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Say goodbye to the high cost of company letterhead printing services! Catdi Printing offers a range of letterhead options at great prices, and our free letterhead template download makes it easy for you to get professional results without graphic design fees. Alternatively, we have great graphic designers who can design your letterhead without slowing down your work flow. Either way, we ensure your business letterhead with make a great first impression!

How is letterhead used in our modern world?

Although email correspondence is the norm in business these days, letter writing is still the most common form of formal communication. Professional letterhead passively communicates credibility, trustworthiness, and promotes the business brand. Some examples of how letterhead is used today is official business correspondence, sales letters, and/or invoices.

Custom Letterhead Printing Process

  1. Start with the design- Either by using our free blank templates or the expertise of one of our graphic designers, your business letterhead will be custom designed with your artwork, company logo, mission statement, contact information, and/or slogan.
  2. Letterhead proof approval- If you design the piece with our template, we will check it over and make sure it is indeed print ready. Or, if one of our graphic designers laid-out the design, we will submit a proof to you for your approval. Once all parties are satisfied with the design, the project moves to being printed.
  3. The letterhead is printed- We have two types of commercial printers depending on the size of your order. Small orders (under 500 pieces) are printed with high-tech digital printers and larger orders (over 500 pieces) are printed using our long run, commercial offset printers. Our typical turnaround time averages 5 days. There is a rush option for a fee.
  4. Your order moves to shipping or local pick-up in Houston, Texas. Catdi Printing ships across the United States.
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Our Letterhead Specifications

Our letterhead is offered in 3 sizes, stationery (5.5″ x 8.5″), standard (8.5″ x 11″), and legal (8.5″ x 14″). Our most economical paper stock available is 60lb premium opaque uncoated stock that is only available with bulk, offset printing. While still a high quality paper and process, businesses can get the lowest price per piece of letterhead with this slightly thinner paper and the bulk runs of offset printing. For businesses looking for a higher-end feel, we offer 70lb Premium Opaque uncoated paper stock and the ultimate 70lb linen uncoated paper stock. The paper is uncoated, allowing it to be easily printed or written on in the office setting. The 70lb paper stocks are available in both digital and bulk, offset printing; depending on the size of your letterhead order we have you covered. We are a full color printer, using premium ink. Your letterhead can be either single, called color 4/0, or double sided, called color 4/4. You can add your business’s touch to the header, footer and/or watermark.

If your letterhead will be used for correspondence, do not overlook the importance of the envelope. At a minimum, we recommend blank, matching envelopes to increase the professional appearance of your mailing. But, you can also step your mailing up a notch with custom, branded envelopes. Custom envelopes further your company’s brand recognition and professionalism. Either way, Catdi Printing can assist your business with envelopes as well! For your later convenience, order the same quantities of your letterhead and envelopes.

Using Templates

As mentioned above, we provide free letterhead templates. These templates can be used as a cost and time saving measure for businesses to create their own design while ensuring the file will be print ready. The templates are pre-loaded with guides for cut/bleed, cmyk colors, resolution, and file size. Blank templates can be downloaded here.

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With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, we understand how important it is to get the perfect balance of style and budget when it comes to print jobs like these!

Catdi Printing can also ensure all your branding is consistent. We print nearly everything, including business cards, brochures, stickers, flyers, postcards, banners, etc.! Click the contact button below or get a quote here and lets get going!

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