Custom web design services for lawyers

Stand above the crowd with unique branding and custom web design

Your brand and your website should be unique a reflection of your law firm, not a cookie-cutter copy of the competitors. Your website should speak aloud of the quality of your service, and what makes you better than the rest of them out there.

When it comes to web design for the lawyers and law firms, there is no room for compromise. With more and more lawyers taking to active marketing and going the internet way to interact with the clients, you need to make sure that your website is professional, interesting, and of course unique.

This is where creative and technical team at Catdi can help. As a full service creative agency specialising in design, printing, web design, and marketing services for lawyers and law firms we have gained a reputation in the industry for delivering unmatched results.

Our experience and knowledge makes us one of the most reputed law firm web design agencies in the business. Our clientele includes the top-tier lawyers and law firms in the Houston area and around, and each of our clients can vouch for the quality of our service and support.

At Catdi, we understand that you need an effective and a one-of-a-kind website to gain credibility and stand out among other lawyers and law firms. When you work with Catdi, you can expect to receive best-in-class web design services, and highly functional and scalable website that offers everything that you need to increase the visibility and ultimately the revenue of your law firm.

We know that most lawyers prefer to market themselves through alternative channels such as referrals, but with cut-throat competition and the whole world taking to the internet to market themselves, it makes sense for every lawyer to adopt a proactive approach in marketing and have a great website in place that they can use to reach out to a bigger audience.

Our tailored web design services for lawyers and law firms

Effective web design

Today, when someone needs a lawyer in the Houston area, they don’t go about asking people, but they conduct a search on Google. If you don’t have a website, you won’t be found. It’s as simple as that. Catdi helps the lawyers and law firms establish an effective web presence by way of affordable and easy to use websites. We deliver websites that easy to use, offer complete control over the content, and are fully scalable.

Optimized for search engines

Our websites are built and optimized for local SEO. So, we deliver websites that are optimized to be on top of search engine results. This increases traffic to your website, and brings in more opportunities.

Mobile friendly

Today, most searches are done on mobile phones, so it is important that your website renders properly on mobile devices. At Catdi, we ensure that all our websites are mobile friendly and compatible with most mobile devices.

Fast turnaround

Need a website up and running quickly? Just give us 1-2 weeks and we will have your customized website ready to go on web.


You don’t need deep pockets to have a smart and effective web design. Depending on your budget, you can go for a custom designed, or an affordable template based design.

Your time is valuable

We understand that as a lawyer, between your client meetings and court hearings the last thing on your mind is your website. So, you can leave it to us, and we will craft a tailored website for your law business that sets you apart from the rest.

We understand that need to get things done first time right, whether it is the website design and we leave no stone unturned to deliver the best results. We deliver a website that is easy to use scalable, and allows you to update fresh content easily, leaving you with ample time to concentrate on your legal practice.