Why use USPS EDDM? Which Business Benefit the Most?

USPS EDDM is a targeted form of direct mail that has proven to be more effective than previous generation of direct mail methodologies. Unlike campaigns that involved mail outs to addresses on a marketing list, this new method targets every single address in a targeted geographic area. I can be used on both a small scale and a large scale, depending on the needs of the business.

USPS EDDM services involve several targeting methods that allow organizations to canvas specific geographic areas. A brief list follows:

o City/state
o County
o Delivery statistics retrieval
o Zip code plus 4th retrieval
o Address lookup

These targeting methods allow organizations to canvas entire regions and reach every resident and/or business within those regional parameters. This amounts to brand positioning delivered directly to the mailbox of the recipient. It has been proven effective in both the generation of repeat business and the acquisition of new business. The precision targeting of these markets, along with the customized nature of the mail outs, generally motivates prospects with a greater degree of effectiveness than standard mail pieces.

Prior to the implementation of USPS EDDM, many people had come to regard mail outs as too generic to pay any real attention to. The term “junk mail” became a popular colloquialism that was used to categorize any type of unsolicited sales or marketing material. This negative perception, however, is beginning to reverse with a more systematic, conscious, and innately personal means of reaching out to potential customers. Businesses that use this service have products and services that are essential to the lifestyles of residents and companies in their target areas. Persons who receive these mail outs typically pay attention to them because the materials speak directly to their immediate needs.

Over the past 2 years, we have seen USPS EDDM generate more response than untargeted forms of direct mail. We attribute this primarily to the fact that an untargeted mail out probably does not address the immediate concerns of the recipient. By contrast, recipients are typically quick to move on mail outs that offer quick, convenient access to products and services located near their homes or offices.

It is not so much the nature of the mail outs themselves, but the conscious targeting of their delivery, that generates a much higher response than untargeted alternatives.

Many businesses have found that they can dramatically increase inbound qualified leads by timing their USPS EDDM mail services in conjunction with website upgrades and new social media campaigns. Working with a printer such as Catdi makes it possible to synchronize the very first form of direct marketing ever used—direct mail—with the latest advances in online mobile media, video, social media, and content marketing. Custom mail outs can be designed to reflect the brand and the online presence of an organization.

While this does not take the place of SEO marketing, it does an organization the chance to bypass the competitive race for online rankings and place both its brand and its offerings directly in front of customers who it has already determined have legitimate need for its products or services.

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