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 Catdi Printing Brochure Benefits

 At some point, you may find your business is in need of a brochure. Brochures are a key tool in any marketing strategy. They have a wide variety of uses and are a great fit for a tight marketing budget. Your brochures are critical pieces of information about any service or products you offer and are what your potential customer will be left with once your meeting is done. One of the most significant advantages of brochures is they cost you absolutely nothing to distribute, which is a win for any marketing budget.Brochure Printing Services

Brochures give your customers the perfect introduction to any of the services you offer, and if distributed correctly, they can really expand your business’s reach. The best part about brochures is the ability to continue to reuse them for a variety of situations.

Many consumers actually find it easier to read information about your company in a brochure as opposed to visiting your website. This is one of the reasons it’s essential for you to have your brochure thoroughly planned out with your goal in mind. Before you start designing, consider what information you want to get across to your consumer.

 The problem is, where do you go to have this done? More importantly, where can you stretch your budget the furthest while not compromising on quality. In years past, you might choose Kinkos. However, the age of Kinkos being the premium printing service has come and gone.


Today we’ll explain to you why Catdi Printing should be your first choice when it comes to your brochure needs.


  Not one of the big guys

Many of the big-box retailers now offer printing services. The most well known of these big-box print shops would be FedEx Kinkos. Kinkos has been a significant player in the industry for a while. However, they charge high prices for low-quality service.


When designing a brochure with Kinkos, you load up your information, choose from a few templates, and then see a huge price tag.With Catdi Printing, things are a bit different. With our easy design process at Catdi Printing, you can upload your images and information for your brochure, pick out the type of paper and fold you want, and you are shown a much more budget-friendly total. In fact, Kinkos is up to three times the price as Catdi Printing. You’ll find our design team to be very friendly and helpful as well!


  Modern designs with multiple solutions

What separates Catdi Printing from a Kinkos when it comes to your brochure design is our design capability. The problem with Kinko’s stores is that they simply have not kept up with the times. These print shops offer a minimal line of printing and mailing products that sometimes don’t agree with their customer’s needs.


Catdi Printing offers a better experience to customers with our wide range of products. With our mail services, design services, and best of all our customer service,  Kinkos simply can’t compete.


Leave it to the professionals, not a few random employees that could care less about your project.


The employees of these stores aren’t professionals in the printing and design world. They are often inexperienced individuals who have little training or investment in your business or satisfaction with the end product. That is why you often receive a less than an ideal brochure that tends to take a long time to receive.

At Catdi Printing, we are all well versed in the field of printing and designing. We offer impressive brochures that are a higher quality product than one of these big box stores can deliver. Did I mention that we can also do it at a fraction of the cost? We offer the standard accordion folds in 4-5 panels. Five-panel folds are available via estimation only. We also offer AQ or Aqueous coating as well as UV coating. Our AQ and spot AQ are not available through estimating.

 Quick delivery

Did we mention you will receive the brochure much faster? This is one fo the main reasons we feel Catdi Printing produces better brochures than Kinkos. We can complete most printing jobs within 2 to 3 business days.


Are you looking for something faster? Well, we can get your brochures out in just one business day! Reach out to a design specialist today to discuss rush orders.


  Lower cost

Let’s start with the price comparison between Catdi Printing and Kinkos. Have you ever tried to have anything made at a Kinkos? It will cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you’re buying a small quantity. Catdi Printing offers brochures at a much cheaper rate than Kinkos, even if you aren’t buying in bulk initially. The best part about our brochures is if you want to modify them down the line, you can without breaking the bank! Our design team is able and willing to make the modifications you require.


The main reason behind Kinko’s charging such a high price is due to their massive overhead. Catdi Printing has only one location, but Kinkos has to maintain a chain of national stores. This means you aren’t paying a premium for a lesser-quality product, but you are covering their overhead for stocking their retail stores.You are also indirectly paying for the rent of stores and employee salaries, of which they have many. You end up paying a premium price for an inferior product just to cover a national chain’s expense. Why waste your money?


Catdi Printing not only delivers a superior product when it comes to our brochures, but we do at a fraction of the cost with a wider variety of options. Kinko’s has a limited offering when it comes to the sizes of their brochures. At Catdi Printing, we have a wider variety of sizes that can come  with different finishes. Our brochures will not only have more cutomizability options, but they can be delivered much faster than Kinkos.


This makes the use of brochures in your marketing strategy even more budget-friendly. You can work with our design team to keep your brochure within your budget and to make sure it is optimized so that it can be used for whatever you’d like. We understand how valuable these tools are to your marketing efforts and do everything we can to keep your brochure as lost cost as possible while still delivering a high-quality product.



We have designed a system to make our ordering process as smooth as possible. You can order your brochures online or over the phone. If you have any questions at all during this process, our team is more than happy to help you along the way. We also have a team of designers on hand ready to jump in and take over all of your brochure’s design aspects. We wish you good luck in finding our level of service at a big box store.


Catdi Printing can also easily show you a sample of your brochure prior to printing. This gives you the ability to modify whatever it is you want on your brochure, and we will guide you along the way. A national chainprint shop just isn’t able to offer you our level of hands on service. When you are ordering online, you see exactly what the designer sees, so it is simple for you to make the changes to your brochure. If you go into a Kinkos, you have to keep telling the employee what to change or use one of their very minimal templates This process inevitibly turns into a headache.

At Catdi, we offer a wide variety of templates for you to use for any of your brochure needs and can modify them to suit the design you envisioned.


  Outstanding customer service


We value our customers. That’s what separates our service from the big box printing companies. Being a smaller company, we are able to give you the one on one attention your printing projects deserve. We will take the time to discuss your brochure’s main goal and will and guide you with the appropriate tips for bringing your vision to life.


If you ever find an issue with your order, Catdi printing will do whatever we can to rectify the situation. We won’t put you in the back of the queue like a big-box retailer. We put your order first and make sure you are satisfied. We know how important these projects are to you and we want you to know how important your successfully completed brochure is to us!


We value our reputation, and we want to continue to prove we are the number one online printing solution for any need you may have.


  Let’s start designing!

Catdi Printing is the more reliable and efficient choice when you compare us to Kinkos or any big-box chain printing store for that matter. We offer a much wider variety of options for all of your brochure needs, a team of professional designers willing to lend you a hand, and overall a higher-quality product for your money.

We understand how incredibly important your brochure’s design is, and we want to do all we can to create a piece of marketing material for you that is as effective as possible.

By allowing us to use our well-established print shop, we can produce incredible brochures that guarantee your prospects will be getting brochures with bright colors, incredibly sharp images, and a quality design. We know you will be completely satisfied with your experience working with us, and if you are not, we’ll be available immediately to make it right.


If you wish to learn more about our brochures or any of our printing services, give us a call at 713 882 4629 for a quick and easy quote. We also offer quotes via email on our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all about our brochures, or any of our other services.