Looking to upgrade your website?

Your website is your customer’s first impression of your business or brand. So, it is in the best interest of your company to keep it updated and relevant. There are several reasons why you may want to consider updating your website. Here are just a few of them:

Does your website look modern and stylish?

May be you had your website designed way back in 1999, and now when you open it, it looks like it is from the stone age, and you don’t want to take a second look at it. If your website fails to capture attention with its aesthetics, then there is something certainly wrong with it. Your website should look modern and stylish, and if it does not, you need to update it as soon as you can. For a website that looks and feels fresh, you need services of graphic and web designers at Catdi that can create a one of a kind website that impresses at the first look.

Remember, anyone can put together text and graphics but it takes skills and some real aesthetic sense to create a great website.

Can you update your website easily?

Google likes websites with fresh and relevant content. So, it is important that you keep populating your website with new content. However, you should be able to do the updates on your own. If you have to call up your developer every time you need to update some content then you need to update your website immediately.

These days, there are content management systems available that let you update content on your site, even if you have minimal knowledge of websites. These systems are easy to use and extremely efficient. At Catdi, we ensure that all websites that we design are easy to update. Once we have designed and handed over the site to you, you can make anywhere-anytime changes at the click of a button. Literally!

Is your website easy to use?

How would you rate the user experience of your site? On a scale from 1-5 where 5 means great user experience, if your site ranks anywhere less than 5, you are in for trouble. There is a world of amazing websites out there that are easy to use and navigate, and offer great user experience. Visitors won’t spend more than a few seconds on your site if they find it cumbersome, and maze-like.

Catdi always endeavours to create websites that are easy to use and offer a great user experience. If you think your site is failing to get you the conversions that you expect, it is highly likely that people are visiting, but they find it hard to use, and go away.

Is your website mobile friendly?

We live in the age of smart phones. Most of the online searches are now carried out on mobile phones, so it is important that you website renders properly on mobile devices as well. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are not just annoying visitors, but also losing out on search engine rankings.

At Catdi, we understand the importance of a mobile friendly design. So, every website that we create is compatible with most mobile devices.

Is your website search engine optimized?

May be you have a great website, but as long as it is hard to find on search engines, the whole purpose of having a website is defeated. With so many competitors around, you need to be on the top of search engine results page to get the traffic that you are looking for.

All websites that are designed at Catdo are optimized for the search engines so that you stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to search engine rankings.

Need a website that delivers real results? Get in touch with the web design team at Catdi.