The Top 15 Free Email Marketing Services for 2021

Free Email Marketing Services for 2021

Today’s email marketing campaigns have gone a notch higher, using only the most advanced technologies to reach their target audience. These technologies utilize various software solutions and tools, enabling you to deliver bulk messages in a flash. 

A considerable advantage is that the tools comprise some of the very advanced analytics to optimize your campaigns.  You can utilize the analytics for data-driven decisions that provide clear feedback on your marketing research and accountability. 

Recent email marketing research states that you can wholesomely undertake email marketing with the same tools even if your budget is on the lower side. It is because some vendors are generous enough, offering their service for free. Still, you cannot fall for any freebies out there, and you need to discern.

What Is the Best Free Email Marketing Service?

The only way you can decide how good an email marketing service is to investigate its features carefully. And the critical marketing requirements to look out for include a platform’s ease of use, round-the-clock support, and inbuilt mobile-responsive templates

Also, check to see if such a tool has email personalization and advanced analytics capabilities. For campaign maximization efforts, those lead tools are a must-have. Then, of course, ensure the same tool has list segmentation abilities too. These are just the essential, but you can also check out other vital services that are key to your ROI before choosing your email marketing service.

Here are some of the highly-rated free email marketing services for 2021.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp remains one of the most popular email marketing platforms, primarily due to their amazing 12,000 emails per month to 2000 subscribers freebie. Most small businesses love to gravitate towards this outstanding offer, but there are also other reasons for their love of the platform. 

For one, it has the most straightforward user interface, with a campaign builder for email customization. MailChimp’s most notable features include in-suite apps, built-in signup forms, email templates, and report and data insight. They also have great social media and excellent support, especially for their paid subscribers. The recent new feature which allows you to book a meeting and sell your products right on the platform is a big plus for most businesses.

2. Omnisend

What makes Omnisend such a big deal in email marketing? The tool mainly empowers online marketers with exceptional features. For example, it offers numerous free automation workflows and email add-ons in the form of scratch cards and gift boxes. You can also set up landing pages and take advantage of the email editor feature by adding products directly onto it. 

 Do you have customers purchasing specific products? You can use the segmentation feature to create specific lists. Then, of course, the tools 15,000 emails per month freebie is perhaps what makes it most campaigners to maximize their conversions. Another huge advantage with Omnisend is that you can build your campaign to run across multiple platforms, including emails and social media.

3. Benchmark

Benchmark has one of the most straightforward, clean, and easy-to-use designs, which is excellent for most up-and-coming marketers. And although they allow just 250 emails per month, you can compensate this limit with the tool’s free starter plan.

 This feature permits access to virtually all of its areas, including marketing automation and inbuilt forms. You can also take advantage of its easy-to-use editor and Mobile-friendly up-to-date templates. Even on their plan, you enjoy fast and friendly support. Then, of course, the integration factor has over 300 tools spanning across areas such as social media and WordPress. 

4. MailerLite

Like MailChimp, MailerLite is the go-to email marketing service for most startups and growing businesses. Why? Because it has some attractive free features, including its 12000 emails per month for less than 1000 subscribers. The transactional email and SMS feature are what draws most businesses too. But that is not all. You can also set up those advantageous automation and landing pages, all for free. The platform’s free plan also emails support and reporting features vital for a successful marketing campaign. And although the editor is a relatively new product here, it works great.

5. Zoho

Zoho has free and impressive sales and marketing features to turn around fortunes. Apart from a superior well-designed, and easy-to-use interface, they also provide a huge selection of templates. And if you are on a limited budget, the editor does you justice. Zoho also offers 12000 emails for up to 2000 subscribers. Although there is no free automation here, you can compensate with numerous free features such as free uploading images from Unsplash into the editor. You can also use the segmentation feature to list your customers.

6. Sender

Sender is a top-rated marketing tool due to its simple and easy-to-use interface. It also provides multiple 15000 emails per month for about 2500 subscribers. Then, you can take advantage of numerous free features, including advanced automation and transactional emails. The tool also pushes notifications and forms. Generally, the free plan is mainly suited for the very sophisticated and outgoing marketer who appreciates a simple marketing tool with equally useful free features that bait customers.

7. MailChimp

MailChimp is an exciting and free spirit kind of marketing tool aimed at all types of brands. Say you are that marketer that is inclined to sending attractive promotional email content to a large number of subscribers, then MailChimp it is. The email marketing service has a wide range of mobile-responsive templates and a great editor feature. 

Their free plan is quite impressive, allowing you to enjoy a 12000 email per month for every 2000 contacts. Besides the free landing pages, you can also quickly check those conversion stats, social media activity, and email domain performance with an all-inclusive reporting feature.

 Here you can as well do your campaigns without the need for codes. And while the free plan doesn’t come with support, you can still make your way around with the over 800 third-party integration options.

8. EngageBay

Although more recent compared to other email marketing tools, EngageBay is billed among the very best. The platform’s sales and marketing solutions are strategically integrated into a single dashboard, making navigation much simpler. Most EngageBay’s users are small businesses and startups on a limited budget. 

But perhaps the strongest selling point of this tool is its free plan of 1000 branded emails per month with every 1000 contacts. Other high-quality freebies include autoresponders, landing pages, and email broadcasters. You can also take advantage of sequences and free leads for maximum conversion rates. The free live chat feature and CRM with Helpdesk are vital to enhancing your marketing campaigns.

9. Mailjet

Mailjet is famed for its transactional email feature, but it has recently morphed into a fully functional email service. The platform has a generous and impressive free plan which includes 6000 emails per month and an unlimited number of contacts.

Its highly innovative drag-and-drop editor (Passport) enables you to create email marketing campaigns using its free newsletter and email templates. You can also personalize your emails and have a preview of the same before you can send them. 

Another great feature is the analytics, and so you can begin to build your campaign based on historical data and performance. Using those future performance forecasts places you in a position where your business decision relies mainly on data-proven facts.

10. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM is a brainchild of SaaS providers. Its hugely successful sale and marketing software primarily target all-size businesses. The platform free features include basic contact management. You can also benefit from their built-in phone and chat features. Suppose you want to increase your conversion rates. Then the tools paid plans such as Growth, Pro, and Enterprise can help you achieve just that.

11. Sendinblue

Sendinblue initially began with transaction emails, but they have now expanded their territories to email marketing. The tool’s strength lies in advanced SMS marketing and mobile-friendly email automation. But it also features an email template library that you can freely use. 

Their notable free plan also consists of 9000 emails per month with unlimited contacts. Still, there is a limit on the daily number of emails with a cap of 300. While its marketing automation looks somehow complex, you can still utilize other freely available tools to test and check your workflows, such as email engagement and product purchases.

12. Wix ShoutOut

As an email marketing service provider, Wix ShoutOut primarily targets smaller businesses and startups. The app’s marketing tools as so intuitive, allowing marketers to customize and even personalize content. Talk of those text fonts, colors, and backgrounds; you can change any of them to suit your recipient. 

The platform also remains one of the most generous, permitting you to utilize all the products available. And besides the liberty to send up to 5000 emails monthly, you are allowed 3 ShoutOuts too. 

The tool resets every beginning of the month to enjoy the free plan afresh. And the best way you can benefit from a wide range of other features of the tool is if Wix, a renowned website builder, builds your website.

13. ActiveCampaign


If any email marketing service has withstood the test of time, then ActiveCampaign it is. The platform’s primary aim is to support marketers in sending much fewer emails but impressive outcomes. In this case, automation is their strongest selling point, accompanied by clean, highly responsive templates.

Strategic marketers can determine buyer behavior and then quickly use the automation feature to engage them. If yours is a small business or growing startup, you can make a massive ROI by merely turning email content into sales networks.

14. Freshmail

Freshmail is primarily a cloud-based email marketing platform geared towards smaller and medium-sized commercial entities. And as with any top-rated email marketing service, the tool has an easy-to-use template editor. It is a drag-and-drop navigation feature that you can use in the newsletter and email creation. 

Marketers also often take great advantage of the various automation options for overall efficiency. Then, the instantaneous email tracking tools are quite convenient in measuring email marketing performance. 

 As you will discover, Freshmail’s free package covers all features on the platform. But the only limitation is in the form of the number of emails you can send. For example, you can send merely 200 emails monthly with up to 500 subscribers.

15. HubSpot Marketing


As the name aptly suggests, HubSpot Marketing is a product of HubSpot. The platform comes off as a key organization streamliner and tracker. And if you are a sucker for lead campaigns, then this is your go-to software. The platform’s unique offers will surprise you since most of them appear as paid versions on other similar platforms. 

One of the great features that you can freely enjoy is the contact management system. You can use this feature to segment your contact list and leads based on specific details. It could be the product type or any other buyer behavior you deem fit. Then the conversion analytics integration and form feature are also free. 

How Do I Get Free Email Marketing Emails?

It is easy to get free marketing emails. All you need to do is search only for a trendy platform that offers free email marketing emails. Mostly you will also signup for free and follow the prompts at platforms like MailerLite, MailChimp, Sender, Omnisend, and HubSpot. The list is inexhaustible.

Besides free emails, you can also take advantage of other free features to enhance your email campaigns. For instance, check out for integration, analytical, and automation features. Even free templates come in so conveniently. A combination of them all can significantly improve your business performance.

Which Email Marketing Software Is Best?

There is a massive lineup of highly rated email marketing services, as mentioned above. All of them come with unique and distinct features. Since each campaign has equally unique needs, it would be best to assess the qualities and limitations of these platforms. It’s only by testing each of them that you can ascertain which one works well for you, and hence, best.

Is Mailchimp Really Free?

MailChimp offers an attractive free plan to send 12000 emails per month to about 2000 subscribers. Within this offer, you can enjoy other freebies such as automation and inbuilt signup forms. You can also benefit from reports and data-driven insight, among others capabilities. 

Beyond this, there is also a paid version that has additional features to enhance your marketing efforts. For example, you can sign up for the two paid plans Growing Business plan and the Pro Marketer Plan, with a monthly charge of $10 and $199, respectively. 

Growing Business plan unlocks unlimited sending and takes into consideration the time zones. On the other hand, Pro Marketer Plan provides advanced enterprise-level features, which support any high-volume emails you send.


Signing up for an email marketing service that offers freebies can be a huge relief, especially if yours is a small business with a limited budget. Most of these top-rated tools have one thing in common-they provide a safe and secure working environment so that you do not have to worry about data leakage. The tools also do not collect your credit card info.

And while the tool provides a broad range of essential features, it would be wise to upgrade once your business picks. A paid version enables you to enjoy even more superior paid features taking your enterprise to higher ranks.

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