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Direct Mail Services

Is direct mail marketing dead? Hardly, many people might say that the more traditional methods of marketing are no longer relevant and that digital marketing is where businesses should be concentrating their efforts. However, although there is a new collection of digital marketing methods that can be used, the tried and tested methods don’t have to go out the window. They can still be very effective and help you to reach your audience in a way that newer marketing techniques can’t. The online world is definitely useful, but sometimes conducting your business offline is the better choice.

Bunker Hill – Circa August 2018: USPS Post Office Location. The USPS is Responsible for Providing Mail Delivery  to homes and businesses.e. Plus, online and offline marketing methods can be combined to make the best of both.


Direct marketing is still relevant, and the numbers prove it too. Direct marketing has a better response rate compared to online marketing, with a rate of 4.4% compared to 0.12% online. While online advertising can seem cheaper, direct marketing could be more cost-effective when it comes to return on your investment. The great thing is that it’s not a question of choosing direct marketing over digital, either. Both types of marketing can be used together for maximum effect and better results. Direct mail can form part of a wider marketing strategy, helping to extend your reach and make use of an effective marketing technique.

Most business owners don’t realize that direct mail is part of the answer to your business’s marketing success.

Visibility is one of the strongest sales drivers for every business, no matter size and location. Regardless of the value of your offerings, if you are not noticed, nobody could benefit from it. If you are a local business in Houston metro area,  one of the sure ways to reach your prospects is via a strong and properly executed direct mail campaign. Many believe that nowadays everybody is online and rarely checks the paper in their mailbox, but this is far from correct. Direct mail marketing works! And, if you are already doing online marketing, direct mail for local clients is sure to be a profitable and effective part of your sales strategy.

Direct Mail Sill Works!

Direct Mail Sill Works!
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Attracting clients via direct mail involves proper planning, marketing design and quality printing. Your printed marketing materials locally are your tool to show clients the value and benefits of your products and services, and motivate them to engage further with you. Choosing direct mail allows you to target the right people for your business. And knowing your target audience in details, provides you the opportunity to speak their language, touch on the points, which get their attention and keep them wanting more. You can personalize your print marketing materials for each recipient and make a difference in how you are being perceived.

With direct mail, you have the possibility to engage deeper with your audience. With a physical brochure, flyer or postcard, you activate their cognitive senses to engage further and you have the possibility to leave a lasting memory, when they first come across your business proposition. Even seconds of them holding or reading your materials, is enough to ensure they remember your brand and message.

How can Catdi Printing help your business?

With our direct mail services,  you can benefit from getting a high return on investment and position yourself on the market. We are here to help you execute a successful marketing campaign and support you all the way. Whether you start with small scale distribution or target larger audiences, you can benefit from our experience and offerings and plan the steps for successful execution.  We have detailed how direct mail can help your business with a case study we did for a local business. We are committed to representing your brand in the best possible light and understand the crucial value of reliable, high-quality printing solutions. We will help you measure your concrete results and support you in finding the most cost effective strategy for your business.

Catdi Printing works with local businesses to create visually appealing, affordable and valuable direct mail campaign materials. We offer many options such as traditional direct mail postcards, EDDM, and mail letters.  We will guide you all the way, from design to the actual printing. If you would like to benefit from our long years of experience in graphic design, our Custom Design team will ensure that your business stands out and draws many more clients to your door.



With the right marketing team behind you, Direct Mail is an very effective tool to ensure that you get ROI and manages costs

Want to have a massive reach for your business or non-profit organization? We at Catdi Printing take pride in being the Best Direct Mail Providers in Houston have over the years helped our clientele reach their desired audience. Not sure how to handle it, reach out to us and let’s develop a concrete plan that suits your marketing goals and plans.With the rise of emails, you should not assume that direct mail or direct marketing is no longer effective; rather it is such a unique way to capture the attention of your audience with a customized and uniquely crafted manner.


Having a clear picture on how direct mail marketing works and everything it involves such as; adequate planning aka timing, printing processes, design and intensive market research is key to making your campaign an success. With the complete checklist, we Catdi Printing will ensure that your mailer showcase your products and services as best as possible to your recipient list. At Catdi Printing, we guarantee to have your potential customers glued to your mails. We engage our designers and content creators, together with the client to achieve optimum success. Benefit from a High ROI

One of the most important things when you’re considering which marketing methods you should use is the return on investment that you will get. Although direct marketing can be more expensive than some more modern marketing methods, it can also help you to make more money. In fact, the median ROI of direct marketing is 29%, and only email marketing and social media marketing perform better in terms of ROI. While paid search can often seem better value, its ROI isn’t as good as what you can get from direct marketing.

Direct mail also has a high response rate compared to marketing methods such as email. With a response rate of more than 5%, it far outperforms email, which has a response rate of a tiny 0.6%, although it does have a better click-through rate of 2-3%.


Use a Range of Targeting Options

Digital marketing techniques can offer some excellent targeting options, allowing for audience targeting based on a range of different factors. However, direct marketing still provides many possibilities for targeting, even if you might not be able to get as sophisticated, and it might not be as simple. With direct marketing, you can still choose mailing lists and other tools to target the right people. Using Every Door Direct Mail, a direct mail marketing service provided by USPS, you can choose customers in different ZIP codes. When you are choosing the households to deliver to, you will be able to see the number of residents, age range, average household size and the average income of each zone.

Although you might not be able to use the same level of targeting as you might with paid search or social media, there might not be a need to. Because direct mail is so effective, with a good response rate and ROI, even if your targeting isn’t very exact, you can still get great results.

Direct Marketing Works Well with Digital Marketing

When creating marketing strategies, you don’t have to choose between digital marketing and more traditional marketing methods. These different marketing methods can actually work very well together. In addition to using social media marketing, paid search marketing, SEO and other digital ways to market your business, you can make use of television advertising, print marketing, radio ads, and direct marketing campaigns.

Direct marketing is easier to combine with digital marketing than you might think. Your direct marketing mail can direct people to your website, social media pages, app download and other places where you can be found online. When you design your mail-outs, you can include URLs, social media handles, and even QR codes. It’s also a great idea to give people a coupon code that they can use online, which allows them to save money and also makes it easier for you to track the performance of your direct mail campaign.


You Can Track Your Direct Mail Campaign’s Performance

Tracking marketing performance is another thing that you might think would be easier with digital marketing. But direct mail can easily be tracked to so that you can see how effective it is. You simply need to provide people with a unique reference or contact method that you connect with the campaign. Whether it’s a coupon they can bring into your store, a unique phone number, email address or URL, or a code that they can use to get a discount in your online store, you can keep track of the responses to your direct mail campaign. Careful tracking will allow you to monitor the numbers, and understand the response rate, ROI and other important metrics for your campaign.

Direct Marketing Can Boost Foot Traffic

Direct marketing is a top choice for local businesses of all types. It’s especially useful for businesses that want to increase their foot traffic and get more people coming into the store, restaurant, coffee shop, auto shop, or any other establishment. Many people are enthusiastic about supporting local businesses, and there are some business types that can only be accessed locally. Only local restaurants can serve and deliver food to someone who wants to eat out or order in. These businesses rely on local customers, and local people rely on them too.

If you want to promote your local business, giving people a reason to come to your store is a must. You might send out direct mail to tell them that you are opening or relaunching, that you have a sale currently taking place, or that you have some new products or services on offer. You can also encourage foot traffic for your business by giving local people an offer that they can’t resist. Provide them with coupons so that they can get a discount from your business when they come to see you.

Of course, your local business doesn’t have to rely on people coming to see you. You might provide services in people’s homes, or allow people to book your services or order your products online or over the phone. Direct marketing can be useful for businesses like these too, including domestic cleaning services, dry-cleaning pickup and delivery, food delivery or anything else that might not require the physical presence of customers on your business premises.


There’s Less Competition

Facing a lot of competition is tough when you’re marketing your business. Online, you are likely to face a lot of competition because it’s so easy and often cheap, or even free, for people to promote their businesses. However, direct marketing is less common than it once was, and it’s getting less common too. The slight decline in the popularity of direct marketing might seem troubling, but it could actually be good for your business.

If people are getting less direct mail in their mailbox, they’re more likely to pay attention to the pieces that they do get. Instead of immediately throwing everything away, they might take more time to look at the things that they receive. You could beat your competition by being more direct, instead of relying only on digital marketing. In fact, many people actually like opening mail, especially as they get less of it these days.


People Pay Attention to Direct Mail

When someone sees an advert online, they are often quickly scrolling past it. They could also be waiting until they can skip a video ad so they can watch the video that they really wanted to watch. They’re not there for the adverts, and many people will even be using ad-blocking tools, so they don’t have to see them. However, when you use direct mail, people are more likely to give it their undivided attention. As they take it out of their mailbox, they might read it on the way back to their front door. Even after they put it down, they might leave it around their home and pick it up again more than once. They will spend longer looking at it, and they won’t be looking at and thinking about several other things at the same time.

You can even create direct marketing materials that are memorable in a way a brief online ad might not be. If you are creative with your design and the copy that you use too, you could have a great impact on the people who receive your mail.


Direct Mail Is Excellent for Raising Brand Awareness

Establishing your brand and raising brand awareness can be tough, especially as a new business. Direct mail marketing can be very useful for this due to the longevity of printed materials. They can spend a long time around someone’s home, and they might even end up traveling to other places with them too. The longer a piece of direct mail is in someone’s home, the more they will see your name, logo and other elements of your brand. It will start to stick in their brain more, and they might just think of you next time they need products or services like yours. For example, if someone suddenly gets a craving for Chinese takeout, they might just think of the menu or flyer that they had in the mail for the new local restaurant.


Direct Mail Is Easy to Understand

A fact that might surprise you is that direct mail can actually be easier for people to process compared to email marketing and other methods. A study showed that it required 21% less cognitive effort to understand. By sending out direct mail, you can help your customers save their brainpower and spend less time reading your mail. The quicker they are able to understand your message, the sooner they can take action. Your marketing message needs to be clear and accessible for your audience, whether you use online marketing or direct mail marketing.

Your company should be using direct marketing to grow your business. Any small businesses that aren’t already making use of it should explore how it will help them to do more and go further.

Your Complete Direct Mail Service Provider

Once you opt to collaborate with Catdi Printing for your Direct mailing services, there are no hidden fees. Our full feature is all-inclusive of the following professional services.


We boast of a team that is well versed with all the latest design software and will create top-notch and eye-catching content that will always stand out in every mailbox. We are always open to unlimited revisions to your satisfaction so that once we hit print; it is what you envision for your business.

Printing Services

Once you successfully come up with the design, our printing services are your perfect partner. We take pride in offering the best paper quality while printing with the perfect speeds. Our commitment to our customers is to ensure that we make them visible. Our printers have the HD aspect meaning that they printed copy will always be the same quality as the HD designed soft copy.  The finish quality is also something that your mailing list will definitely feel attracted to since we offer nothing but the best depending on your desires.

Mailing list preferences

We have direct mail experts that are well versed with narrowing down the right people for specific demographic needs. Our full-service package will ensure that you will reach your desired market and ensuring that it is within your budget. Having a clear understanding of the market in Houston, we ensure that your direct mails will always land in the right mails and catered for your products.  

Why Catdi Printing? 

Ha, you would think after this you wouldn’t need anymore reasons. But honestly we haven’t become online leaders in the direct mail industry by accident. If you still have questions please give us a call today. Lets get started today Click here.