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Catdi is back with bigger and bolder postcard printing specials!

Catdi.Inc, were offering quality work at great price. Today they are back with offering quality flyers at even greater prices. For a measly amount of 50 flyers you can get it at hardly $25 or even less. If you are a small business owner or an affiliate marketer or a home based business then you need to contact for your printing needs. They can help you kick start your business. The new digital prints they are offering are best in quality and convey exactly what you wish. Previously they were offering only bulk orders. Now their offer is for smaller runs too. You can get 50 to 100 flyers done also.

As we all know the printing industry is very competitive. By offering “mini runs” have destroyed the competition by being the only printing company in the club flyer industry that offers small digital print runs starting at a minimum of 50 flyers. Another major advantage with is that wherever you are, in whichever part of America, be it Miami or Los Angeles these people are professionals who undertakes all your printing solutions. They offer graphic designing as well as you can choose the quality of paper and whatever message you need to convey through your flyers. is adept at handling small as well as big orders. They give equal importance to both big as well as small orders. The dedication of these professionals has helped them to retain their clients who are repeatedly getting their printing work done from them.

Besides flyers you can also get your postcards, banners, posters, brochures, CD/DVD inserts, newsletters and business cards done from them. When Ben was given the pink slip at his office he didn’t know what to do with his life. It was not only devastating but an emotional experience to be laid off at such a young age; an age where people climb the corporate ladder. The global meltdown and recession didn’t make it any easier to look for another job. Not to forget the mounting monthly bills. He saw a TV program about small entrepreneurs and that propelled him to start on his own. He became a network marketer (earning passive income) as well as started conducting fitness classes at a nearby gym. With fitness being a fad today especially in America where 40% of the population is obese and over weight, he didn’t find it difficult at all. He has been an aerobics enthusiast and regular for ten years now and knew exactly how to become an instructor. He got his license by clearing a small exam and started his own gym. He wanted to advertise in his neighborhood and sought the services of Initially he got 500 flyers printed and sent out with the dailies. Slowly people started joining his gym and today Ben has more than 3 gyms in his neighborhood as well as in neighboring towns. But he always gets back to for all his printing needs as their professionalism is impressive. They also help with mail lists and marketing.

Another major advantage of being online is that in whichever part of America you are, can ship your order. You may wonder that the cost may be more. Not at all. Since these people are located in Houston, Texas their cost is competitive. If you are in Florida or New York you can get your flyers printed online through these guys as it will work out cheaper for you. You can Email and also chat with their staff online or better still join them on Facebook. These professionals will help you to kick start your small business with a minimum investment enabling you to carve your own identity in the business world. Call them at 713 882 4629 today.Order today at:

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