Understanding EDDM Indicia: What It Is and Why It Matters

Did you know 87% of Americans check their mail every day? This makes direct mail marketing a powerful tool for businesses. One effective tool is the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program launched by the USPS several years back. Over the past few years, it has been a popular method for small businesses to mail marketing postcards.

In this article, we’ll give you some guidelines on the program and how to set up your postcards with the correct indicia. Indicia is a fancy word for a USPS mail permit. We’ll further break down how to set up the indicia and explain a little how the program works and if it’s a good fit for you and your business. Catdi Printing will share some simple tips for correctly setting up your EDDM mailer. Let’s explore how to boost your EDDM direct mail marketing’s effectiveness using this awesome program.

What is an EDDM INDICIA?

An EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) indicia is a specific postage mark used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to indicate that a piece of mail is part of the EDDM program.  The EDDM indicia must be printed on the upper right corner of the mailpiece and include specific information such as the permit number and the type of postage payment (e.g., “PRST STD” for presorted standard, which is often used for direct mail). This indicia serves as proof of payment and is required for the mailpieces to be processed and delivered under the EDDM program, showing that postage has been paid.

The Importance of Compliant EDDM Indicia for Direct Mail Success

Using the correct EDDM Indicia is key to a successful direct mail campaign. This Indicia shows that your mailer’s postage is fully paid and helps you meet USPS standards for Every Door Direct Mail.

Understanding USPS Requirements for Every Door Direct Mail

The USPS imposes strict rules for EDDM® Indicia to ensure compliance with mail marketing standards. These rules cover how big, where, and what your Indicia should look like. Following these rules is vital. It ensures your mail gets delivered smoothly and keeps your campaign on track.

Distinguishing Between EDDM Retail campaigns don’t need to register for their own indicia. and BMEU Indicia

Understanding the difference between EDDM Retail Indicia and BMEU Indicia is important. They are used in EDDM campaigns but serve different purposes.

EDDM Retail Indicia is for small businesses or individuals targeting specific areas with mailings. BMEU Indicia is for larger organizations with a lot of mail needing detailed distribution. In a nutshell with a Retail Indicia you are capped at 5,000 cards per day. However with BMEU Inidicia you are not limited at all to how many cards you can mail.

For correct Indicia usage, check USPS guidelines or talk to a professional printer like Catdi Printing. They offer advice on EDDM mailers for compliance, including the right Indicia design and placement.

EDDM Retail Indicia

EDDM Retail Indicia is specifically designed for small businesses or individuals who aim to target specific local areas through direct mail campaigns. This option allows the mailing of up to 5,000 cards per day, making it an ideal choice for smaller-scale operations that seek targeted outreach within their community. The Retail Indicia is user-friendly and does not require the sender to have a postal permit, simplifying the process for users new to direct mailing.

Retail EDDM Indicia

BMEU Indicia

For larger organizations requiring more extensive mail distribution, BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) Indicia is the suitable choice. Unlike the Retail Indicia, there is no limit to the number of mail pieces that can be sent each day with BMEU Indicia. This option is tailored for significant volume mailings and requires detailed distribution planning. Organizations using BMEU Indicia must have a postal permit, making it a more sophisticated option for experienced mailers who need to reach a broader audience.

For both types of EDDM campaigns, adhering to USPS guidelines is crucial. Consulting with a professional printer, such as Catdi Printing, can ensure compliance with postal regulations, including proper Indicia design and placement on mail pieces.


EDDM Indicia Size Guidelines and Layout Best Practices

Navigating Size Constraints for Effective EDDM Mail Pieces

Regardless of which indicia you use, your pieces need to be sized correctly. This fact is one of most common challenges for people to comply with when using the EDDM program, When you design EDDM mail pieces, understanding the USPS size rules is key. Adhering to these guidelines ensures your mailers are compatible with Every Door Direct Mail campaigns, optimizing your reach by zip code and indicating that postage has been paid. There are different size rules for each type of mailer, so knowing them is vital. This helps avoid problems when getting postal approval.

EDDM Size Requirements

EDDM mail pieces must follow certain size rules:

  • The smallest size for EDDM Retail mail pieces is 6.125″ x 11″. Anything less doesn’t meet USPS EDDM standards.
  • For EDDM BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) mail pieces, the smallest size is 6.5″ x 9″.
  • Both EDDM Retail and BMEU mail pieces can be as big as 12″ x 15″ or 15″ x 12″.
EDDM TypeSmaller Popular SizesLarger Popular Sizes
EDDM Retail6.125″ x 11″12″ x 15″ or 15″ x 12″
EDDM BMEU6.25″ x 9″12″ x 15″ or 15″ x 12″

Remember, these size rules cover your entire mail piece. This includes any folds or creases. It’s crucial to plan your design so everything fits within these dimensions.

Optimizing Your Layout for Visibility and Postal Guidelines

Size rules are important, but so is your layout’s look and meeting postal rules. Here are some tips:

  • Use high-quality pictures and visuals that share your message well. Make sure they look good and are right for printing.
  • Ensure your EDDM Indicia is easy to see on your mail piece. It must be prominent and conform to USPS size and placement regulations, including proper use of EDDM® specifications.
  • Use fonts that are easy to read, even in small sizes. This makes your mailer easier to understand and ensures it meets USPS EDDM requirements.
  • Think about how your mail piece is arranged and the order of information. Put key details like your business name and offer where people will see them first.
  • Choose a clean, professional design that matches your brand. Avoid busy designs that might confuse people who receive your mailer.

To make your EDDM mail pieces look great and work well, follow these design tips. Always check USPS rules and use a good printing service like Catdi Printing. Doing this ensures your mailer meets all requirements and has a great chance of success.

How to Use EDDM Indicia: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding EDDM Indicia to your designs is key for a successful mail campaign. This guide helps you use Indicia right and follow USPS rules.

Incorporating Indicia into Your Design Process

It’s vital to think about where and how big your EDDM Indicia should be. Here’s how to add Indicia to your designs, indicating that postage has been paid.

  • First, determine the correct size for your Indicia based on USPS guidelines and EDDM® specifications. This varies with your mail type, class, and specific EDDM® guidelines.
  • Then, put the Indicia in your design where it’s easy to see and in the right place per USPS.
  • Make sure the Indicia has all needed info like type, class, permit number, and where you’re sending from.
  • Check your design carefully for mistakes that could make the Indicia hard to read or not follow the rules.
  • Review USPS guidelines once you’re done designing, to make sure your Indicia has everything required for approval.

Troubleshooting Common Indicia Mistakes

Sometimes, errors pop up when using EDDM Indicia. Here are some usual issues and how to fix them:

Problem: Indicia is too small or illegible

Solution: Make sure your Indicia is big enough per USPS. Make the font bigger or tweak your design to make it clearer.

Problem: Incorrect or missing information in the Indicia

Solution: Look at the USPS requirements again and update as needed. Double-check everything like permit number and address to make sure it’s right.

Problem: Indicia placement does not meet USPS specifications

Solution: Use the USPS guidelines to place your Indicia correctly. Make sure it’s in the right spot on your mailer.

Problem: Indicia design does not comply with USPS requirements

Solution: Check the USPS rules for how your Indicia should look, including font and color. Change your design as needed to meet these rules.

If you run into other issues or have questions about EDDM Indicia, consider talking to a print service or postal expert. They can provide additional support and ensure your Indicia complies with EDDM® requirements, including the correct use of facing slips and zip codes.

By using this guide and correcting common errors, you can maximize the effectiveness of your Every Door Direct Mail® Indicia for mail marketing. This will help your mail campaign succeed.


Understanding USPS rules for Every Door Direct Mail is key to success.The Indicia shows postage is paid to ensure your mail reaches its audience.

Correct EDDM Indicia is crucial for postal approval and helps your direct mail campaigns succeed. By using Indicia well, you can boost your marketing impact and get the results you want.

Catdi Printing can guide you through setting up your EDDM mailer. They make sure it meets USPS guidelines. Their expertise ensures your Indicia design and size are perfect, making your mail more visible.

Successful Every Door Direct Mail campaigns need careful attention to EDDM Indicia. Following the rules and working with pros like Catdi Printing will bring great outcomes for your business.


What is an EDDM INDICIA?

EDDM® Indicia is a mark on mailers for Every Door Direct Mail®. It shows that postage is paid for. The USPS requires this for EDDM campaigns.

Why is EDDM Indicia important?

The EDDM Indicia proves postage is paid. This ensures the USPS processes the mail correctly. It’s key for following USPS rules and helps your mail campaign work well, especially when you use EDDM Retail.

What are USPS requirements for Every Door Direct Mail?

The USPS sets rules for EDDM, including how the Indicia looks. Mailers must follow size, weight, and addressing rules. Meeting these standards is vital for your mail to reach people.

How does the mailer’s Indicia impact delivery and response rates?

If EDDM Indicia doesn’t meet standards, your mail might be delayed or go to the wrong place. This can lower how many people respond. Correct Indicia means more people see your mail, enhancing your marketing results through Every Door Direct Mail®.

What are the design specifications for EDDM Indicia placement?

The USPS gives clear rules for putting Indicia on mailers. These rules cover its position, look, and size. Following these rules is a must for the post office to accept your mail.

What is the difference between EDDM Retail and BMEU Indicia?

EDDM Retail Indicia is for mailings you can drop off at the post office or with a mail carrier. BMEU Indicia is for mail processed by a Business Mail Entry Unit, but for EDDM Retail, you don’t need to register for their own indicia. The type you use depends on how you send out your EDDM pieces.

What are the EDDM Indicia size guidelines and layout best practices?

There are size rules for EDDM® Indicia to fit USPS standards, ensuring they meet EDDM requirements. It can be hard because of size limits, especially when designing for USPS EDDM standards. But it’s important to make your layout work well while following these guidelines.

How can I use EDDM Indicia effectively?

To use EDDM Indicia well, include it in your design early on. Make sure it meets USPS rules. Avoid common mistakes with placement and format. Following a guide can help you do it right.