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Catdi Printing; For All Your EDDM Printing In Dallas

EDDM printing in Houston, Dallas, and Beyond

If anyone needs to use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), it is the small businesses and startups. But even the more prominent brands can never hesitate to use this powerful marketing strategy. It is easy, a huge money saver, and can help with customer engagement and retention. With EDDM printing in Dallas, you no longer need a marketing department because all you need is that postcard. The only expense comes if you cannot design your own. And in this case, you can reliably use professional graphic design services to go through.

But What Exactly Is EDDM Printing 

EDDM is a unique program under the United States Postal Service. As a result, printing companies such as Catdi Printing have the permit to print and distribute EDDM compliant postcards for marketing campaigns. But that is if they meet USPS requirements.

These postcards are a crucial marketing and advertising tool that you can distribute to various locations. So, suppose yours is a Dallas-based business, EDDM printing in Dallas can conveniently work for you. The EDDM postcard distributor ensures every target location and every home around that locale receives your postcard.

As a bulk mailing option, EDDM printing enables you to send as little as 200 hundred and as much as 5000 postcards daily at a relatively cheaper cost than using other marketing options. The icing on the cake is that it doesn’t matter the Zip code, the price is low, and you can pay as little as 18.3¢ per postcard, which eventually can be good for your ROI.

Who Can Best Utilize EDDM Printing 

Small businesses and startups can significantly benefit from EDDM’s promotional materials such as postcards, flyers, brochures, and even full letters. But even the biggest brands in Dallas are known to fully utilize EDDM printing in Dallas to engage and retain their customers.

The aim of EDDM printing is for the message to land directly into your consumers’ hands and within the shortest time possible. Hence, it would be the best campaign strategy to promote around the households, business centers, and other local consumers. You can also use it to inform the target audience in the geographical areas about any grand opening in the offing or special offers. Anything to get them interested.

Examples of businesses likely to utilize EDDM printing to the fullest are grocery stores, restaurants, dry cleaners, and real estate agents. Even services providers such as attorneys, healthcare, and auto dealers can jump on this bandwagon. I can say that any local business targeting people within the locale can take advantage of this cheap but immensely effective campaign method to improve sales.

Why Is Catdi Printing The Best Choice For Your EDDM Printing

If you have your business around Dallas and the surrounding areas, you need a reliable and professional printing company. Catdi Printing is an EDDM printing in Dallas who design, print, and finally distribute EDDM postcards to all target areas.

How possible can this be, you might be asking. It is simple, Catdi partners with the United States Postal Mail Service to implement the EDDM program. The postage permit allows the company to conduct every aspect of EDDM campaigns to reach each target location and zip code, not just in Dallas but wherever you will instruct.

Assuming you need a 5000 daily distribution target, the Catdi printing ensures all the postcards reach designated areas, making your business visible. As a highly reputable printing company, you can expect the most professional postcards, making sense to everyone who sees them. Here is what else you can expect.

A One-Stop-Shop 

Shopping for EDDM printing at Catdi removes other related hassles and processes to complete your order. For example, the printer can design, edit, print, and distribute your postcards or flyers at the most affordable fee. Then, once you place the order and share your business idea, you can sit back and let things roll.

The Right Postcard Sizes

Catdi printing designs and prints a wide range of EDDM compliant sizes for mailing purposes. For your most successful EDDM campaigns, you can order the compact size postcard, which measures 6.5 “x 9”. You can also order for 11 “x 6.25”. These are long and flyer-shaped postcards, and most businesses prefer them for the contemporary landscape. Another good postcard size is the 8.5 “x 11”. This one is more letter-sized, and you can use it for those informative and detailed sales messages. It is also ideal for pamphlets and brochures.

Professional High-Resolution Prints

If you are looking for the most quality and durable EDDM printing in Dallas, Catdi would be your perfect pick for the price of digital. All you will have to do is place the order and the design type you need. Then you can leave it to the graphic design and printing team at Catdi to do your bidding. Both the artwork and material quality are also exceptional.

Excellent Customer Support

Catdi has been in the printing business for years. This experience comes with a massive mix of good customer support and expertise they offer you. It is not just that they are patient. They will consult closely with you from the start of the project to the finish so that the final piece comes out exactly as you envisioned. But that is not all, and everything happens within the agreed time frame. Sometimes your order is out earlier than expected.

How Can You Leverage On Catdi EDDM Printing in Dallas

Even though EDDM printing perfectly works in most situations, you should still strategically use it for maximum benefit. One of the areas EDDM printing is effective in includes the smallest of businesses and startups. For example, do you have a salon, restaurant, or even a dry cleaner, say in Dallas?

Even if you make service provisions, EDDM printing in Dallas might be your most workable marketing tool. As an offline marketing tool, EDDM printing in Dallas helps identify segments and quickly target your most converting audience. Here are other ways for effective Catdi and printing.

Reach Out Only to the Right Customers 

The best way EDDM printing campaigns can benefit you is to identify the right customers for your products/ services. Extensive research would unearth who these people are and where they reside. Once you have done this, you can decide the right amount of postcards and sizes to print and distribute at any given time. The right audience also converts almost immediately once they see the postcards. It works like a charm reminding them of the next purchase or to grab that offer they have waited for so long.

Use Targeted Messages

What do I mean by targeted messages? Simple, if you are distributing in Dallas, have your EDDM printing in Dallas target this particular geographical area with messages that resonate with them. The same applies to targeting a specific demographic or homogenous group, including gender, age, and even education.

While targeted messages are effective in digital marketing, the trend is gaining traction in offline marketing, too, so you shouldn’t wait to see how your business improves with this tactic.

Use Tailored Messaging

Do not be confused between targeted and tailored messaging. As I already indicated, targeted gravitates towards a demographic setting. On the contrary, a tailored print identifies specific traits and characteristics within that group and reinforces the message based on those habits.

The way you communicate strengthens the idea behind the overall message, enhancing conversion. And so, before you tailor that message, the first thing I suggest you do is thorough research among your target audience. Gather info regarding their needs, likes/dislikes regarding your product. Then tailor both the message and the product to meet that particular need.

Consider the Cost Factor

EDDM printing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. Still, you must consider if it is worth the value for your money. If you think postcard adverts via EDDM printing in Dallas can be how you can save money to strengthen your business, so be it.

Remember, once you go the EDDM way, you won’t need to purchase things like mailing lists. The flyers, postcards, and even brochures can still deliver the message across without spending much.

Then, of course, you can take advantage of the free software to create your unique graphics. With meager printing charges, there is no stopping in impressing your target audience and making sales.

Start Small

If it is your first time using EDDM printing in Dallas, you will discover specific requirements formats, sizes, and even designs. But what is more critical is to find the mailers that work best in your location. And most of all is to start small, testing the waters with a smaller batch of the prints, and see the reception. Then, once it picks ground, you can keep increasing.

What Are the Advantages of Using EDDM Printing?

As an offline tool often overlooked, EDDM printing can do so much to attract customers to your business. The must-have promotional method comes with a wide range of benefits which you can only realize once you begin using it. Here is a list of the advantages of using this powerful tool.

1. EDDM Printing Is Easy to Create and Implement

If you are starting, EDDM could be your very first promotional strategy as it is easy to create. You do not need a marketing team. Instead, you can design your simple EDDM cards, take them to the printer, and finally do the distribution. To succeed, you can use those free Every Door Direct Mail templates and the readily available online postcards maker to accomplish your task.

Of course, the United States postal service has strict requirements regarding EDDM printing. So, if you are creating any postcards, I suggest you use free EDDM postcard templates, eliminating the tendency for guesswork. Are you uncertain about the delivery area of your EDDM postcards? You can use the USPS EDDM Mapping Tool, which shows the best places for your campaign efforts.

2. EDDM Printing Is a Huge Money Saver 

Again, if you are starting or yours is a small business, all you want right now is to save on the dough. By choosing EDDM printing, you will see that the amount going into the design and printing is negligible.

Let’s assume you plan to post some of the postcards. The amount you use for standard EDDM postcard postage is much lower at $0.178 per piece than standard postcard postage,  costing $0.35 per piece. So if you do the math, you will be making roughly 50% savings on your promotional campaign.

Remember, you also eliminate some of the mail cost-related factors, such as creating mail lists while using EDDM. A typical mail list can cost to the tune of $100. And have you forgotten the mailing permit, which is not less than$ 225? With these amounts out of the way, there isn’t an excuse why your business shouldn’t soar. 

3. Eddm Helps with Local Marketing

EDDM printing in Dallas could be your respite for those smaller Dallas-based businesses since it is a perfect way to attract your local consumers. Examples of local businesses that can make do with local customers include florists, real estate agents, pharmacies, malls, and clothing stores.

Indeed, there are many more, and EDDM printing could be the best way to reach the targets for these products. It is also so easy and convenient for mailers to get to every location and every door. However, I still recommend the USPS Mapping Tool to pick the suitable sites for your EDDM postcard delivery and have the correct response. 

4. You Can Select Where to Deliver 

With EDDM printing and marketing, you have to concentrate on specific correspondence areas for maximum effect. For example, you can choose to have your postcards go to residential areas only based on your promoting products. You can also choose to promote both around businesses and residential areas if you feel that will produce a considerable impact.

5. There is Plenty of Space For Messaging

EDDM postcards come in different sizes. The grander and jumbo-sized postcards enable you to write more detailed info about your products. I also know that Catdi printing can guide you on the right size and the number of words and sentences you can include.

Catdi EDDM Printing FAQs

Like any other business, people want to know what is in it for them when it comes to Catdi EDDM Printing. So check out some of the frequently asked questions and answers.

How does Catdi EDDM printing work?

Catdi printing works in partnership with USPS (United States Postal Services) to run the EDDM printing program. The company subscribes to all the USPS EDDM requirements and strictly follows all the formats and postcard size rules.

Once you link with Catdi and provide your postcard idea, they use their creative designers to bring to life the artsiest and professional postcard and print it. You can also rely upon Catdi printing for your EDDM post distribution.

Does EDDM printing work for big brands too?

Yes, big brands can use EDDM printing to engage and retain their consumer base.



People keep asking if EDDM printing works at all. I say yes. It functions primarily as a perfect promotional tool for small local businesses. Eddm printing is almost the safest and cheapest means of advertising to bring your business to the limelight.

And suppose it is within your surroundings. You will have identified the right audience and target areas for distribution. If you are hyping about a grand opening, or special offers, or new products, it won’t take long before you have people lining up, which is also the proper response you want for your business.