Coroplast Signage: Benefits and When You Should Choose to Use It

coroplast signage

Did you know that 54% of American customers fail to find a business because of unclear or small signage?

Since first impressions in a business count, signs play a great role in how customers perceive your brand. And using coroplast signage will ensure that your audience can see your message for a long time.

Coroplast is made of three layers of plastic that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The material can keep your business signs aligned, dependable and durable when placed outside for the world to see.

But what are the advantages of using this signage, and when should you consider it for your business? Continue reading this guide to find out.

Benefits of Coroplast Signage to Consider

Coroplast is pliable, lightweight, affordable, and durable, making it ideal for business signages. The material is also versatile enough to be used in different displays and projects.

Though it doesn’t last forever, coroplast can withstand serious human handling, hot weather, precipitation, and pest damage. It also takes some time for the material to show signs of aging.

Coroplast is also the most inexpensive material used for outdoor displays. Printing on this material won’t require any highly specialized tools. Due to its lightweight nature, it is easily transportable and distributable.

Rigid coroplast signage can lay flat on any surface on its own. You can also cut, bend or staple it for whichever purpose.

When to Choose Coroplast Signs

You can use business coroplast signs in various temporary indoor and outdoor applications. Here are the common use cases for these signs in the business world:

Boost Advertising and Marketing

Like other forms of commercial printing, custom coroplast signages are an effective way to advertise and market your brand. You can display the large vivid prints outside your business premises or in the reception area.

It’s also easy to customize them with your ad campaign messages for the greatest impressions.

Gain Recognition

Your company can turn to coroplast signs to help customers identify or recognize your physical offices. You may use high street signs as part of your marketing strategy to improve brand visibility.

Entice Customers

Strategically placed coroplast signages can inform customers about your new offerings and attract business to your company. You can use them to create curiosity and encourage customers to check out your business premises.

When printed with the right text and graphics, the signs can assure people they are in the right place. You can use them to create a good first impression before opening your business to the public.

Looking for a Print and Direct Mail Resource?

While there might be better options for long-term signages, coroplast signage is perfect for short-term uses outdoors and indoors. It is cost-effective and offers a strong visual presence. You can also customize the sign to reflect your brand identity and target different audiences.

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