Use Your Windows to Enhance Your Marketing Message!

Window Graphics & Window Clings

Turn your Window into a 24/7 messaging tool!

Windows for a very long while have always been underestimated when it comes to advertisement yet they are a true goldmine.  They are a simple way that companies could easily advertise at cost effective prices to reach out to potential customers. Window graphics by Catdi Printing eases this process by offering you great window graphics that you pin up on your window to drive sales and attract more customers to your business. We customize window graphics for windows whether it is for advertising your business, promoting a sale, creating awareness, fundraising or supporting a sports team. 

We offer three types of window graphics from which you can choose the most appropriate for your course. 


See-Through Window Vinyl: See-through window vinyl is a 6 mil white vinyl with clear adhesive baking that is removable. While your audience views your message from outside; you get to see them thanks to this perforated vinyl. This is very essential since you are able to keep an eye on your customers and can even tell how they relate with the advisement you have put up. It is best suited for flat vehicle windows or retail store windows.


See-Through Window Vinyl with Laminate: It is similar to the See-Through Window Vinyl but with the addition of a 2mil of optically clear laminate. It is also recommendable for retail stores as well as flat vehicle windows. 


Window Cling: This is a photo quality kind of image that is printed on a glossy material that can be easily stuck to a window or a glass pane. Ideally for retail stores, they can be stuck either on the front side of the print, or on the back side of the print depending on the color of the material. Here are just some examples:

Making the Most of Window Real Estate

Marketing and advertising are rarely inexpensive, and that means business owners need to take advantage of everything they can utilize. Window space is very often overlooked as prime marketing real estate. Still, it can turn your frontage, your glass-divided POS, or any other surface, into a valuable platform for advertising. Easy to fit to your chosen surface, window graphics transform a brick and mortar outlet or a vehicle, allowing you to get the maximum impact with minimal cost. If a store is bland and without that touch of branded character, then it will be less visible and more easily ignored by potential customers that are walking by.

Window Clings

Static cling window stickers are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. As they don’t require any kind of adhesive, they can be easily removed, repositioned, and re-applied quickly and easily. That makes them ideal for seasonal promotions or for when a business has an always-changing branding strategy. One of the reasons why they are so commonly seen being used on vehicles is that they can be applied without having to worry about causing any damage to a car or van, and their ability to be cut into any shape makes them perfect for any logo design, slogan, or image.

Making Marketing Mobile

One of the main reasons why business owners use window clings on vehicles is because they turn every journey into an advertisement. Being stuck in traffic can turn from being frustrating to productive if your branding is visible to other drivers. In addition our outdoor banner printing is a great compliment to window clings. In addition they are not a permanent and can be quickly removed. No matter where you go, you will be taking your marketing with you. For maximum reach, an increase in brand awareness, and the ongoing delivery of brand consistency, window clings are an invaluable marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. 

Perforated Window Graphics

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen these being used but rarely registered what they are doing. Perforated window graphics work effectively because they allow those on the inside of your business or your vehicle to see outside clearly while preventing passers-by from seeing in. That makes them highly valuable for creating that enticing mystery that will get those potential customers interested in what else you have in your store, or for adding to the impact of your branded vehicle. Perforated window graphics are particularly popular for use on company cars and vans because of their unique visibility features.

Taking Control of Impact

A lot of business, especially on the marketing side of things, is about ensuring that you control first impressions. Having an understated, non-memorable sign positioned outside of your store is not going to make an impact all by itself. You will find it even more challenging to stand out, get noticed, and be remembered if your own shop is devoid of personality while being surrounded by branded windows that pop, attract, inspire, and amuse. The modern-day consumer is spoiled for choice when it comes to when, where, and how they shop, and that means business owners need to leverage every advantage at their disposal.

The window graphics is a great advertisement tool for any business since they can be used either indoors or outdoors, making it easy for customers to be convinced at the point of purchase. We at Catdi Printing also take into consideration the different lengths and sizes of the window graphics and offer our clients a variety of designs and lengths to choose from.

Graphic windows work excellent where a pictorial kind of advertisement entices the customer to want to buy the desired product advertised.  For instance; at restaurants, convenient and retail stores or real estate would be ideal. They help the customer make rushed decision on their purchase, or more so a reminder of what they wanted to buy.