Free Blank Templates for Small Businesses

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Blank Flyer Templates & Why You Should Use Them.

When you’re looking to get a professional flyer developed, perfected, and printed, you have two main choices. You can look to the services of expert designers, who will charge you high fees to produce your materials, or you can find ways to do it yourself. Here, we aim to show you why DIY flyer development – with the use of Catdi’s professional templates – can help you create the flyers you need for any occasion. So, whether you’re flyering for your small business, for a local event, or for your wedding party, read on to learn about the benefits of using blank flyer templates for your marketing material needs

Easy to Understand

The world of print can be confusing. As you will no doubt have found out when printing documents you’ve created on Microsoft Office programs, there’s always a pesky margin or an unexpected printing error that can scupper your prints. What’s more, traditional printers – those you have at home – rarely get the pigmentation right on your print, which means your colors are distorted when you print out business cards, posters, and flyers.

The benefit of using a template, then, is to remove much of the complexity and difficulty in getting your designs printed perfectly. Not only will you be able to adjust your approach based on the margins offered in your template download, but you’ll also be shown the all-important ‘print and slug’ guidelines, which show the margins for error when you send your finalized design to our printers. 

Saves Cash

For individuals and cash-strapped businesses, getting professional designers to produce each and every marketing item can quickly become an expensive affair. Often, businesses will look to save cash on their printing and designing in order to spend their marketing budgets online – and as such, they often neglect their print output, despite this being incredibly important for small, local enterprises or individuals looking to grow their networks.

The beauty of our templates is that you will save all the cash you would otherwise spend on a designer, helping you to design the most eye-catching and professional-looking marketing materials without forking out for the privilege. Download one of our free templates to see how simple and easy it is to do it yourself, saving yourself hundreds of dollars on designer fees in the process.


The other benefit of going in the direction of DIY template design is that you’re able to get your marketing materials, flyers, and brochures to look exactly how you imagined them. This is especially important if you have a vision that you’d like to carry through to the printing stage. Being able to control your design output and customize your message and your brand can be incredibly helpful, allowing you to be perfectly happy with the end result.

Conversely, if you use a designer, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be impressed with the final product that your designer produces. You may find that this product misses the mark and disappoints in its execution, which can leave you feeling that you’ve wasted your cash on a needless product. 

Saving Time

Meanwhile, if you do choose to go it alone, but you’re unable to access free-to-download templates, you will spend hours just trying to get the format right for your printing needs. This can be deeply frustrating, as every effort that you make to get the dimensions and margins right for your design can be thwarted when it comes to the printing stage. You’ll also have to spend some time online learning about standard print sizes and requirements, which adds up to more lost time.

That’s where templates come in. Dispensing with all the formatting and shaping that you would otherwise spend hours on, a free template saves you bags of time that you can instead invest in making your design pop with individuality and excitement. So, save time by using our templates, and you can be confident that your design will be fit-for-print when you’ve finished drawing it up.

Print Flexibility

When you download a print template from Catdi, there’s no obligation to trade with us. If you’re unable to get your design right, or you run out of time and decide to leave your template half-finished, that’s absolutely fine. But if you’re looking to finish your work and get your design printed as quickly as possible, Catdi will be on hand to check over your work, to offer guidance and advice, and to give you a quote for the printing costs.

What’s wonderful about working with Catdi, from our clients’ perspective, is that we’re familiar with our own templates, and we know exactly how to print them quickly and to your specifications. So, whether you’re looking to print 1,000 brochures for your new company products, or you’re printing 100 wedding invitations, you can trust Catdi to transform your wonderful template design into print in no time. Should you choose Catdi to use our graphic design services

Save and Adjust

Finally, templates offer you the versatility and flexibility to return to your original designs to make small adjustments and tweaks, given the feedback that you receive from your marketing products and materials. By simply saving your template design and returning to it weeks or months later, you’ll always be able to adjust what you had printed and return to Catdi with a new idea, a new range of products, or an entirely new design to print on an old template that you’ve got used to working with. 

This is, again, a huge benefit for individuals and businesses that are desperate to produce speedy marketing materials in print, but don’t have the resources to go to a design agency – nor the time to wait for them to turn around a complete design. As such, you’ll save time and money by returning to our templates each time you need a piece of marketing collateral, and you’ll be familiar with both our templates and our printing methods. Our excellent customer service will give you supreme confidence that you’ll get your printed products ready for when they are required. 

Using Catdi templates comes with a number of benefits, including saving you cash and time, and allowing you the freedom to customize and personalize your marketing materials endlessly over the weeks and months ahead.

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