Digital Printing Helps Marketing Budgets

Catdi, Inc is a pioneer in post card printing fulfillment on the internet. I can hear you asking, Printing and direct mail services on the net? Well, yes. Since all businesses are moving towards the virtual world printing postcards digitally is also on the internet now. You can choose the best of paper, designing as well as cost effective methods to advertise your businesses. Thanks to many small businesses have started doing great business. Since the cost of printing is minimal your investment to your small business is next to nothing.

Just as you’ve digital cameras, digital phones, digital TV, digital printing is the latest to join the bandwagon. This is cost effective and hence printing companies are able to provide quality services at affordable price. Isn’t that all we want? With global meltdown many people have lost their jobs and are looking for online opportunities to earn their living. Under these circumstances advertising for your business costs a small amount with digital printing. Usually the printing cost was high due to the cost of ink and paper. With digital printing the ink cost is nil. So this is passed on to the customer. Also the fast turnaround in digital printing enables you to get your printing done at the last minute also. You needn’t invest a large amount well in advance. Also business card printing starts at $19.99 and you can get minimum of 50 prints. More than 20,000 prints can be printed in less time thanks to digital printing. This has helped the business to grow substantially as digital printing enables quick turn around. Hence the company is able to accommodate more clients in less time, which means business is growing.

When Joan (name changed upon request), a single mom got laid off she didn’t know how to manage the utility bills as well as pay for her son’s upkeep. She was always good at gardening and had green thumbs and fingers. Her friends always appreciated her garden with blooming flowers and bonsai plants. So Joan decided to turn her passion into vocation. She made use of her patio and garage to put up a sale and got around 300 fliers printed (it costs very less) and sent along with the daily news paper in her neighborhood. People trooped in and by the end of the day Joan had made good money as well as earned appreciation from her visitors. This gave her the confidence and today Joan’s business is flourishing and she is very busy having turned her passion into vocation. Her investment was only the cost of printing fliers.

When you are getting printing work done for your business think of what you wish to convey in the brochure or postcard. You should condense all the information regarding your business and say it in an attractive manner. A logo that is both eye-catching as well as appropriate to your business can enhance the look of the postcard. Your postcard is the face of your business and hence a lot of thought should go into it before you decide to make one. also helps in designing and outlay. You can also choose the ink colors, type of paper, graphics, content, and size of your postcards. They even help you in postcard marketing. You just need to establish a good business transaction. They’re like a one stop shop for all your printing needs. Being on the internet gives a vast advantage of serving a wider audience.

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