Are You Using the Right Car Dealer Direct Mail for Success?

There are many different types of car dealer direct mail to choose from. Have you been using the right types for the maximum success of your dealership? The mailer type that you use needs to fit your campaign goals, budget, and personal preferences. Here are 9 points to think about when it comes to car dealer direct mail.

Car Dealer Direct Mail Types to Consider

Some of the types of mail that you may want to consider sending out can include:

1. The Sales Event Notice

This is a common type of car dealer direct mail, as it is quite effective. It can be difficult to predict which consumers will be in the market for a new car next month. Sending out a sales letter could help influence the buying decision. It will also make the consumer aware of special sales opportunities coming up. Try saturation marketing with this piece for the best results.

2. Buyback Letters

A buyback letter can help you reach out to consumers who currently own a make and model that you want to feature on your lot. A buyback letter can do more than just offer the vehicle owner concrete benefits. You can also provide suggestions on a replacement model, when selling their current vehicle.  Using variable data printing to personalize each letter is an effective way to reach out to a recipient.

3. Notices About Service Specials

One type of car dealer direct mail that is often overlooked is service special and maintenance notices. These can be invaluable when it comes to customer retention and dealership profits. Let clients know that your company does not just sell vehicles; it also maintains, services, and sometimes even repairs them. Send oil change reminders and notices about specials on your services.

4. Financing Offers

Financing offers can be a great way to reach previous customers and new consumers. Go through your mailing list and sort the entries by credit score, vehicle loan amount owed, typical purchase price of vehicles bought in the past, and other relevant demographics. This will let you send out finance offers to valuable targets with predetermined financing details.

5. Credit or Purchase Qualification Letters

A pre-qualified notice is another type of car dealer direct mail that can be highly effective. Many potential buyers put off actually taking this step. It takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and research for most consumers. Sending a credit or purchase qualification letter based on credit data can urge consumers to move on to their next vehicle.

6. Letters Detailing Available Service Options

If you are sending out car dealer direct mail, why not create a mailer that details the various services that you offer? Even consumers who are not interested in buying a car still need certain services, like oil changes and tune ups. Consumers in your local area may not realize what services you can provide. Let them know in an attractive ad.

7. New Model Release Notice

Send out impressive car dealer direct mail with a new model release notice. This type of news almost always appeals to people. Even if the consumer doesn’t plan on purchasing a vehicle this year, on some level they will be interested in the new models being offered. A new model release notice can help bring people into your show room. This gives you the opportunity to make a sale.

8. Congratulatory Letter on a Purchase

Once you have made a sale, a congratulatory note can offer many different benefits. This type of direct mail can create trust and significant goodwill between the customer and your business. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a buyer may start to have a little buyers remorse. A congratulatory letter can turn things around.

9. Trade In Notice or Offer

A trade in notice, or offer, is another type of car dealer direct mail that can give you results. Let consumers know about the high trade in value that you are offering. This can get things off to a rapid start, as far as sales are concerned. You can also point out special low interest rates for buyers at the same time. Add a compelling call to action at the end.

What types of car dealer direct mail do you send out? Why?

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