9 Envelope Printing Tips Guaranteed to Get Your Mail Opened

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A common problem with sending mail is actually getting it opened by the recipient. Click here to discover 10 envelope printing tips to get your mail opened.

What if you’re sending mail that is never being opened by the recipient? People receive stacks of mail every day. A lot of it doesn’t even get opened. This is expensive and a waste of time. But what if you can ensure that when you send mail, the receiver is compelled to open it?

With these envelope printing tips, you can guarantee your mail gets opened. Let’s take a look!

1. Request Samples

Before you design an envelope that is guaranteed to get opened, you need to find a printing company to take your order. 🙂

At Catdi Printing we would be happy to provide you with sample envelopes with your design. Make sure to request samples with different types of envelopes. Usually most of the envelopes we print are #9 and #10 envelopes.

It’s especially important to also consider the texture of the design and the envelope. After all, this can make all the difference to determining whether the letter gets opened by the recipient. Some of these envelopes are very expensive and we can’t source them directly from the manufacturer. Also here are some envelopes templates that you can use

2. Customize Your Envelopes

Another option to make your envelopes stand out on the kitchen table is to customize your envelopes. Embossing the letters of your logo or the recipient’s name can really convey a sense of quality.You could also try UV coating to add a shine to your envelopes. This is sure to catch the eye of your recipients.

While it may be expensive, but there’s nothing more irresistible than a silk linked envelope exterior. This will make your recipient feel like royalty.

3. Printing Styles

Before you have your envelope printing, it’s important to consider the three main styles of printing. Take some time research the different styles before deciding which one is most suitable for you.

Off-set Printing

Offset printing, is a printing technique in which the logo or labeling is transferred onto a pre-made envelope. You can also use offset printing to print onto flat sheets of paper. Afterwards, the paper sheets can be made into an envelope.

Flexographic Printing

Often referred to as flexo printing, flexographic printing is carried out in the conversion process from paper to envelope. Unlike the offset approach, flexo printing uses a plastic printing plate rather than a metal one.

Digital Printing

The final printing method to mention is digital printing. Digital printing  is best used for non complicated and simply colored envelopes. But they’re also not the most appropriate if you want to print in large quantities.

5. Always Include Your Logo

Your logo is a key part of your brand identity.

It’s essential to include your company logo on the envelope printing. By placing it on the exterior of the envelope you provide the recipient with something concrete by which to recognize you. It also serves as another form of advertisement and exposure. After all, the envelope could be viewed by many eyes before it reaches its destination.

6. Choose Colors Carefully

If you imagine a stack of letters, what color would they mostly be? Yes, the answer is always white. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can design a letter using any color you like. Remember that different colors have different associations and meanings for people. Yes, of course, it’ll cost a little extra. But this could be a worthwhile investment to make sure your envelope is opened immediately. You should also consider which colors to choose. You may want to choose colors that are in line with your brand colors. If your logo is blue, then it wouldn’t make sense to have a red envelope.

7. Consider Texture and Weight

Before you start envelope printing there’s the paper to consider. The texture and weight of the paper is often an afterthought for many people. However, it can make a huge difference to whether the letter is opened or not. You know the feeling of getting a letter with a special texture. You always want to open it first, don’t you. The same goes for a heavier paper that marks the letter as quality. Everybody notices a letter printed in a weighty envelope.

8. Keep Regulations in Mind

There’s is no point designing the most spectacular envelopes that won’t ever be delivered. There are regulations that you need to consider when designing your envelopes. It’s important to research this before you get started on the design. After all, this is the limitations of your creativity. Regulations can include the requirement to make sure there is a space on the top right corner for the postage stamp. Without this space, the envelope certainly won’t find the recipient.You should also avoid artwork or design elements in the center of the envelope because the address needs to be clear to the postal service.

9. Think of Your Target

Who are you sending your letters to? This is an important question to ask yourself when designing your envelopes. After all, different groups have different tastes.

If the recipients of your envelopes are normally older generations, you may consider a more traditional style of the envelope.

However, if you’re trying to appeal to younger people, you need to inject a sense of fun and joy into your design. Call the printing pros at Catdi Printing at 713 882 4629.




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