Custom marketing campaigns for real estate agents and agencies

Many real estate agents still believe that their business is all about word of mouth, and that the existing clients and current listings do enough marketing for them. We agree that word of mouth may be the best type of advertising, but it is seldom enough. Even with a strong referral base, you may not get a steady stream of new clients, and with no other marketing methods to back up on, you may lose out to competition. If you need long term viability for your real estate business, you need to have a strong marketing plan in place. This is where Catdi real estate marketing services can help. Here is what we can do for your real estate business.

Real estate marketing services

Research shows that about 70 percent of the buyers and sellers use the first real estate agent they contact. So, give them every reason to visit your website or contact you. Everything from your business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, and other collateral should give them a reason to contact you.

Our years of working with real estate businesses have taught us that marketing does not necessarily have to be expensive. Even small things such as a business card can prove to be a great marketing tool. They are like your mini-ads that you carry around everywhere, and you can use them to introduce yourself, your services, and your brand effectively. To go a step further, you can send out magnets that can stay in front of the customer’s eyes every time they open their fridge.

For real estate agents, brochures and flyers can work wonders whenever they are promoting their existing listings. With effective graphic design, these print materials can effectively showcase the property and your services. If the flyer has a great graphic design and high quality print, anyone would be tempted to pick it up out of curiosity. They make a great impression on your prospects.

There are other small things that real estate agents can do stay in touch with the prospects such as sending out occasional greeting cards or magnets. With Catdi marketing services, real estate agents can stay assured that every piece of print material that reaches out to their clients is nothing but top quality.

Direct mail marketing for better exposure

We believe that real estate marketing is about reaching out to the right set of people in the right way. With a targeted direct mail campaign you can get maximum exposure, and targeted response.

Before venturing on to the direct mail campaign, it is important to decide on the target audience, such as a particular demographic, income level or neighbourhood. Once this is done, you need the right medium and message that reflects your value proposition.

Postcards can be a powerful tool to boost sales. Effectively designed post cards and direct mails can go a long way in promoting your business, and getting you leads that you are looking for. With our EDDM services, you can reach out to specific geographic locations cheaply. We design the appropriate sized postcards for EDDM, and can mail it out to the prospects.

The biggest myth that surrounds real estate marketing is that you need a huge budget to compete with the large real estate agencies. This is far from true. With the right kind of marketing campaign, you can easily compete with the larger agencies as long as you are targeting the right audience with the right type of message and medium.

With Catdi real estate marketing services, you can reach out to your prospects effectively, and see a genuine increase in sales.