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Why EDDM Marketing is Perfectly Suite for Your Business

If you are considering using the EDDM program for your small business you are in good hands. We will explain the mechanics behind a helpful and comprehensive new form of mail marketing: EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail. Below, you’ll learn why this method is becoming the preferred option of marketing for small businesses and why you can trust Catdi with your next EDDM campaign. For local businesses, being noticed and frequented by local people has always been the number-one priority. As such, effective direct mail marketing activity that reaches the doors and mailboxes of target consumers who live within range of your store is the key to unlocking more business for your company to enjoy.
Cost. Put simply, EDDM helps you mail marketing materials in bulk to the doorsteps and mailboxes in the zip codes that you want to access. Promising to target ‘Every Door’ that you want to market to, this is one of the most comprehensive ways to canvas locals with your excellent, high-quality marketing materials. With postage rates of only $.18 per hard to see where else you can get mail for this little.
If EDDM seems a little bit like magic, that’s because it’s a relatively new service, one that’s been designed with the needs of small, local businesses in mind. Design and printing companies like Catdi are now able to partner up with the United States Postal Service, which offers EDDM, in order to distribute your marketing materials to the doors that are important to you. All you have to do is choose the USPS mailing routes that you’re interested in reaching, and Catdi will help you deliver the rest.
One of the key benefits of the EDDM program is that it’s incredibly flexible, enabling you to hone your strategy and your marketing materials every time that you run a marketing drive with EDDM. You can design on top of Catdi templates for a wide variety of marketing materials – like flyers, brochures, letters, postcards, and even bumper stickers. Meanwhile, you can customize your offerings by postcode, which enables you to speak to different parts of your local community with different designs and text. Finally, you can customize the date that you send your materials, which is important for companies running seasonal offers or launching events at a given time.
While the fees for using EDDM are variable and depend on a number of factors, including the print quality, bundling, material size, and the volume of the bulk mail you’ll be sending, Catdi can deliver postcard-sized marketing materials with postage rates of only $.185 per card. This represents an incredibly small investment for the returns you’re likely to see when locals come to trade with your business in the weeks and months following your EDDM campaign. Remember, too, that you can check out Catdi’s customer testimonials on our website; you’ll also be able to talk with us in order to understand a little more about the success stories we’ve had, and the system that we work with when delivering high-quality printed marketing materials to households throughout Texas and the Houston Metro Area.

For many small businesses, the problem with EDDM is that it can be incredibly difficult for these companies to arrange to target certain mail routes with materials that they themselves have laboriously designed and printed. Even getting their marketing materials through to the USPS can be difficult and stressful. In many ways, Catdi erases the stress and the friction of this process, giving you the freedom to:

  • Design your own marketing materials using our special templates to guide you, whether you’re sending a postcard or a full letter.
  • Target the zip codes you’re interested in, which Catdi will pass on to the USPS.
  • Print exquisite marketing materials to your specifications and volume, for use in the campaign

Catdi removes the friction from the whole experience of EDDM, which means that all you’ll need to do is put your strategy into action by contacting Catdi professional printers so that we can drive your strategy forwards towards success.

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