5 Ways a Business Can Use Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signage

If your company hasn’t upgraded its business signage to acrylic plastic, it’s missing out.

Acrylic plastic is tough, easily customizable, and much lighter than glass. It can even be clear or colorful, and it lasts much longer than glass, even though it’s cheaper.

For these reasons, the popularity of acrylic signage is booming. But even the businesses that do have acrylic signs aren’t always using them to their full potential. With such a versatile material, there are so many creative ways to use it around your business.

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1. Outdoor Signage

This is the most popular option that businesses use. Acrylic logo signage works well outside your business building. It is a helpful way to indicate to clients where you are.

It’s also a great way to catch the eyes of new clients or customers. People who notice your logo and business name are more likely to enter your business building.

2. Window Signage

Sometimes large outdoor signs won’t work because of the building design. If this is the case, then custom business signs for your windows are the way to go!

Because acrylic is so light, it can work well in window displays. Acrylic window decals like clings and graphics will catch the attention of potential customers, or signal to your clients where you are.

If you’re looking for window signage from a Houston sign printing service, check out our large format printing options for more info.

3. Office Signage

If your business has an office, it is helpful to install acrylic signage. The more people you have working in your offices, the better it is to use this signage.

Signage with directions is a great way to improve flow and experience in your offices. Clients or visitors won’t distract your employees by wandering around because they’ll know where to go. And even employees from different departments won’t have to worry about navigating around.

Acrylic signage makes demarcating offices easier too. Most buildings would use glass for this signage. But glass is expensive and easily broken, so acrylic plastic is a cost-effective replacement for this.

4. Improve Privacy

Frosted glass is a popular choice for creating privacy around your buildings. But glass is expensive and easily broken. Any frosted glass signage is best replaced by acrylic.

5. Office Branding

Acrylic business signage should be inside your buildings too. This contributes to building a strong company culture and can motivate your employees, which leads to an improved business.

Office branding has the added bonus of looking more professional when you entertain clients or investors. Acrylic signage is a cheap and easy way to extend your brand presence and makes you appear more professional.

Improve Your Business with Acrylic Signage

Acrylic plastic is a cheap and sturdy substance, making it an easy business expense. Acrylic signage lasts a long time, looks good, and can be used in several ways.

If you’re looking for a printing shop in Houston, request a quote! We’re excited to work with you.

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