Catdi Expands Direct Mail and Design Services into the Dallas Metro Area

In an effort to help customers get to the next level of success with their direct mail campaigns, one of Houston’s top direct mail and printing service companies has expanded its direct mail and design services into the Dallas Metro area. Being the third largest city in Texas behind Houston and San Antonio means that competition between small businesses is fierce and because we are aware that Dallas is under served when it comes to large scale printers offering a wide range of traditional online and offline marketing services we aim to fill that need.

Not only are our design services amazing but our prices are extremely affordable and the quality of our printing is superb. When someone is in need of graphic design they will often try to save on costs by attempting to put their pieces together themselves. What they don’t realize is that the design of a mail piece is much more important than they could possibly imagine.

The overall appearance of your mail piece is the first thing that the recipient will see when emptying their mailbox. The decision to read the mail piece or toss it straight into the trash will be based entirely on its graphic design. If you compare your mail piece to a plate of food then saying that you eat with your eyes before your stomach may be the best way to explain this.

Nine times out of ten a person will choose a plate of food that LOOKS good, and even though the meal they passed on was the best thing they would have ever eaten – their eyes ate first. There are also the subtle psychological elements to be considered. A well structured design with a professional appearance adds to your credibility and inspires trust where one that is haphazard and disorganized can give the impression of a company that is poorly run and will discourage potential clients from making use of your offer.

If you intend to use direct mail to attract new customers then you should keep in mind that the graphic design service is one of the most important items to include in a mailing campaign, and in the long run, it comes with the smallest price tag. And with the Every Door Direct Mail program offered by USPS, now a direct mail campaign is an affordable option. You do not need names or street addresses, therefore you don’t have to buy or rent a mailing list. Instead your mail is distributed according to a carrier route, which can be for an entire zip code or streamlined using the USPS demographic filters.

We can offer same day or next delivery on all our print marketing services. In addition all direct mail services can be mailed from either Dallas or Houston. As we work directly with USPS and have experience with the EDDM Program we can guarantee that your piece will comply with all EDDM regulations regarding size, labelling options as well as the specific bundling and mailing requirements demanded by USPS.

We offer varying quantities for your print run which start as low as 500 pieces where most printers offer a minimum run of 1000 pieces. These smaller quantities are great for if you want to run a test campaign, offer a special promotion to people that stay within a certain radius of your business or have a promotion that lasts for a specific time period only.

We arrange for all of our clients to speak directly to a USPS representative who will explain everything you need to know about the EDDM program so contact us today and find out how we can help you!

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