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It has been established that it takes about five to seven impressions for consumers to form an opinion about a business. This is why you put your brand out into the world is incredibly important. In order to make sure that the consumers perceive your business in a positive way, you have to try and focus on developing a strong personal brand as well.

In a highly competitive market, you need to give your brand an edge over the others and achieve the business goals you have set. With personal branding, you can hope to get all of this and more.

If you are looking to build a powerful personal brand, these are a few tips that might be useful and help you gain success in the future.

  1. Find a Direction

Just as it is with creating a brand identity, you have to be very clear about your focus and direction when developing your personal brand. You cannot hope to impress the consumers by only designing an appealing website or through selling popular products without any purpose or direction.

As a creator, you have to come across as someone with credibility and insights that would convince the customer to pick and choose your business over the competitors. Your aim is to give the audience a unique experience which is why you should find a direction or narrative that matches your field and business values.

So think of it this way. If you want to build a personal brand in the field of design, you can have an interactive blog or website such as Robby Leonardi. Visitors can immediately know what he has to offer by going through his web page and get an idea of his skillset as well. Moreover, your personal brand can be made even more distinctive by having the initials of your name as your logo. Lettermark logos make attractive monograms and brand marks as famous brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, and Hillary Clinton are testimony of this logo design style.


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  1. Research Your Audience

By narrowing down your audience and demographic, you can create content that is targeted towards them and make your point directly. One of the reasons why a number of personal brands fail to take off is that they have a lot going on and can confuse the consumers. At the end, you do not know who they are trying to attract and the products or services they may be pitching.

Its why, before anything, you should research the industry and define who your customers and audience will be. According to renowned author, Adam Smiley Poslowsky, if you want to become memorable and easily identifiable as a personal brand, you should, “Keep your message and content consistent to one niche topic to become memorable within a targeted community.”


  1. Be Authentic

This might be something that you may often come across in branding. It is quite an essential part of it and can make or break a personal brand. If you do not come across as genuine and authentic, you might find difficulty in engaging with the audience and attracting consumers eventually.

Authenticity is key to a personal brand’s success. Take Nesha Woolery for example. Her website is focused, genuine and gives out the information that her audience will benefit from. She offers teaching services for designers and project managers, and her personal branding highlights it.

With the use of colors, fonts and user-friendly web design, Woolery has set the tone for a friendly conversation with the visitors.


Image Source: neshawoolery.com



  1. Prepare A Short Pitch

When starting out with developing your personal brand, a small pitch could prove to be highly useful. You might answer questions in the pitch such as four to five words to describe your brand, what you hope to accomplish with it and incorporate a story within too.

By preparing a concise pitch, you will get an idea of your strengths, areas to focus upon and how will the audience see your brand later on. Sometimes, a positive word of mouth can work wonders for a brand and result in its growth. According to a report, around $13 trillion sales are made from word of mouth marketing in between consumers.

It’s why the perception and feedback of the audience matters a lot and you can figure it out early on through your pitch.

  1. Establish a Visible Online Presence

Since there is a lot of content being consumed by people nowadays, you have to figure out how to stand out and become visible in a very crowded field. While your website will be one of the first things that have to catch the attention of the users, your social media accounts are also crucial. If you want your personal brand to take off, you have to work on all the available platforms to attract your audience.

Choose the social networks carefully, be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Find out where your target consumers will most likely be and then curate content for that network. For your website, you can look towards Search Engine Optimization, sponsored posts and endorsements from influencers to generate traffic.


To Sum Up

With these tips, you may find it easier to develop a strong and impressive personal brand. As long as you are determined, consistent and are making a positive impact with it, you will most likely find success and experience a growth in business as well.


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