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Indoor Magnets

If you are looking to make not only a good first impression, but also a lasting first impression, then you need to order custom advertising magnets from Catdi Printing.  These unique tangibles stand out like nothing else in the room. Attaching to refrigerator doors and vehicle door interiors, they function as a constantly bright, colorful reminder of your logo, or corporate emblem, Magnets stand out to the eye so powerfully that they can imprint on the viewer’s mind even through the viewer’s peripheral vision.   They keep your logo, contact information, and key facts about your business in the forefront of your customer’s attention.

While paper gets thrown away or lost in the shuffle, magnets stand out like nothing else in the room.

Over the years, Catdi Printing has help dozens of real estate offices, residential services, sporting leagues, schools, and even political campaigns advertise with powerful effective indoor magnets.  Catdi Printing magnets are visually stunning, thanks to our 17-pt. magnetic value and offset printing methods. Offset printing uses etched metal plates to apply ink to a background. Using stochastic or randomly generated dot patterning of ink, we can reproduce any artwork or photograph with a realism unparalleled in our industry.

Catdi Printing printers are experts in color combination.  When we design indoor magnets, we choose a background color and a primary color for your text.  Ideally, these colors should sharply contrast so the message will instantly register with anyone who reads it.  Popular color combinations include black on white or white on black, yellow on black or black on yellow, and navy or dark green with purple or pink.  We recommend that customers choose colors from their current website, letterhead, or business cards and modify them accordingly for use with magnets.  On larger magnets, we recommend using borders that will work to “frame” your logo or slogan.

Even though these full color magnets are not intended for outdoor use, they are printed on 17pt magnet stock and then gloss UV coated making them very durable.  This is because many indoor magnets are placed on refrigerator doors which stand right in front of open windows. The high-gloss finish protects the colors of the magnet from UV light that streams in through the window.  

Advertising with custom magnets is a highly effective way to establish your brand positioning in a community.  They are ideal for promoting new products or lines of services. Many people also like printing out their business cards in the form of indoor magnets.  This is one sure way to keep people from losing your business card. We recommend printing “business card” indoor magnets with rounded corners instead of sharp corners.  Studies have shown that rounded corners are more aesthetically pleasing than sharp corners. They also last longer than magnets with sharp corners.

We can also turn postcards and even calendars into larger indoor magnets so that your brand can occupy the most prominent position on the door of your prospect’s refrigerator.  Call us now to get started with a custom design and an advertising campaign your prospects will never forget.