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Catdi marketing services for dentists

Tailored marketing campaigns for dentists

At Catdi, we are a team of marketing consultants and talented graphic designers that come together to help you market your services to patients effectively. We construct an offline aesthetic that complements the look and feel of your dental website and grow your brand. Whether you are new in dental practice, or want to freshen your existing brand, we can create for you a customized identity package that can distinguish you from the competitors, and sets you apart from the rest in the your field.

We offer comprehensive marketing solutions for dentists that help them reach out to their target customers, and help them grow their practice. We understand that digital marketing is the order of the day, but that does not mean that print marketing no longer works. Research has shown that direct mail marketing can deliver a return of investment as high as 400 percent. Considering this, it is important not to ignore the humble postcards and flyers as they are an effective means of carrying out a personalized communication with the targeted customers.

As a part of our marketing services for dentists, we provide a host of services including postcard marketing, direct mail marketing, and print collaterals such as flyers, banners, business cards, brochures, envelopes and more.

Direct-to-patient marketing

We believe that direct to patient marketing is an important form of marketing for any dental practice. Direct mail is a great choice for dentists looking to reach out to their existing and potential clients with a targeted message.

Postcard marketing works best to get new patients. We help our dentist clients design a custom response producing postcards, and then mail them out to the target audience on the client’s request.

With our direct mail campaigns, we target specific areas in the community and focus on what individual dental practice expects from the campaign. Our direct mails are targeted at residents in a pre-decided radius from a particular location, and focus on specific demographics such as income level, age, and residential status.

Our graphic design team excels at creating direct mail designs based on the inputs received from the marketing team. The eye catching graphics and targeted messages ensure that the direct mail is received well and achieves the desired results.

With EDDM, direct mail marketing has become even more simple, affordable and effective. We offer print sizes that are compatible with this service.

Educating the existing and potential patients

We understand that marketing your services to existing clients is as important as marketing them to the prospects. Once the patient has stepped inside your office, you need to have print collateral ready to hand out to them. Good quality business cards, brochures, folders, letter heads, and other print material can have immense effect on how your patients perceive your services. It offers the best way to retain your existing patients and earn their trust.

Brochures are one of the most effective print marketing tools in the hands of a dentist. It offers answers to all the questions that the patient may have regarding the services being offered, and procedures that are followed. The patient can always share the brochure with other prospects and cultivate new patients for the dentist. With Catdi print services, you can have your brochures ready to convince and impress the patients.
If you are a dentist looking for to kickstart a marketing campaign, you should get in touch with our marketing team right away. Get in touch to learn how you can get started on your very own custom print designs for your marketing campaign.