Best Tips to Make Sure You Cross all the T’s and Dot all the I’s on your Mailers Design


Are you planning your new direct marketing campaign? Do you want to make sure that you get the best response and that the campaign is a success? In today’s post, we’ll share the best tips on making sure you cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s on your mailers design for a successful campaign.

One of the major highlights of a successful mailers design campaign is to be laser-focused on every little detail. All this collectively can make a huge impact on your target audience, which is not an overstatement.

To begin with, it is easy to get bogged down in the design aesthetics. However, there is more to a successful campaign than what meets the eye. Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind for a result-driven mailers design. These tips will help make a lasting impression on your target audience. Did you know that the brain takes only 13 milliseconds to process images perceived by the eye and that it takes only 50 milliseconds to form an impression about your promotional tools?

That’s right, so you really have to make sure that everything is precise and impactful in your mailers design.

So, let’s get started, shall we? 

Write a Clear and Persuasive Call-to-Action

No matter how creative and impressive your postcard, brochure, or flyer design is, it won’t contribute to your business if it doesn’t generate the response you want. Put simply; you need a persuasive and clear call to action to guide your audience towards a sale.

After explaining your business offerings and effectively putting your brand message across, it is crucial to have the perfect CTA to ensure your audience is prompted to act. So, just as vital as your direct mail campaign’s design, words, and feel, a CTA should guide your audience to take the next step. Hence, it should be simple, specific, easy to understand, and uncluttered.

  • Make sure you mention it clearly so that the readers don’t struggle through the reams of the print to find out what you want them to do. Some great CTA tips include:
  • Build a sense of urgency through FOMO tactics (like limited time offer, expiry date, coupons, or vouchers)
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Separate your CTA from the body copy so that it stands out

Double Check Contact Information

As marketers have to manage and monitor every aspect of the mailers design campaign, mistakes are inevitable. However, what a bummer will it be if you get the basic contact information wrong? Needless to say there is simply no margin for making such a mistake. But sometimes, as marketers are focused on so many other elements of a direct mail campaign, they forget to pay attention to the little details that can cost them a fortune. The last thing you want is a potential customer contacting the wrong phone number.

Therefore, it is advisable to double-check your contact information. Ensure that your email address, phone number, and postal address are correct.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

According to a research study, color increases brand recognition by nearly 80 percent. Here it is essential to understand that the psychological impact of colors is widely used in marketing which helps build your brand image and provoke specific emotions.

Therefore, choosing the right color scheme can significantly contribute to your direct mail design. So, take time to research the market to see what colors are best suited to promote your products and services.

For instance, studies also show that nearly 42 percent of people think that blue is a color associated with reliability and trust. So, keep these little details into consideration to ensure your mailers design campaign is a massive success.

Target the Right Audience and Area

Another aspect you need to focus on is establishing the correct target audience for your company so that your direct mail message can resonate with the audience. Indeed, direct mail is the core channel for bringing new lead generation to the organization. And to ensure this, you need to target the right audience and area.

Get started by establishing your buyer persona. Also, leverage data from the online channels and previous campaigns. All this will give you a clear direction for key demographics such as income, age, gender, occupation, etc. Next, segment your message by its unique characteristics.

Invest in Quality Print Marketing

Print marketing quality plays a pivotal role in the success of your promotions. No matter how strong your brand message may be, if it is not readable and the printing is low quality, your message will fail to deliver. Therefore, invest in quality printing services.

Make sure all the text on your direct marketing tools like postcards or brochures is clear and visible. Remember that the printing of your marketing material can make a big difference. Your audience is likely to read your marketing material if it is well-designed and has high-quality printing.

So, consider these tips for a high-impact and result-driven direct marketing campaign. At Catdi Printing, we specialize in custom designing, printing, and mailing marketing material. Contact us to discuss your direct mail needs, and we can provide you with quality assistance at every step of your campaign, ensuring it is a massive success.

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