Different Types of Commercial Printing?

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Commercial printing has helped businesses to stand out among competitors. You can use technology and evolving printing methods to boost your sales performance as a business owner.

Commercial printing involves the printing of business materials like flyers and brochures. You’ll find various printing methods, each having a separate role for your business. We will discuss a few types of commercial printing below.

Types of Commercial Printing

Whether you have a large or small business, you need to advertise your services and products to increase sales and expansion. If you have just launched a new business or are willing to host an exhibition of your products, you must use the right promotional tools.

You’ll need a commercial printer to promote something on a large scale to draw your customers’ attention. Following are the types of commercial printing.

  • Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is one of the most significant procedures to achieve big volume output. In this process, metal plates are used to create prints with images. These metal plates are then transferred to rollers or rubber blankets, which print the desired media.

In this procedure, you can easily print on a thick or flat-surfaced medium like fabric, wood, and canvas since the flexibility of rubber blankets allows you to do so.

Offset printing can be divided into two subcategories:

  • Sheet-fed offset printing
  • Web offset printing

You can get excellent results using both of these methods.

  • Digital Printing

Digital printing is another type of commercial printing that creates crisper images with a better design using premium toners and ink. Digital printing allows replicating the prints with exceptional quality using digitally calibrated presses

It prints products such as banners, magazines, slogans, and other printing media. Digital prints offer short turnaround times and the ability to deliver a finished product whenever needed. 


LED UV technology is one of the most widely used printing techniques and is adopted by enterprises for commercial printing. The outstanding print quality is the reason for its demand and popularity. It uses a curing method to obtain high quality and avoid anti-set-off spray.

We recommend you use LED UV technology if you and your company want to contribute to a greener world because it doesn’t generate any drying heat and has a relatively short runtime. As a result, less energy is used.

LED UV printing can create various printed materials, including manuals, posters, brochures, pamphlets, magazines, and newsletters.


Another commercial printing technique you can use for packaging or uneven surfaces is flexographic printing. The printing image is on the inked rubber plate during this procedure, which transfers to the printing surface.

Flexography printing is well recognized for its quick drying and high production speed, so if you adopt this technique, you can expect to receive prints of excellent quality. The nicest thing about this technology is that it can print on various materials, including metal, plastic, cellophane, and other materials.

Flexographic printing has many benefits for your company’s operations, including rapid printing, low costs, minimal maintenance of tools, and the ability to use a variety of inks. It is one of the best techniques for printing out wallpapers, textiles, business forms, or newspapers.

Large Format

Wide-format printing is commonly referred to as large-format printing. It involves producing eye-catching and large pictures. If you want people to notice your business or product, you should use this kind of commercial printing because it makes it easy to draw people’s attention toward your services.

Large printed items like banners or posters you usually see on the walls of heavily trafficked locations are produced using large format printing. You can also print double-sided banners, logos, or posters.

Additionally, the printer waterproofs every poster, so you don’t have to be concerned about the poster being damaged during a storm or heavy rain. This format prints banners, billboards, laminating, wallpaper, exhibition graphics, pop-up displays, and other items.


If you want to avail of commercial printing services, you must know the material, size, and kinds of products you intend to produce because this information can help you choose the best printer for the job.

Today, there are several solutions available to complete the task successfully. We hope the material in this manual will give you a better understanding of the alternatives available as well as the various applications and benefits of commercial printing techniques.

You can contact Catdi.com for detailed information regarding products and services of commercial printing. We maintain the same high standard to provide services to our clients. Our printing experts continue to innovate and update to meet our client’s needs.

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