Mobile friendly design services by Catdi

We live in a fast paced world, and for any business to survive the cut throat competition it is extremely important to constantly adapt and be responsive to the changes in order to reach the target customers effectively. With the advent and popularisation of internet, changes have become a routine, and anyone who does not adapt tends to lose.

Having provided web design services to clients across industries, we have learnt to continually upgrade and adapt ourselves to the ever changing technological scenario. There was a time when having a good website was enough to be visible to clients on the web. Then the websites proliferated so much that we had to resort to search engine optimization techniques to make sure that the website stays on top of the search engine results. Now, we have come to point where having an optimized website might not good much good unless it is mobile friendly. So, keeping up with the changing times, we offer now mobile friendly design services to our clients across verticals.

With the conventional PCs and laptops being taken over by smart phones, not having a mobile friendly website is the biggest mistake any business can make. The penetration of mobile phones has increased leaps and bounds in past few years, and they have emerged as one of the most potent tools of communication. The hand held internet browsers have completely changed the way consumers search for products and services online. Popularisation of smart phones and anywhere-anytime access to internet has made it extremely important that your websites are mobile friendly. This is where mobile friendly services of Catdi can help.

What is a mobile-friendly website?

First, it is important to understand that not all websites are mobile friendly. They may look good and easy to navigate when opened on a browser on a PC or laptop, but when you open them on your mobile phone, you will have to scroll the text several times to be able to read it. You may find that even the menus to do not fit into the same screen and you need to scroll to access the menu buttons.

With our mobile friendly services your customers will be able to view your website on screens of all devices whether large or small. Today, every business ought to have a website that is made mobile friendly for easy viewing and navigation. At Catdi, we ensure that the websites we design are designed for touch, and not only for mouse clicks.

Our mobile friendly websites adapt automatically to the type of device and screen size on which they are being viewed. The mobile friendly websites when viewed on laptop, computer, smart phone or tablet automatically adapts and chance to the screen size they are being viewed on.

We understand that all the websites that we now design should be made mobile friendly as a standard, and that is what we do.

Why you need a mobile friendly website?

For our clients, a mobile friendly websites means that 100% of their visitors can engage with their web content. With an affordable mobile friendly web design, clients can make the best of their web presence and gain a competitive edge over the competitor sites that are still not mobile-friendly.

Our web design services also include search engine optimization as a standard, and content managed mobile friendly websites give you full control over the website.

Key Advantages

  • Website easily adapts to different screen sizes automatically
  • No need for separate mobile version of the website, you can make content updates seamlessly at one place
  • For mobile search rankings, Google gives higher ranking to the sites are mobile friendly. So, mobile friendliness can take your website further up the search rakings page on mobile devices
  • Be ahead of the game with a future-proof website
  • Give a better user experience to visitors, who can seamlessly navigate your website on whatever device they are using

If you still not boarded the mobile friendly bandwagon, jump on it now, and enjoy better traffic and rankings. Get in touch with our team to know more about our mobile friendly design services.