Art Galleries

How well does your website manage all your artists and online image galleries? If you are like most art galleries adding and changing content from show to show is sometime time consuming and painstakingly slow. Over the past several years we work with many leading art galleries in Houston Texas and throughout the country. With a WP Art Gallery Platform you will have the flexibility of adding and changing content on your own schedule and speed not your web programmers or developer. This art gallery platform is extremely powerful yet simple to use that will enable your gallery to potentially highlight thousands of artist and galleries.

As we both know art collectors and the art buying public do a lot of their “looking” or shopping online prior to walking through your art gallery. That’s why we feel that its important that art galleries have a rich user experience that highlights your artist’s work not to mention you space. Everything in this business is visual so you need to have a website that can properly showcase your work. Clients will be able to see large image galleries that are content rich with, size, medium, artist and other relevant information on the website. Are you familiar to the Texas Gallery Guide? The Texas Gallery Guide is a complete art directly listing website that features Texas art galleries and showcases the artists they represent. This website is a little different than most of our art gallery related website because it highlights the type of websites we can develop using Catdi’s unique content management system.