How to Make Your Business Brochures Catch the Eye

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If you have business brochures, what sort of impression are they making on potential customers?

Or worse yet, are potential customers even bothering to look at them?

With so many different things vying for peoples’ attention, your brochure needs to be eye-catching. If it isn’t, then it’s time for a redesign.

So here’s the big question:

What Makes Business Brochures Stand Out?

Of course, the design and appearance are the first things that will grab the attention of potential customers. But the other important feature is the copy – which, if done correctly, will also pull in and captivate.

So here are some ways to make your business brochures appeal to customers:

1. Make It Colorful/Bright

Whether it’s one bold color to make your brochure neat and clean, or several colors to break up sections, the color goes a long way to catch the eye.

If you are using color, you’ll want to incorporate your brand’s color(s) as the dominant colors. This keeps consistency across all branding.

But color isn’t the only game in town. The bold contrast of black and white can also be effective in catching attention while conveying a professional brand image.

2. Pick a Larger Size

Anyone can produce a print brochure on standard 8.5″ x 11″. That’s why everyone does.

But you can differentiate your business brochures by changing up the size. You could go smaller, but a bigger brochure will physically stand out more.

So instead of using standard letter size, consider going with the following:

  • 8.5″ x 14″
  • 11″ x 17″
  • 11″ x 25.5″

And don’t forget about the fold. Of course, you can use the traditional trifold, but other more creative folds could make some serious impact.

Talk to your printer about different brochure services they offer.

3. Grab Them with Cover Copy

As we mentioned, your copy is as important as your design in terms of getting your business brochures to stand out.

Especially when it comes to the front cover.

Go beyond just the name of your business or product. Include a thought-provoking question or statement that will make that potential customer want to learn more.

Or lure them in with an exclusive invitation or special discount.

4. Know Your Customer

Once you’ve got the front of the brochure covered, think about what questions your customers might have. Then be sure to provide the answers in logical order within the design.

When the copy is customer focused rather than product focused, it shows that you know and understand them. This will help to build rapport and, ideally, land the sale.

5. Make It Interactive

Another component you may not have considered incorporating into your design is interactive features.

You might use one of those QR codes that’ll send customers to your website, social media page, or mobile app.

If you’ve got some real tech savvy – or know someone who does – you can take it one step even further by developing an augmented reality platform.

By doing this, customers can hover their phones or other mobile devices over your brochure and access videos, full-on 360-degree product views, or other resources that might compel them to buy from you.

6. Use Eye-Catching Fonts

You’ve taken the time to get the copy just right, but what about your fonts?

Certain fonts will capture the spirit of your brand or business better than others.

Typically speaking, the most effective fonts for business brochures will be those that combine distinctive styling with easy readability.

There’s no rule against doing something different to be memorable. Just be sure you’re not memorable for all the wrong reasons.

7. Provide Lists AND Descriptions

You might be tempted to just slap down a bunch of lists, thinking that this will save the reader time and get your brochure noticed.

Sure, you can use a powerful font and bold color to highlight a list and draw their interest. But then let them know how they’ll benefit from your product or service.

For example, create a list of all the amazing features provided by your product or service. But then include what those features mean and how they would benefit the consumer.

8. Include Great Photography

Have you ever seen business brochures with photographs that look like they were plucked from an old family album?

It’s important that you choose your photography carefully.

These days, even phones can create high-resolution quality images, so there’s no excuse for using old photos.

To make those images stand out, go ahead and experiment with different filters and treatments. Just be sure, though, that the images complement one another, as well as the rest of your color pallet and brand.

You want that photo to stand out – but not like a sore thumb.

9. Make It Personable

Unless you’re in the business of selling boredom, avoid that zipped-up corporate tone in your brochure.

When you’re working on the cover design and copy, be sure to speak directly to the audience. Use the words “we” and “you,” for example. Keep it conversational.

And by all means, avoid the tech speak. It gums up the works and pulls from an otherwise flowing design.

10. Provide Just Enough Information

The first big challenge is to make your brochure eye-catching. But then what makes it keepable?

After all, you don’t want them to read it over and then throw it out.

Include snippets of helpful information like how-tos, hints and other tips to encourage the reader to keep the brochure and maybe even pass it on to others.

But be careful. There’s always the danger of providing too much information. While you want to include descriptions, avoid long blocks of copy. They’re a customer repellant.

11. Make the Call to Action Obvious

You’ve got a cover with provocative copy in eye-catching fonts and bold colors.

You’ve provided helpful and important information in a friendly and conversational way.

Your images are tasteful and professional.

But where’s your call to action?

Obviously, you’ve gone to all this work to make your brochure stand out. But you’re not entering it into an art show. You’re hoping to elicit a response from potential customers.

Your call to action is key. So be sure that it’s not hidden away.

Are You Ready to Make An Impact?

When designing your business brochures to stand out, remember this:

Your ultimate focus should be on what the reader wants and, even more importantly, how you can give it to them through your design.

And if you’re looking for professional printers to make your design shine, contact us to request a quote. We’d love to work with you!

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