepads are one of the best ways to put your brand literally in the palm of your customer’s hand.  It will be a very long time before people stop using notepads. Quite possibly they will always be used in business because of the association the mind makes between paying attention and taking notes.  While tablets and cell phones offer many ways for an individual to record written information, customers and coworkers can never be sure if a person typing into a phone is taking notes or is using the phone for personal communication.  Because of this, sales professionals and other executives still take written notes in meetings to signify their undivided attention is being given to the matter at hand.

How long would you listen to a salesperson who was typing into his or her phone while presenting a product or service?  Compare that to a sales agent who uses a notepad, and you can see from your own experience in business how important the notepad is.  Now consider the possibilities in brand positioning that customized notepads can offer as a tool for promoting your organization.

Catdi creates notepads that display a variety of value propositions.  We print taglines, contact information, calls to action, logos and slogans in full-color letterhead that is easily seen and easily remembered.  We make it a point to make our products durable as well, printing all notepads on sturdy chipboard backing that is very hard to bend. Pages are made from either 70lb. premium uncoated or 70lb. linen paper.  You can choose between 25 page or 50-page notepads. Standard size is 8.5” X 11”, but Catdi will also create custom sizes that include special artwork and designs.

Branded notepads are ideal gifts for the holiday season.  One thing you must neer forget is the importance of generating repeat business.  It costs approximately 1/10 the amount of money to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one.  Notepads are a great reminder to your customer base that you are there for them any time you need them. Not only can you keep your brand in front of them always, but you can also emphasize products or services that they may not be aware that you provide.

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Uncoated stock is very popular with most customers because it is so easy for users to write on.  The sturdy backing that we bind to our branded notepads provides a firmer writing surface than your cheaper store-bought notepads typically provide.  Customers and guests to whom you give our notepads are sure to use them due to their superior construction. When you add full-color printing to the top of each page, you have an attractive and durable item that will serve as a continual reminder of the value that you bring to the table.  

It is also a good morale booster to give out personalized branded notepads to your employees.  One of the key elements in effective team building is to make everyone on the team loyal to the brand they represent.  Catdi can personalize your notepads for internal employee use, general advertising, and repeat business. Send us your artwork, photographs, or a bullet point listing of your most valuable offerings.  Get started with Catdi today.