Direct Mail Information and Facts for Every Small Business Owner

There is a lot of direct mail information out there. Small business owners need to be aware of the facts and data about this marketing method, so that they can make an informed advertising choice for their company. When you have all of the information available, you may find that this type of campaign can be both cost effective and highly successful.

What is Direct Mail and How Expensive is this Method?

Direct mail involves mailers that are used for marketing and advertising. These items are sent out for delivery using the United States Postal Service. This method is used by businesses large and small, organizations, charities, and even political campaigns. Direct mail is extremely effective. The cost of direct mail is usually far less than television ads, radio advertising, and other methods.

Where can Direct Mail Information be Found?

Finding direct mail information is easy when you know where to look. The USPS offers many guidelines, tips, regulations, and other resources that can be accessed online. On the web you will also find thousands of articles, tutorials, and guides for direct mail from experienced marketers. Skilled marketers who understand this medium will know how to be successful with it.

Is this Marketing Method Obsolete in the Modern World?

When you do some research and look through available direct mail information, you will realize that even in the advanced technology world we live in today, direct mail still has a place. It is anything but obsolete. Every home and business receives mail. You can connect with people where they are most comfortable, for a very reasonable cost.

The Pros and Cons of Direct Mail

Before you can decide whether or not to market with this method, you need to look at direct mail information.  Consider the following pros and cons.

Some of the Pros include:

  • Physical nature
  • Very cost effective
  • Can be retained
  • Provides contact information for later reference
  • Reaches the consumer at their home or office
  • Can be customized and combined with other marketing methods
  • Allows you to reach a highly targeted audience

Some of the Cons include:

  • The added expense of printing and mailing
  • Tracking and monitoring can be time consuming
  • A campaign is only as good as the mailer and mailing lists used
  • Responses may require a real person and not automated software
  • A poor quality mailer can cause campaign failure
  • A large number of items may need to be delivered on a specific date

What are Mailing Lists and How are They Used?

Mailing lists are an important element for any direct mail campaign. These lists can help you succeed or cause you to fail. Each list contains the contact and mailing information for consumers who have been targeted based on certain factors or data. Your mailers are sent to every entry on the mailing list. If the list is outdated, or it is not completely accurate, this can cost you.

Postage and Printing Costs are Part of the Expense of Running a Direct Mail Campaign

When you begin to plan a direct mail campaign, include the cost of printing out the mailers and the expense of postage. Online ads and marketing methods do not require these costs. These also do not offer many of the advantages that direct mail can. There is a trade off, but a well planned direct mail campaign can give you returns that other methods cannot.

The Postal Service has Specific Requirements and Guidelines That Must be Followed

In order to be successful using direct mail, then you must know and understand the guidelines and requirements that the USPS has for these items. If your mailer is too large, too small, too heavy, or unacceptable in other ways, then this can be reflected in the postage costs that you pay. It could even cause the USPS to reject your mailers.

What Types of Items can be Used for Direct Mail?

According to the direct mail information available, there are many types of items that can be used for a direct mail campaign. You can send out letters, postcards, brochures, flyers, and pamphlets. Even items that you would not usually think of, like a pineapple or another unusual choice, can be possible. Some of these may increase the costs involved, so do your homework before beginning a campaign.

How are Consumers Targeted for a Marketing Campaign?

Consumers are targeted based on their relevancy and certain characteristics. When you set your campaign parameters, you will decide on the targeting characteristics to be used. Do your research and brainstorm for a marketing campaign with unusual character.

Where have you found direct mail information when you needed it? What did you learn?

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