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Car Magnets

When it comes to branding a vehicle, car magnets are the solution that you’ve been looking for. While decals and paint jobs are commonly considered, it’s worth taking a closer look at the advantages and benefits of car magnet branding. Unlike permanent branding options, car magnets that have been designed for your business are easy to add to any vehicle, and they can be removed as and when needed. From temporary magnets designed to promote seasonal offers or new products, to those that you want to keep on display for years, car magnets are the solution you should be paying more attention to.


Car Magnets as Marketing Tool

All businesses need to spend the right amount of their budget on marketing campaigns and new strategies. For most businesses, the challenge of standing out from the crowd is ongoing, and that means looking for original ways to raise brand awareness. Vehicle marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of marketing in the US because it has a high impact while remaining low cost. Incredibly simple, branded car magnets are printed on heavy-duty material, and are the perfect addition to car doors and hoods. UV resistant, they attach firmly to your vehicle, and whether you need them for a truck, van, car, or motorbike, they can be attached as required for as long as you need them. 


Targeting your Marketing

Knowing where to put your marketing is often a challenge, especially in the age of multiple social media platforms and search engines. Real-world marketing is highly beneficial for those businesses that rely on local customers because they make your brand more prominent on the highways and byways of your community. Being so affordable is one thing, but the low costs combined with the ability to be seen by potential customers means that the ROI on car magnets is impressive. You don’t even need to be driving your vehicle on an hourly basis. Even when your vehicle is parked, it is working to raise brand awareness and catching the attention of those that might not know your business exists.


The Benefits of Car Magnets

Business success means having to attract more people to your products, and car magnets work because they make sure that as many people as possible get to see your unique brand messages. When people start seeing your branded vehicle regularly, you get that brand awareness and consistency that is so vital for gaining consumer trust. Online customers might come and go, but those local revenue streams are there to attract regularly. Customized car magnet branding is so valuable because:


  • They Are Immediate: The moment that you attach your car magnets to your vehicle, you have a branded message that has immediate value. You certainly don’t need to wait for algorithms to kick in. Simply ensure that your car magnet is well designed and delivers a quick, high-value message. Often, you’ll place your car magnets on, and customers will start calling you when they’re parked up next to you in traffic. Attention-grabbing, the fear of missing out, makes car magnets one of the fastest ways to improve brand awareness, and encourage consumer engagement.


  • Price: Marketing can be a costly business. With so many avenues to explore for marketing the modern business, the goal should always be to keep costs low while ensuring maximum reach. That’s why car magnets can be such a positive step. Their incredibly low costs require no repeat investments, and their long lifespans mean that you don’t need to continually replace them. Car magnets are something that you can buy once and use for years, and the low prices mean that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a marketing tool that has a better return on your investment.


  • Portable Marketing: If you have a brick and mortar store, then you’ll need high footfall for your in-store branding to have an effect. By branding your vehicle, you get to make your marketing mobile. Whether you’re parked outside your store, on the road, or even enjoying a day off, your car magnets remain hard at work attracting people and raising interest in your business. 


  • Credibility and Trust: Consumers in the modern age want to spend money with the brands that they trust. When you use car magnets, you are adding a touch of professionalism that can go a long way to establishing that vital credibility. This is further enhanced via repetition. When those customers see your branded messages regularly, their awareness of your business will only grow. With that awareness comes trust. If your car magnets include contact details, then you’re only adding to your credibility.


  • Ease of Use: Unlike decals and painted-on messages, car magnets are ridiculously easy to apply and remove. When billboards are proving to be prohibitively expensive, you can improve your visibility quickly and easily by simply attaching your car magnets and carrying on with your daily life. When the time comes to upgrade your branding or highlight new offers, you simply remove your magnet and replace them with your new alternative.


  • Durability: Your car magnet will last a long time, and they aren’t something you have to worry about maintaining. They get cleaned when you clean your car or van, and because they are UV resistant, they will last years before fading becomes an issue. You can even take them off to give them a more thorough wash, and reattach them once they have dried, without any of the sticky residues that you find with many other car branding options.


Car magnets are like a portable billboard emblazoned with the messages they want to convey. They don’t need to be permanent, so you won’t be reducing the value of your car, and they do not cause any damage to your paint. You can even share the same car magnets across a fleet of vehicles if needed.


Other Uses

Printed magnets aren’t just available for use on your cars. They have a variety of additional uses that make them highly sought after in several different environments. From temporary use to more long-term signage, printed magnets can also be sued for:


  • Warning and information signs on construction sites or temporary installations
  • In-Store messaging
  • Office communications
  • Interactive presentations and installations
  • Merchandising


 No matter what you plan on using your printed magnets for, you know that you’re getting one of the most low-cost branding tools available.