5 Ways to Make Your Visual Marketing Designs Shout Out to Your Audience

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Relying solely on written content to market your brand isn’t enough to compete effectively in today’s cutthroat business environment. Many companies understand this and have decided to include captivating images and videos into the mix. All efforts are aimed at ensuring their respective companies stand out from their competitors to attract customers.

So, visual marketing designs are increasing in popularity. Infographics, data visualization and quote cards are a few examples that fall under this domain. But with many customers going this visual marketing route, how then do you ensure your designs are better than the next?

We list five simple ways you can incorporate to make your visual marketing designs stand out and draw your audience’s attention.

Create Recognizable Visual Designs

You want your customers to immediately recognize your brand. This is only possible if you ensure that your visual marketing designs are simple and easy to understand. Pay extra attention to the following:

  • Logo design: You want to create, say a beauty logo design it should be catchy and memorable. One that customers can easily recognize and remember when they see it on visuals.
  • Company colors: The colors you use with your visual marketing designs are also important. Make sure you pick colors that are in line with the business personality you want to portray. In addition, the colors you use must also resonate with your target audience. If your niche consists of children, then including fun and playful colors will work.
  • Font: Make sure you use the right font types and sizes that match your brand identity and personality.

Customize Your Designs According to Your Platform

Any serious business owner will fully take advantage of different online platforms for a wider target audience reach. But regardless of the channel you pick, it’s important to customize the designs depending on the platform you’ll use:

  • Can the same image be viewed from both a mobile or desktop platform without compromising quality?
  • Are your videos easily accessible regardless of the platform the customer uses?
  • For email you can include more text while on social media you need shorter text or an image to instantly grab attention.

Align Your Visual Designs with Your Company’s Content Strategy

Synergy is crucial in any organization. Catchy videos and images are splendid but only if they align with your company’s content strategy. The message you’re communicating with your written content must match your visual designs. And this can only be made possible by investing in a smart visual content strategy.

Before creating your visual marketing designs it’s important to know your target audience. What kind of content appeals to them? Answering this question will help you devise visual designs that resonate with your niche.



Part of aligning your visual designs with your organizational content is by practising consistency. Pick your business tone of voice—and stick to it. If you want your business to come across as authoritative and extremely professional, desist from producing playful and carefree content. That only confuses the customer.

Authenticity and Relevance is Key

It’s easy for businesses to get carried away with prevailing marketing visual design and graphic design trends. Just remember that what works for the next company might not be for you. This is why it’s important to clearly outline your purpose, vision and mission as an organization. After that you outline the values your company holds dear.

Establishing these aspects will make it easy for you to produce visual designs that are true your organization. Remember; customers value authenticity.

But as original as your visual designs might be, make sure they are relevant. Do your visuals connect with your target audience?

This also means steering clear from stock images. Granted, they are easy to access and save you a lot of time, but they do nothing for your authenticity as a business. Use your imagination. Look for more creative ways to create enticing content and images.

Make Sure Your Visual Designs Add Value

The difference between your visual designs and that of your competitors is the value they add to the consumers. What’s so special about your images or videos? Do they help your customers in any way? Rather than bombarding your customers with meaningless videos, add something they’ll find useful and informative.

Add “how to” videos that teach your target audience about something valuable. You’re guaranteed a constant increase of traffic to your website if customers think they’ll benefit from visiting it. That’s one sure way of building customer loyalty, increasing repeat purchases and boosting your revenue.

Alternatively, you can include a few visual tips that visitors pressed for time will find easy and quick to peruse.

Final Words

Anyone can create a video or take a picture. But if either doesn’t resonate with your customers, then it defeats the purpose. You want visual marketing designs that are captivating enough to capture your audience’s attention, even on their busiest days.

If you don’t get it right, your competitors certainly will. But now you know how to do it like the pros.

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