Get more customers with outdoor vinyl banners. Increase your customer base.

Versatile and cost-effective, outdoor banners are an indispensable marketing and promotional tool to use for a variety of business types. Used on billboards, as building wraps, or as a form of signage at trade shows, community events, and industry conventions, outside banners are waterproof, incredibly durable, and can be used wherever you want to make more of an impact. Whether you’re simply trying to raise brand awareness, highlight a unique promotion, or simply improve brand consistency, outdoor banners are the solution. Easily transportable and designed to suit your size and design needs, it’s hard not to recognize the marketing effectiveness of a unique outdoor banner.

Outdoor Banners

A large outdoor vinyl banner that is easy to read and clear will grab the attention of your customers before they are distracted by something else. You can quickly and easily attract and maintain the attention of people by placing vinyl banners in front of your shop. Promote your latest promotions or store hours. These can be displayed at events with high traffic, such as trade shows, to attract attention to your booth. Banners that are large, conspicuous and can be used to attract customers without having to pay the high costs of advertising. 

What you need to know about making an impact

You can choose from different sizes in order to attract more attention. You can choose from a 3’x2′ standard banner to a 20’x8′ giant.

Brand Awareness

Never underestimate the value of brand awareness. When your branding is more visible at local community events, large trade shows, or any other location where there will be potential customers, you want to be noticed, and you want to be recognized immediately. Using a banner for promotion achieves those goals quickly and easily. That brand impact is only strengthened if you have the same imagery and slogans on your website or your brick and mortar premises. Banners are multi-use and long-lasting and should be a significant part of any marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Using Outdoor Banners

Having your own unique banner means that you get a variety of benefits. The hard sell is rarely effective in marketing, and banners are all about consistency over pushiness. Banners are timeless, and they bring the following specific benefits to your company:

1. Cost-Effective

Digital marketing can be costly, whereas banners are inexpensive while being highly impactful. The ROI on outdoor banners is one of their most cited benefits. They make you more visible but without the hefty price tag. While a digital marketing campaign can take months to prepare, create, monitor, and measure, outdoor banners can be kept simple. Your logo, tagline, or favorite brand imagery is all that’s needed, and you already have those things close to hand. In terms of both prep-time and cost, it’s tough to find a solution more ROI-friendly than banners.

2. High Visibility

Whether your banner is being used outside of your brick and mortar store or being used at an event, it’s going to be ideal for making people know that you’re there. They will get all of the information that they need about your company from the details that you have on your banner. While this is very useful for those banners that are being used in static locations, it is even more valuable when being used at different events. Now that consumers can buy online, those banners can help attract new customers wherever you have a presence. If your branding is strong enough, then those customers are more likely to check out your online store. Banners boost credibility and make a lasting impression.

3. Brand Reinforcement

When the same people walk by your store regularly, or when they repeatedly see your branding at shows, conventions, and events, they will be more likely to remember you. Having your branded banners more visible means that you are reinforcing that branded impact every time your banner is seen. It’s not just useful for making sales either. Brand reinforcement is a valuable tool when it comes to networking as well because it helps those in the same business sector as you to recognize you as a potential connection. From being used outside your permanently located outlet to using them at unique events, outdoor banners simply help you build more of a brand-aware audience and encourage higher sales figures.

4. Use and Reuse

Making use of a specialist marketing company can be a high cost. Those costs can be ongoing, and you will often have to wait some time before any results are reached. One of the reasons why banners are so cost-effective is because you pay for them once and can then use them whenever and wherever you like. This is known as a one-and-done expense, and it is one of the critical indicators of a good ROI. The more that you use your unique banner, the more value you’re getting. Every event that you attend is a chance to reveal your banner, and if you’re not attending any shows this month, then your banner can be used in and around your brick and mortar store. Being so portable means that you’ll never be without a means to promote your brand.

5. Marketing Effectiveness

Banners are not a new marketing tool. Long before the mysteries of SEO and Google, banners were being used for marketing and promoting businesses. We still see interior and exterior signage in every shop, hotel, restaurant, and health facility that we enter. Billboards line every road, and even bus stops have window decals. The use of banners is so common that customers are used to seeing them. While paying for a billboard can be pricey, customized banners are the alternative option that gives you more control over who sees your branding and where. 

6. Customization

You get complete control over how your banner looks. From the size and shape of your banner to the colors that you use, the fonts you prefer, and the images that you opt for, you get total control over every aspect of your marketing tool. That means you can have a variety of banners that all use the same designs (for brand consistency) but are different sizes and shapes. Booths at events and shows can be surrounded by a variety of banners, or you can use them in store windows or wrapped around your entire building. Improved printing technology means that you get the high-resolution imagery that you need, and there are no limits to what you can have printed on them.

Outdoor banners can be used in multiple ways and in any location that you want to make your presence known. As a marketing tool that has real-world impact, it’s hard to beat a well-designed and cost-effective banner. With total control over every aspect of the design, you know that you’re going to get the finished banner that will have a dramatic effect on brand awareness, brand visibility, and business profitability.