Creating an effective web presence for resorts and restaurants

Resorts and restaurants do not sell a service, they sell an experience. The experience they deliver should reflect in their branding and websites as well. As a restaurant owner, can you even imagine offering your patrons the freshest of ingredients, but a stale web experience?

Today, people spend a large part of their day on the internet. Everything they need to search, they search it on internet. So, your first interaction with your clients is through your website. If your restaurant does not figure on Google, chances are that you are losing out on a huge clientele, because every weekend people log on to the web to find out the resort or the restaurant they should be visiting. So, you should make sure that you offer your prospective customers a fresh and stylish website, something that reflects the experience that they will get at your restaurant.

Even if you have an existing website, but it is not getting you enough business, it means it’s not doing its job right, and you need to upgrade it with a smart web design.

As a leading web design firm specializing in designing for resorts and restaurants, we understand the value of modern web design for your business. Your unique resort or restaurant deserves a web design and creative marketing specialist who understand which website features work best for your business, and lead to greater opportunities.

We deliver websites that are stylish, easy to use, and deliver real results that you can track on a daily basis. Each of our websites that we design for resorts and restaurants conveys personality and sophistication specific to the experience they provide. Our resort and restaurant web design blends user friendly navigation, aesthetics, advanced search engine marketing techniques, and a professional customer service.


Why choose Catdi for your resort or restaurant web design?

At Catdi, our goal is to provide high quality, professional web sites for resorts and restaurants at affordable prices. We are rapidly growing design and marketing firm based in Houston, known for our top quality graphic design, web design, search engine marketing, and professionalism. We are a successful and stable company that promises results for your business, irrespective of its scope and size.


Design excellence

We understand that the first impressions count. The overall look and feel of your resort or restaurant website will determine how your prospective customers judge you, your business and services. At Catdi, we orient our design process around or customer’s interests and preferences. Each of the websites that we design from the ground up is unique and made to stand out.


Marketing expertise

We understand that merely having a website won’t take you anywhere unless customers can find your website easily on the search engines. So, our websites are optimized for search engines, which ensure that your website gets local search traffic that can translate into increased sales.



For designing websites we utilize the WordPress platform. The robust platform gives us the ability to deliver websites that are effective, aesthetic, and yet easy to use. We understand that for your ever-growing business, you need a website that is scalable, and we deliver just that.


Mobile friendly

With smart phone revolution, a large percentage of searches are not done through mobile devices. So, we ensure that your resort or restaurant website is compatible with most mobile devices.


Project speed

Need a website as early as 2 weeks? We have you covered. You can count on us for a quick turnaround. We will make sure that your website is ready in 1-2 weeks


Customer support

You may be running a website since years, or may just have started one. We know you will need support to keep it up and running, and updated. So, we offer friendly customer support for all our esteemed clients.

To get a web design that speaks aloud of the amazing experience your resort or restaurant offers, get in touch with our marketing team, and they will get you started.