Effective Web design for medical professionals

In the present day healthcare environment, having an effective web presence is no longer optional. Today, a majority of people turn to internet to get information and make their healthcare decisions. So, you need to have a website that establishes trust with patients and opens up opportunities and new channels of client acquisition.

Catdi has extensive knowledge and experience in medical website design, and we strive to create websites that leave a great impression on your potential patients. We combine captive graphic design and expert content development to create a website that helps your medical practice stand out of the crowd.

We understand that first impressions count, and on the internet it is your website design that captures the visitor’s attention. Most visitors would simply leave the website after a few seconds just because they find it visually unappealing and confusing. If someone comes to your website and leaves before getting the intended message, then your website is not doing its job well.

It is important to capture the attention of the visitor the first time they come to your website, and get them interested in your medical practice. In order to stand out in the ever-so-competitive online marketplace, it is important that your website has a professional layout and design.

At Catdi, we understand that your brand identity captures who you really are. All the medical websites that we create have a custom design, unless someone requests a simple and affordable website with a template based design. Our websites boast of an appealing web design and eye catching graphics that communicates directly with the audience.

Regardless of whether you need the website to generate new appointments or to provide patient education, we will ensure that the web design is such that it delivers the desired results. We strive to make every page of the medical website attractive.

When designing websites, we have the following goals in mind:

  • The website should be visually appealing
  • It should be simple to understand
  • It should be easy to update
  • It should provide a consistent page to page experience
  • It should be search engine friendly
  • It should be mobile friendly


Thanks to our talented graphic designers, we ensure that your design and message is consistent. Our graphic designers specialise in designing for medical websites. We use the latest tools and technology, and combine them with the exceptional graphic skills to bring your vision to reality and create an interesting look for your website that brings your brand to life.

Apart from great medical web design, Catdi also provides graphic design services for print collateral such as online banner ads, brochures, business cards, logo creation, and other print marketing materials for medical professionals.

With Catdi, Medical web design services you get:


With years of experience in designing websites for the healthcare industry, Catdi is a partner you can trust


Cookie cutter approaches and one-size-fits-all strategies don’t work when it comes to web design. With our passion for designing, we always strive to invent better ways to help you succeed


We pay attention to every detail and strive for perfection when it comes to web design

Fast turnaround

We value the time of all the medical professionals that we serve. So, our team works efficiently to deliver a website as quick as 1-2 weeks


We are fully committed to delivering you satisfaction, and you can count on us for support at any hour


We strive to help your businesses grow. Our focus is to develop websites that deliver real, measureable results.


We create websites that offer value for money. We design websites for all needs and budgets sizes.