How to Design an EDDM Postcard?

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Business owners know that staying connected with their potential customers helps drive sales and keep their business afloat. And designing EDDM postcards for this purpose is a great way to do it. 

Every Direct Door Mail, or EDDM, is a fantastic marketing tool. However, if you don’t understand  USPS EDDM requirements, creating EDDM postage can be confusing. 

The U.S. postal services have an EDDM manual that includes all the essential requirements related to flyer and postcard size. It also tells you how you can comply with all USPS must-to-follow requirements.

The USPS manual is quite lengthy (roughly more than 1300 pages) with lots of technical jargon, making it difficult to understand. This is when you need to seek the assistance of printing pros to help you design your EDDM postcards. 

Let’s delve into the details to learn how you can design an adequate EDDM postage to help your business stay at the top of your customer’s minds.

EDDM Basics

EDDM enables small companies to advertise in their neighborhood. By using U.S. data to filter results based on the factors like age and income, EDDM lets you map ZIP codes and areas instead of conducting market research. Typically, postal services offer reasonable rates for EDDM postcards that help you improve your ROI. 

Moreover, there is a variety of sizes and formats available with EDDM. You can give consumers everything from an in-depth description of your product or service to EDDM postcards, maps, and calendars.

How to Use EDDM Postcards Creatively

 As said above, EDDM postages are an exceptionally versatile tool for marketing that you can employ in several ways. Before we discuss how you can design an EDDM postcard, check out these creative ways to benefit your business with EDDM postcards.

  • Appointment Cards for Reminders

What is better than sending your customers an EDDM card to help them remember their appointments? It is an excellent way to make sure your customers get a timely reminder of their next appointment with you.

  • Thank You Cards

Show your gratitude to your customers by sending them a beautiful message through an EDDM postcard.

  • Loyalty Cards 

Customers’ EDDM cards might serve as loyalty cards for the business. This fantastic approach entices customers to buy your services or products.

  • Free Coupons and Samples

Free samples and vouchers are excellent tools for luring new customers and winning their loyalty. You can deliver free coupons and samples to prospective customers using EDDM cards.

  • Announcement Cards 

Many businesses and organizations use these postcards as announcements to inform their clients about new product launches, special deals, specials, and discounts. This is a fantastic approach to informing everyone of the news.

How to Design an EDDM Postcard

The EDDM design process is completely automated with the innovative EDDM Full-Service solution provided by reliable printing services. All you need is to use a web interface to choose a product, create artwork, and pick your EDDM route. 

The Printing Services, such as Catdi Printing, handle the rest of the procedure, including bundling, EDDM processing, and delivery to USPS. You can also select a template from the website and opt for the “print only option” to get the package.

If you want the printing service to take care of all the EDDM processing, choose “Full Service.” When you use the Full-Service Option, make sure your set EDDM files are correctly set up with the help of EDDM tutorial templates. You may check your postage by downloading several design templates for EDDM,

Along with the indicia and postal information, each template includes directions for the artwork. Both the EPS (Illustrator) and PSD (Photoshop) file types are usable. To make it simpler, the template has both indicia and addressing.

You need to save them with your artwork file so they can remain on the top half of the postcard. Keep in mind that the artwork’s front must have this information. 

Tips to Design EDDM Postcards

Once you’ve decided to launch a postcard campaign, the artwork and messaging must be effective. Here are some features you can consider when designing an EDDM postcard.

Catchy Headline

Your postcard should have a brief but impactful opening sentence. It doesn’t have to be extremely long, but it must grab readers’ attention.

Compelling Message

Explain why customers should choose you above your rivals. Knowing WHY you send out postage or what you want to achieve can help. Create a message that is appealing and reflects the overarching objectives of your company.

Good Discount

While the discount is an outdated strategy, it still attracts people and makes them respond more. Therefore, remember to add a coupon or discount to your postage if possible.

Relatable Testimonials

Whether it is a short bio, a testimonial, or any other information that shows your brand’s credibility, it adds a nice touch to your EDDM postcard. If you include this information, keep it brief and to the point. Of course, you don’t want your audience to get bored and stop reading.

Attractive Photos

As people are very visual, you need attention-grabbing images and a decent headline to make your EDDM postcard more impactful. Notably, the front side needs to have a significant focal point. Make sure your photographs are high-resolution, straightforward, and simple enough.

Call to Action

Last but not the least, there is no way you can underestimate the importance of a “call to action” in your EDDM postage. Once people are done reading your postcard, you need to tell them the next step that can be:

  • Make an appointment right away
  • Go to our website
  • Hurry, supplies are limited
  • Come by our shop right away

Summing Up

Small businesses can advertise their goods or services with EDDM at a low cost. Just print eye-catching brochures, flyers, or postcards at cheaper postal prices to determine how effectively the campaign is performing.

Use Catdi Printing’s EDDM postages available on their website to design beautiful direct mail postage. 

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