Premium Letterhead

No matter how digital the world becomes, your written materials will always look better on premium letterhead.  By making a formal presentation, you convey a level of professionalism that establishes instant credibility. Prospective customers see your company as a trustworthy entity and are therefore more inclined to give you an opportunity to earn their business.

Premium Letterhead Printing
Premium Letterhead

 They recognize your organization as one that takes pride in doing even the smallest things with excellence. If you can take care of your own business with care, you are likely to take care of your customers as well.

Catdi Printing makes it easy to customize and print premium letterhead.  Over the past decade, we have worked with businesses of all sizes in a wide diversity of vertical markets.  We have serviced companies in healthcare, finance, law, retail, and food service. Our experienced design team knows how to adapt your presentation to your unique marketplace.  They will help you choose the best images, fonts, alignment, and positioning for your letterhead. The high grade opaque paper will make your logo, mission statement, or company slogan stand out in a manner that will make an unforgettable first impression on the audience.

One of the things that makes our premium letterhead so effective is the way we print on the back side of the paper.  We can use this area to list facts about your company that will help your sales team close more deals. We can also print short testimonials from existing customers that will reinforce your credibility.  You may also want us to advertise discounts and specials on the back of your letterhead so you can let your target market know you are willing to be competitive on pricing. While cost is not the only determining factor in earning new business, letting people know that you are flexible with your pricing is an excellent way to earn trust.

Use of high quality, premium letterhead paper is in and of itself a major selling point for your company.  One of the things about our paper is its durability. Both our linen letterhead and our uncoated text are acid free.  Acid free letterhead lasts for longer periods of time. Many recipients will keep a piece of letterhead that stands out but not really study it until a much later date.  Investing in higher grade paper will ensure that when the recipient finally does take a close look at the document, he or she will see graphics and text that look clear and new, even after a few months in a file cabinet or desk drawer.  

Catdi Printing offers you full color printing on both the front and the back of your premium letterhead.  We also guarantee a fast turnaround, so you can get your message out at those key times when the market is ripe for new and repeat business.  Call Catdi Printing now for any office documents, statement stuffers, financial documents, or special offers that need to have that extra special look to give your business a competitive—and winning—edge.