Top 5 Benefits of Postcard Marketing – A Catdi Printing Exclusive

Postcard marketing allows you, the business owner, to choose from a selection of our templates to find the right look for your postcard advertising campaign. Businesses are able to also design custom postcards and have them shipped directly from our direct mail service at an affordable cost. You’ll be able to choose a selected neighborhood or area where you would like the postcards to be sent, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our postcard printing service not only comes on high quality 14 pt cardstock, but we are also proud to offer full color on both sides for no additional cost. When it comes to marketing materials, it’s important that your advertisement is memorable and makes your potential customer want to hang onto the postcard so they won’t forget about your business. Whatever your specific postcard needs entail, our team of printing experts at Catdi  Printing will make sure you’re taken great care of.

If you are new to the postcard marketing game and are looking to learn more, check out our top 10 benefits of postcard marketing:

1. Postcards Drive Traffic

Postcards are an awesome way to drive traffic to your website, social media, and incentivize your customers to come visit you in your store. If you have a concise and direct message you’re looking to share, postcards are a perfect way to share that message with your target market. Additionally, if you are running a special event either at your physical store or online, a save the date postcard is a great way to spread the word. In an era where everyone is aggressively competing to stand out and drive the most traffic to their online platforms, marketing in different ways allows businesses to connect with pieces of the market who aren’t being reached online. Take advantage of the fact that postcard marketing makes your brand stand out and be ready to convert your newfound traffic into paying customers. 

2.  Offers Maximum Versatility 

In addition to being able to drive traffic to your business, postcards offer maximum versatility for delivering whatever message you’re looking to share. Business owners have the ability to send potential customers straight to their websites or straight to the physical store location if that suits the business needs. You also have the options to include surveys, questionnaires, coupons, discounts, and more thanks to the flexibility that postcards provide.

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Top 5 Benefits of Postcard Marketing 2

As the business world and national economy is always changing, having the ability to make adjustments to your postcard messaging and campaign strategy at no extra cost can be incredibly beneficial. Plus, postcards make for easily redeemable discounts and coupons, as they allow your customers to simply bring the postcards with them to the store. This is especially important if you are targeting customers over 40, as QR codes and online discounts can become confusing and create barriers between your business and the older demographics.

3. Campaigns Are Easily Measurable

Of course, the biggest fear that comes along with a new marketing campaign is that you will spend more money than you make. That’s why no matter what kind of marketing you spend your money on, it’s essential that the results are easy to track so you can have an idea of the ROI you’re receiving. A great benefit of postcard marketing is that it’s super easy for businesses to track the effectiveness of their postcard marketing materials. To figure out how well the campaign is working, you can look at the number of postcards sent out and compare that to the volume of sales leads that were generated. Once you factor in your lead conversion rate after the inquiries, you can get a pretty good idea of how well your postcard marketing campaign is performing.  

4. Great for Test Marketing 

If you’ve done your market research and want to roll out a test marketing campaign to see how well it performs without spending too much money, you can perform a sample-sized campaign and evaluate the results. There are different ways to do this effectively, but we recommend testing out small batches that differentiate slightly to the same target audiences so you can see which will provide the superior conversion rate. Before sending out a test marketing campaign, it’s important to first decide on the advertising objectives you’re looking to meet. Because without a specific goal in mind, there is little to judge the campaign’s success or failure on. And remember, the success or failure of a marketing campaign is based on traffic and customer interest, not sales. Marketing’s job is to get people in the door, your business’s quality of products, services, and salesmanship is what delivers the revenue in the end.

5. Alleviates Marketing Theft

After you’ve spent your hard earned time, energy, and money on a new advertising campaign, the last thing you want to see is one of your competitors stealing your marketing ideas and using your campaign as a template for their new one. Not only is this maddening behavior on a personal level, the unfortunate reality is that the customers won’t be able to distinguish one business from another. By taking advantage of postcard marketing, you’ll be able to connect directly to your customers and spread those awesome messages without fear of being stolen from intellectually. 

If you would like to learn more about the measurable ways that Catdi Printing can help with your postcard printing and marketing campaigns, give us a call and we’d love to chat. Printing and design are two of our biggest passions, so whatever ideas you have in mind, we are excited to help you bring them to life.