What Should You Look for With Direct Mail Providers?

direct mail providers

Finding the best direct mail providers is not an easy task. It is an important one. The right provider choice can make your direct mail campaign easier to manage. It also may give you a far better outcome. What should you look for with direct mail providers, to make the best possible choice?

Direct Mail Providers Must Understand the Guidelines and Regulations Involved

Discuss the knowledge that a provider has concerning the rules, regulations, and guidelines for direct mail. There are strict standards in place at USPS. If your provider is not on top of the requirements, this could cause your piece to be delayed, cost more to send out your mailers, or even cancel delivery entirely.

Not All Direct Mail Providers are Reputable or Reliable

There are some direct mail providers who are not reputable or reliable. These should be avoided at all costs. Take time to do the necessary research about each company, so that you have an idea of who you are dealing with. Look for complaints about reliability, comments about poor customer service, and other possible warning signs.

How Much Experience Does the Provider Have in This Area?

Experience is one of the most important aspects with direct mail providers. A professional who has years or decades of experience will be a better choice than someone who started in the industry six months ago. Ask about the experience that the provider brings. You also want to know how many direct mail orders they handle each month and year.

Are the Prices Charged Reasonable and Competitive?

Compare costs and the pricing lists from a variety of providers. This will help you understand what is reasonable and competitive in your specific area. Costs can vary widely by location. It will also be affected by the knowledge and experience the professional has. A little research will go a long way in helping you pick the best provider for your needs.

A Local Company May Offer Better Customer Service

Local direct mail providers can be an excellent choice. When you deal with a local business there are some advantages. You live in the area, so you can stop by with any questions, concerns, or issues. You may also get better customer service and a more personable experience from local providers, versus national chains.

It Should be Clear Who is Responsible for What in the Direct Mail Process

Any business that will be providing this type of service should make it clear from the very start who is responsible for what in the direct mail process. There will be tasks that the provider may not be able to handle for you. This should be recognized and disclosed from the very beginning. During the consultation, you may want to ask what is required from you, so you will know in advance.

Have You Received a Written Estimate for Your Potential Order?

Reputable direct mail providers will give you a written estimate for your order that you can take home and go over. This helps you compare several companies, based on the exact same factors and elements. If a provider is hesitant to offer a written estimate, this may indicate that you will be overcharged or treated unfairly in another way.

Is There a Single Contact Person in Charge of Your Order?

Is there a single person you can contact if anything is needed, or you have questions or concerns? The best providers will provide a single contact person for you to call if you have a question after you have placed your order.

Does the Provider Guarantee On Time Delivery?

Great direct mail providers will offer a guarantee for on time delivery. This can be a critical element in any direct mail campaign. If the company does not stand behind the delivery time promised, then they may not be the best choice for your business.

What do you look for with direct mail providers? Why?

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